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illiterate in two languages

My friend, Jonna, sometimes jokes that she is illiterate in two languages. I am beginning to think that I can’t spell in two languages. I’ve always been good at spelling. One of my first real non-babysitting jobs was correcting papers for a sixth grade teacher. Staring at the spellcheck underlined word, I couldn’t understand what I had done wrong.I try to correct spellings first before depending on spellcheck. Spellcheck and I don’t  always agree. Our vocabularies are usually quite dissimilar and it’s guesses can change my sentences in a bizarre way when I let autocorrect function automatically.Therefore, I try to figure out my errors on my own, correcting  without relying on the computer.  Sounding the word out, doesn’t help anymore, I seem to be using Spanish phonetics rather than English in my orthography. “F” replaces “ph” as in foto or farmacy. I have consistently been using “e” instead of “i” and vice versa. For example,the word that was causing me ...

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The morning after.

Mr. Dog, Husband and I are all in a stupor today. Mr. Dog is sleeping off a plate of salami, several meatballs with tomato sauce and heaping helping of cochinita. Husband and I are crashing from a sugar high. Meal planning for the next week is going to be simple, there is at least a kilo and a half of meat balls and the same amount of cochinita left over from Christmas day. I  going to freeze the one without sauce and we’ll eat the ones with tomato sauce over the next couple of days. Mulling over the idea of putting up my decorations,there are still eleven more days of Christmas. Giving it up as a bad idea, I decide that I have other things to do. I may stop in at Miguels Fantasia and buy some stuff for next year while the sales are good, however. Right now that doesn’t sound even vaguely interesting. Eric C sent me some ...

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Lettuce eat

Feeling better, but still tiring easily, I’ve been surfing the web. Husband refers to those Enquirer type blurbs on Yahoo! etc as click bait, and I fell for one, hook, line and sinker. I believe it read “Why cheese is addicting”. Intrigued, because I never knew that cheese is addicting and picturing cheesehead 12 step groups, I clicked. The video clip was an interview with a plant based dietician. She said that cheese gives off quesomorphins, but pronounced it so it sounded like morphine not endorphins.Disappointed in my hope for a harrowing tale of cheese addicts losing their homes due to their habits, I idly watched the clip, guided more by inertia than any desire to watch the interview. The dietician was promoting her book and veganism. Vegans,in my experience, tend to extremism. The dietician made the claim that romaine lettuce has as much protein as steak.As she spoke, a caption proclaimed calorie for calorie romaine has as much protein ...

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Too many wants

The virus is in retreat, I feel better. Well enough to get into trouble, but not healthy enough to dig my way out again. Husband got a new phone after I laundered my old one. He has been wanting one more like his palm device that he used to use, he really doesn’t call many people, but he wanted to use it for schedules etc. Liking the phone that he had, which had been mine for a brief while, we traded. He got a new super duper phone and I got one that I already understood. We were both happy. Have you ever noticed that when people discover a new thing that works for them, a diet, a new product, or a place to live, they want to share it? Husband has been badgering me to trade in my phone and buy one like his. Loving me and wanting me to have the best, he cannot understand my reluctance. It’s ...

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Eating bad things

Our bathroom is in disarray, the painter never showed up and I haven’t felt up to going out and locating him or a replacement. In anticipation of painting, we removed all the shelves and only the most necessary things are left sitting on the built in ledge across the room from the sink. Rushing to get ready, I grabbed my toothbrush and the toothpaste without really looking. I went to flip the top and it didn’t flip. Being frazzled, I just ignored my puzzlement and twisted the top off. Juggling more than a few things as I walked to the sink, I managed to drop most of the tooth paste off the brush onto the floor. Sticking the brush into my mouth so to have my hands free to clean up the floor, I noticed an odd taste, instead of the overpowering minty freshness of Colgate, there was a hint of lavender. That is when I realized that I had ...

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94% humidity? in December?

Having acclimated to the humidity, my skin feels dry in the winter months. Just like my scoffing at the puffy jackets, I remember being a bit dubious when a salesperson suggested that I might want a heavier moisturizer for these dry months. Growing up in Northern California, winter always meant heavy rains and being chilled to the bone. One thing that I love is that the rainy season here is in summer. Getting drenched is a relief and you dry off soon enough. Swimming in the rain is fun, as long as there is no lightening. So imagine my dismay at the heavy drizzles we’ve been having the last two days! I am wearing leggings, a scarf on my head and a sweater! My usual chanclas have been replaced by socks and sneakers!  Our weekly brunch at El Pendulo took place inside the restaurant instead of outside. The humidity is being reported as 94%, which is 50% too much.  The ...

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It’s Wild! Definitely more NOT less!

Normally, I don’t lack for words. However, It’s Wild-more or less, was stunning. I don’t really give photography much thought. Maybe I just haven’t been exposed to really good works? Husband and I walked to the Peon Contreras, arriving a little early for the 9 pm inauguration of the exhibit.  We went inside the opera house, which was dim and mostly unoccupied, except for a  bored security guard at the front desk, who was more interested in chatting with his two friends than dealing with us. Looking blank at first, he told us to go down the side street past the restaurant. Fortunately, there is a sign on the door. We were able to see most of the prints before the official opening, which was nice. I want to go back and look again. The gallery quickly filled up as it got closer to the official opening time. After the welcoming speeches in Spanish and English, the ribbon was cut, ...

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Still flying high

“A Call for Actors” showed up in my mailbox, the IWC newsletter, and on YoListo. Could it be that the universe was trying to get my attention? Outside of my family the thing that I miss the most is performing. At the IWC Halloween party, I did an impromptu sword dance which really brought home that fact. They asked for a resume of acting experience. I used to have one, but along with my professional CV, it didn’t make the move. I did my best to reconstruct my performance history. I agonized over it and hopefully it will fill the bill. Since most of my experience is historical re-enactment, I took time to explain each event rather than a bald, RPFN –monger, SPFN-monger,Goldrush! San Francisco!, Californio. That doesn’t tell you anything unless you know what a monger or a Californio is. Then there was the headshot. Traditionally, your headshot is an 8×10 to which you staple your CV so one ...

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Caught up in the Christmas decorating spirit

Needing a Christmas tree, my friend, BK created one. BK and I work well together,though our tastes are very different. She claims that she is too left brained to be creative. It’s not true, as evidenced by the Christmas tree she made. We went shopping and looked at the available artificial trees,but none of them really fit the bill. I kept saying you need something tall and skinny to fill that space and pushed forward my idea of a two dimensional tree using swags. “I have some chicken wire, maybe we can use that?” BK mused. Enthusiastically, I agreed, I pictured an advant-garde  tree adorned with a few ribbons and large sparkly balls. BK had other ideas. She bought garland, white LED lights, and Christmas balls in gold and silver. She ended up with was a narrow eight foot tree  tastefully adorned with organdy bows and clusters of ornaments. It looks like an expensive boutique designer tree. Not at all ...

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