Bucket list meme

Jill over at Universal Musings has some great answers to this quiz, here are mine.

  1. (X ) Shot a gun-  I had a man target posted over my bed when I was single and living alone. It had an absolutely fabulous grouping. You had to go through the bedroom to use the bathroom, no one ever seemed to notice it though. Even then I had an off beat sense of humor. For our 2nd date with my son’s dad, he took me target shooting. I was a better shot than him, I think that’s when he fell in love.
  2. (x) Gone on a blind date my car pool partner in college set me up on a double date, her boyfriend paid too much attention to me, so I lost my space in her car.
  3. (x) Skipped school  yup, but only in high school. I used to not go in the morning, then show up after lunch and talk the secretary into letting me in without a note. A couple of times I went to San Francisco on the bus instead of class.

  4. (X ) Watched someone die – unfortunately 

  5. (x) Visited Canada – When my mom was pregnant with my little sister, I think she needed a break. So my dad took the other 4 kids on a road trip, towing a trailer. I broke my glasses on a ride at a fair in Vancouver  so much of the return is a blur.
  6. ( ) Visited Hawaii – not interested

  7. (X ) Visited Cuba- lived there from 9 months old to 3 years old.

  8. ( ) Visited Europe- This is something I really want to do

  9. (X ) Visited South America Ecuador

  10. (x) Visited Las Vegas I not only visited, I lived there, and had a child there 

  11. ( ) Visited Central America- Panama

  12. () Visited Asia-  on my real bucket list

  13. ( ) Visited Africa

  14. (x) Visited Florida- I went when I was 21 to meet my mother’s cousins who lived there. Also we lived there for a little while when I was a toddler.

  15. ( X) Visited Mexico – once, then I moved here

    () Uhwhy isn’t Australia on the list?-  dunno, but I’d like to go there too.

  16. (x) Seen the Grand Canyon in person –  yup, when I moved from Las Vegas to Arizona

  17. () Flown in a helicopter –  don’t want to either, but I took flying lessons (airplane) when I was 15

  18. () Served on a jury 
  19. (x) Been lost – I have no sense of direction, but I am really good at reading maps

  20. (x) Traveled to the opposite side of the country- moved from New York to California by car

  21. () Visited Washington, DC –

  22. (x) Swam in the Ocean– both of them

  23. (x) Cried yourself to sleep see answer #4

  24. (x) Played cops and robbers

  25. (x) Played cowboys and Indians – 

  26. (X ) Recently colored with crayons – and you are surprised because?

  27. ( ) Sang karaoke- no I am not so mean as to do that to drunk people

  28. ( ) Sang a solo or duet in church – pardon me while I stop laughing, I’d do it but no one else would enjoy it.

  29. (X ) Paid for a meal with coins only – I do it all the time here

  30. (X ) Made prank phone calls My friend, Patsy and I, used to call people and tell them they had won a chicken dinner then order them one. We were 12 so I doubt that any of those dinners were delivered.

  31. (x) Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose- who hasn’t?   

  32. (x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue

  33. (x) Had children in three different states, good thing I stopped moving around.

  34. (x) Had a pet

  35. ( X) Been skinny-dipping that’s what all these high walls are for

  36. (x) Been fishing took my son to a trout farm when he was little

  37. () Been boating

  38. ( ) Been Downhill Skiing

  39. ( ) Been water skiing

  40. (x) Been camping in a trailer/RV see answer #5

  41. (x) Been camping in a tent- too many times to mention, especially during Ren Faire

  42. ( ) Driven a motorcycle- I’ve ridden on the back of lots of them 

  43. ( ) Been bungee-jumping – no way, I am not going parachuting either

  44. (x) Gone to a drive-in movie – my standard date in high school, we used to park the pick up backwards and sit on a mattress in the back.

  45. (x) Done something that could have killed you- Among other things, I accidentally brushed my teeth with Nair once. I was sober too.
  46.  ( ) Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life- I try not to have regrets, well maybe the brushing my teeth with Nair incident.

  47. ( x) Rode an elephant –at the  county fair

  48. ( X) Rode a camel – at the  county fair

  49. (x) Eaten just cookies or cake or ice cream for dinner – probably, but not recently

  50. (x) Been on TV – been living scenery several times for various Renaissance Faires. Once got interviewed for Dickens’ Fair when we were still at the pier. Or rather Josephine Eulalia Kennedy Hawkins was interviewed, since I was in character

  51. ( ) Stolen any traffic signs- no, but I did own one

  52. (x) Been in a car accident and I got hit by a bus once

  53. (X ) Been in the Hospital in past 24 months yup

  54. ( ) Donated blood– tried to but they wouldn’t let me

  55. ( ) Gotten a (speeding) or any other type of ticket in the past 12 months- I no longer have a driver’s licence.

  56. (x) Gotten a piercing (ears count)

  57. ( ) Gotten a Tattoo

  58. (x) Driven a manual transmission vehicle – cars and buses

  59. () Ever owned your dream car – I don’t have a dream car, but I’d like to own a horse and carriage

  60. (x) Been Married

  61. (x) Been divorced

  62. (x) Fell in love

  63. (x) Fell out of love

  64. (X ) Paid for a strangers meal

  65. ( ) Driven over 120 mph – not even in an airplane, I don’t do fast

  66. () Been scuba diving – 

  67. (x ) Written a published book/story/poetry you can buy them here

  68. (x) Eaten snails – I see snails as an excuse to eat garlic butter, and who doesn’t like garlic butter?

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. #1. better with a pistol than a rifle.
    #2. no
    #3. Every Wednesday, senior year, we would fill a land yacht up with gas, beer, and six guys, tear up about five counties and go to our afternoon jobs.
    #4. yes.
    #5. We used to cruse up to Niagara Falls after the bars closed. I’ve been to most of Canada.
    #6, 7,8,9 10 and 11, no.
    #12 stayed a few winters in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.
    #13 &14 , no
    #15 Visited Florida a few times, my granny used to winter there.
    #16 Spent a few winters in Mexico-like the ruins.
    #17 The Grand Canyon is a thing of wonder, I’ve driven way out of my way to look over its edge.
    #18 no, but would like to.
    #19 I’ve never got all the way to the jury part. I was in the selection part once for a youngster who was busted with some kat. The prosecutor asked if anyone knew what kat was, I raised my hand and he said I could go home.
    #20 As far as lost, sure. The trick in Yucatan is to just follow the first bus you come across, they are all going somewhere on the map.
    #22 I’ve been in most of the states in the US, swam in all of our oceans and great lakes, that includes that salty one in Utah.
    On skinny dipping, the first naked ladies I ever saw were swimming at our local quarry. loved the quarry.
    I’ve been fishing, boating and water skiing, mostly on the same trip . I like sailing. I’d like to tow a small day sailer down to Yucatan and tour your west coast-bucket list kind of thing it is.
    #42 my folks took us on those classic coast to coast camping trips every summer, RV, tents station wagons and trucks. I slept in a pup tent all the way to Alaska and back. I did not know much about grizzly bears at the time.
    #44 I hit a hay wagon with a motorcycle when I was 15, my knee still hurts.
    #45 no
    #46 oh yeah.
    #47 I used to sell baby pigeons that I caught in an old feed mill. The floors were rotted out so we had to climb the old barn beams to get to the nests. The birds sold for 25 cents-the feedmill was 5 stories tall and I was about 6 years old. It was a different world.
    #48 I have my regrets I stepped over a Mayan lady begging in Merida one evening, she had a baby on her tit and one at her side. I went back after God slapped me up side the head but she was gone.
    #49 I’ve been on TV many times. I worked for the AFL-CIO in my 40s, the news is always looking for footage and a soundbite.
    #53 no signs.
    #54 lots of wrecks. I should by rights be dead many times over. I hit a tree laying across the road once speeding to the hospital. Tore the roof off the car. The girl I was running to the hospital after wandering off a cliff in the night, sued me saying her injuries were from the car accident. The best part was the attorney I went to see after the crash to see what I should do, went and looked up the lady and sued me. A very ethically challenged guy, he was.
    #55 no, no , no
    #56 gave over ten gallons before they said no mas.
    #57, 58, 59, no
    #60 I drove trucks in the oil fields that had 15 gears. It is real easy to forget just where you are in the gear box after you are on the clock for a hundred hours. Did I ever mention that the old fields could use better regulation?
    #61 I owned a 1969 442 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ragtop , a flying machine. Wrecked it drag racing after a lamb roast/kegger.
    #62 married 39 years this summer.
    #66 I like to buy young parents with loud kids’ meals.
    #67 The first thing we would do when we bought a new junker was find out its top end. There was a straight road that ran through a swamp, if something went wrong, it was a soft landing.
    #68 I like scuba, I do not get to do it enough.
    #69 and 70 no and no way!

    • Wow, Norm,
      Interesting answers. Sounds like you were a car boy. I’m better with a rifle than a pistol too, but it’s been ages since I’ve been target shooting.

      I hate to go fast, I don’t even like to gallop.

      If you won’t eat snails,how about grasshoppers? I’ll usually eat anything once, maybe even twice. I ordered fried sweetbreads once and the waiter asked me, “Do you know what that is?”.

      Thanks for stopping by and playing!

      • No bugs. I’m sure they are tasty but no thanks.

        With cars, it has been 4-door GM iron for the most part, the one hot rod was more than enough excitement. I have a small run about and a van right now. I’m looking for a 4×4 big enough to pull a daysailer to Yucatan/Belize in the near future. The west coast of Yucatan, Bacalar, Belize’s coast look like a nice winter project.

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