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Location Mèrida, Yucatàn, Mexico It’s not important where I chose to live my life, it’s how I chose to live it!
Who I am My name is Theresa Diaz Gray, but what does that tell you? How do you define yourself? I am a baby boomer,a writer, an artist, a widow, and a mother. I’m a first generation Cuban-American living in Mexico. I am committed to living an abundant and creative life. I’ve lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I’ve visited 3 other countries but I think of myself as a homebody. Learning and creating are my passions.
Mission Statement In this blog let’s talk about taking control back of our lives; of DIYing our lives. Maybe I’m crazy and trying to do too much but I believe in this. It is amazing how many people don’t try stuff because they have bought the idea that they can’t do it themselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Even if something doesn’t work out, you have gained a lot by just trying.The information to live creative, healthy and abundant lives is readily available. We are led to believe that we have to let life happen to us, not create our own paths, I disagree.  We all are capable people.  Yes, you can do it yourself. You can take control of your life. You can do it yourself. For example,we are told by the media that cooking is too complicated and time consuming. It’s not, unless you want it to be. I see all these misguided tutorials that say “No sew!!!” like they are doing you a favor. Rather than show you a simple way using needle and thread, they proceed to have you do things in a messy manner. If their no-sew method is so involved, no wonder people are  afraid of sewing being too complicated or difficult.

 It’s easy to DIY your life,let me show you. If you are looking for DIY to save money, to live a better and healthier life, and to be in control of your own life. Let’s have fun and explore the possibilities together!

Favorite Movies “Fiddler on the Roof”, “The Princess Bride”, and “What the Bleep do we know?”
Favorite Songs “Storybook Love”, the theme from “The Princess Bride”, “Lawyers, Guns. and Money” by Warren Zevon, and just about any song from the RenFaire.
Favorite Books “Swiss Family Robinson”


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