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Another tale of a different sort

As you probably remember, I am writing a book for my granddaughter(s). It’s a collection of short stories about a little witch named Griselda who has magic shoes. When she says the words “splish splosh” she transforms into an animal. The words “shoes undo” turns her back into her normal form.
Putting it all in Black and White was the first in the series. Now that I have written a few more, I’ve decided on also adding a recipe or activity to each story so La Primera and las nietas can do them together. Because even though these stories are for little NFN, I am sure La Primera will read them to her stepdaughters too.Even though these stories were originally made up for Mihijo, who is 10 years younger than La Primera, she is the one who remembers them and asked me to write them down.

So here is:

Here Kitty Kitty

On the prowl, Griselda poked her head through the bushes. Her mortal enemy, the little red haired boy, was hiding around the corner with water balloons at the ready. Griselda and the LRB had been enemies since they both could walk and he had pushed her over in the playground. She didn’t even know his name, nor did she care. In fact she didn’t really hate him, it was just that he did mean things to her, so she responded by doing mean things back.This eternal vigilance was getting tiring, but Griselda didn’t know how to stop it. Having never really talked to the LRB, she didn’t know if he even wanted a truce, but she doubted it.

Crack! Oh phooey, Griselda had stepped on a twig making a loud noise. The LRB whirled around and pegged her with a well aimed balloon. Griselda hated getting wet; Mommy said that Griselda’s totem was a cat. That thought made Griselda realize what she needed! She would change into an animal and sneak up on the LRB.

Glancing down at her lavender jelly shoes, she decided that they wouldn’t do.The magic was tricky and needed planning. Jelly sounded too much like jellyfish, she didn’t want to become a kraken or squid, she wanted to become a tiger or lion. Then she would eat the LRB!!! Well, maybe not eat him; at least she would scare him away, maybe forever.

She looked in the magic shoe cupboard. Ah ha, the perfect shoe.
Mommy had given them to her to play dress up.
They were white kitten heels with a bow.
She quickly put them on thinking about becoming a rare white tiger as she said the magic words “Splish Splosh”.

Griselda didn’t become a white tiger instead she was a white fluffy Persian kitten! Not only was she a helpless kitten, she was stuck in a tree right above the LRB. She decided to pounce on the LRB anyway, but it looked really far down and she was so very small. She started to meow; the LRB heard her crying and looked up.

“What do we have here?” he asked. Griselda was scared, she was sure that the LRB would start throwing stones at her. He was just the type. Instead, the LRB, was smiling and speaking in a calm voice to her. “It’s okay kitty, Timmy won’t let you stay up there.” The LRB had a name! Griselda had never thought of him as having a name, he was always the LRB to her and her sisters. Timmy started to climb the tree, he got as far as he could and quietly, so not to startle her, began to make noises to get her attention.

“Psst, psst, come on kitty. “He also purred at her and wiggled his fingers.Even though she didn’t want to be, Griselda found herself interested in what he was doing. She started towards him on the branch.“That’s the pretty kitty, come on, just a little more”, Timmy encouraged her. Finally, he reached out and picked her up. He started to pet her until he could hear her starting to purr. Timmy stopped for a minute, wondering what to do next. After considering carefully, he put Griselda on his shoulder and started to climb down, it wasn’t far for him, but he was slow and gentle so not to hurt or startle her.

As soon as Griselda, reached the ground, she leaped off his shoulder and ran off into the bushes. When she was sure that Timmy couldn’t see her, she clicked her heels and said “Shoes Undo” returning to her normal little girl witch self.Running into the kitchen, she saw some rocks on the table.She grabbed up a double handful and rushed back out before Timmy had left.

“Hello Timmy, I’m Griselda. Thank you for rescuing me, I mean my kitten, Slipper. Would you like to have some oatmeal cookies with me, Mommy calls them rocks because they are hard and lumpy, but they are really good. ”

“Those are the weirdest looking oatmeal cookies, but they do smell good. What the heck, I’ll try them.” He took some cookies and stuffed them into his mouth. Talking with his mouth full he continued, ” It’s really hot outside;Let’s take a break and have some lemonade. We can finish playing with the water balloons later after we eat.”

That is how Griselda and Timmy became friends, it turned out that Timmy didn’t know that Griselda was angry with him. He thought that water balloon fights were fun on a hot day. That is how their friendship started.All because Griselda really saw Timmy as a nice person, not as the Little Red Haired Boy who was mean.

Here is a recipe for Rocks, so you can make some too. Maybe you can share them with a LRB and turn him into your friend too!

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  1. Thanks Norm, it’s fun to write stuff like that for a change.

  2. You have written a cute story, your grandchildren are lucky.

  3. Thanks Brenda!

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