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30 before 30? 60 before 60? Giant to-do list?

Having seen several blogs written by young(er) people listing thirty things they want to accomplish in the thirty days before their thirtieth birthday, I am inspired. Not that I am going to be 60 for a couple of years yet, but I do have some uncompleted projects laying about that I want to finish this year. This list is in no way in order of priority.It’s a personal list and while I do want to go to France, stuff like that isn’t on this list.Some of these items should probably be split into more items.

  1. Cleaning out my closet. (almost done)
  2. Go through my drawers, all of them not just clothing drawers.
  3. Organizing my clothes by color (also almost done)
  4. Repair and alter clothes that need repairing and altering (hmmm, this may be an ongoing project, does it really belong on this list?)
  5. Finish painting the blue wooden loveseat
  6. Make slip covers for beige love seat
  7. Make slip cover for yellow love seat
  8. Finish sponge painting the bedroom wall. I started this months ago,changed my mind on the colors and then ran out of paint.
  9. Get rid of the shoes that I don’t ever wear.
  10. Buy new shoes that are comfortable and cute
  11. Make a list of clothing needs.
  12. Sew clothing needs
  13. Blog more   Blog at least every other day.
  14. Start working on a book. Write a book this year.
  15. Get book published
  16. Rejoin Merida writer’s group (if they will have me)
  17. Organize crafts room/studio
  18. Make organizers.
  19. Put magazines in order in magazine holders.
  20. Sell some of my artwork
  21. Sew more VPLL 1912 Project patterns,complete two per month.
  22. Lose twenty more pounds before year’s end.
  23. Write down all foods eaten in food journal
  24. Take photos of crocheted hats and blog about them.
  25. Have a garage sale
  26. Break down goals into smaller units (write them down!!!)
  27. Check stuff off this list/

Well that is a pretty long list. Notice a theme? It’s almost all about finishing and organizing. Starting is easy, follow though not so much. Planning and forethought are my nemeses. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that I need specific goals, with time limits. Some of my items fit well in that framework, others not so well.

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. DoRis, I left thirty behind ages ago. The title of this post is more tongue in cheek than anything else. Maybe when I get closer to sixty I’ll do a real list. Right now it’s really just a list with a cute name.

  2. It is a good and inspiring 30 before 30 list. Some of them are a little vague, but the best thing about them is there is progress! Good luck with them!

  3. Hi Mic, I used to be a list maker when I worked. Then I got out of the habit. Now with bad memory I begin again. LOL, I have a few notebooks too. I have the simplest of phones so no apps for me however. I agree the more steps the better.

  4. Hi Teresa, I too am a list maker 🙂 Use to make them in little notebooks which I always lost before I had crossed off more than a couple notations.

    Then Jonna downloaded a free App on my new iPhone called “Shop Shop”. It’s FANTASTIC and lets you make/keep up several different lists. I currently have 5 (Grocery – Mo.Bills – ANC trip – To Do – Look For: ) and check it every morning and anytime I leave home. So far, haven’t lost my iPhone (knock on wood). Would be lost without my lists since my memory is getting so bad.

    Ask her about Shop Shop.

    My favorite trick is to put notations down for projects in Steps so I can cross off more often. Love to cross things off. Makes me feel like I’m accomplishing more. LOL


  5. Lee, stuff accumulates. We moved here in two shifts. Once with the dog and whatever fit in the trunk of the car. The second time was when I flew with my son and 4 suitcases. From that seed grew this kudzu vine of possessions that is taking over our home.
    The 40 foot container isn’t a bad idea if it’s economical enough and you are organized. I have a tendency to move with 42 boxes labeled “stuff” LOL…though that really won’t happen to you since you will need a menage de casa with an itemized list.

  6. For a long time, I saw moving to Merida as a chance to leave behind all my clutter and start fresh in a new house. Recently, my mind has been visualizing all my stuff filling a 40-foot shipping container. Just tipping over the house and letting its contents fill the container!

    After reading this, I’m back in shedding-my-worldly-possessions mode. Good luck with the list!

  7. Gail in PDX, I had to look up PDX. LOL I kept thinking playa del ???? finally Husband said put it in google. Portland!
    I am a Pisces, and lists are not second nature to me at all. This is certainly more than a weekend’s work for me. However, I agree that you should always set high goals, you get more accomplished.
    Are you coming just for a couple of months? People list homes for rent all the time on Yolisto.
    If you are looking for a more Mexican experience there is Vivastreet, it’s in Spanish and the prices are in pesos. Most of the houses are in the regular neighborhoods not in Centro Historico and the prices reflect that.
    We rented a house sight unseen for a month then looked around for a more affordable rental.

    Mommy with Commuter Husband,Not much more to tell. I am going to write a book. I was brainstorming about what I want to do next and that is what I decided to do. It’s sort of a nebulous thing right now.


  8. Theresa … are you by chance a Libran? I have to laugh at your list! All fabulous goals, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I was born Oct 11th (Libra) and your list looks like one of my to-do lists for a weekend!

    OF COURSE I don’t get everything done but, I really like lists.

    I’m considering Merida this next winter as it’s my 1st year of post-retirement & I will NOT stay here in the pacific northwest another winter!!!!! Can you recommend some links to long-term rentals?

    Thanks so much – love your blogsite. Gayle in PDX

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