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You’re decorating what?

I’m on the decorating committee for the IWC Halloween party this Sunday. I like being on committee for a specific purpose for a short length of time. This one suits me to a tea. I wouldn’t want to be an officer or a member of a standing committee or project. Which is why I have half a dozen unicell (styrofoam) skulls sitting in a plastic bag waiting to be decorated. There were twelve to start but someone else is doing half of them. I already did one, it’s really fun. Gluing sequins and other sparkly things combined with  flowers and geometric motifs draw with felt pen didn’t seem like it would mimic the sugar skulls you see on Day of the Dead altars but it’s working! I’ll take some photos later but I don’t want to publish them until after the party. My costume is coming along. I’m also making a witch costume for my duct tape  double to wear ...

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Tying up all the loose ends

Finding myself surrounded by UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects), I have been diligently  working on reducing the pile. The altered book has been set aside for another day. The bridesmaid jewelry that I made for a friend’s daughter’s wedding gift has been delivered. Today the clothes that I sewed and crocheted for La Nieta were entrusted to a friend who is leaving tomorrow for NOB. Maybe La Primera will send me photos of her modeling them? Speaking of modeling,I bought some new clothes. Now, that was an adventure. Not the sort of heartwarming Hallmark movie adventure that ends with everyone smiling either. My personal dress style has devolved into a very casual poorly fitting nondescript version of my former self. I need a style intervention. Someone should  send my name into one of those shows where they do fashion make overs. They could title it Expat shouldn’t mean looking dowdy or S.O.B. means south of the border not sloppy overweight broad.  I ...

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A Wee Spot of Rain

Nate dropped quite a bit of water on us last night, it’s almost noon and there is still water in the street. Even after draining about four inches of water out of the pool yesterday, today we have an infinity pool. Fortunately, the pool guys came so the water level is once again down below the edge. The weather forecast is for more rain and stronger winds so maybe we’ll drain more out.Our plants look wonderful, the air feels clean and it’s reasonably cool outside.I made some covers for two of our skylights, the ones with ventilation holes. Normally, a few drops of rain make their way into the air tubes but the tubes have mosquito screen and slant towards the outside which keeps most of the water on the roof. I don’t mind the occasional drop or two, yesterday, there was a bit more. So using an old shower curtain I made a cover very similar to the ones ...

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Arte a media carta

Checking my inbox, there was this exciting notice: CALLING ALL ARTISTS!!! AANY is holding a  benefit to help raise money to transport and house artists for the December Show. Attached is a brief description of the event. They are asking for donations of YOUR work to be sold at the event.  All art donations will be small( 1/2 letter size and can be as creative and fun as you want to make them).  ALL work will be presented for sale  at the benefit. Anything goes so dust off that creative gene!   Here is an opportunity to have some fun and help ANNY.   Who knows? Besides having fun and helping a good cause, you may very well make a  name for yourself and be DISCOVERED!!! At first, I thought about painting a small picture. I have been thinking about trying my hand at some smaller things, then I hit upon an idea. What about an altered book? I have a ...

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Green papayas and flip flops

Finding a greenish papaya at Chedraui, I made this version of Som Tam, shredded green papaya salad. Since the papaya was not really unripe the salad missed the true tartness of Som Tam, it was still very good. The only substitute I made was using a smashed anchovy fillet instead of shrimp paste.The times that we’ve had this salad in Thai restaurants it’s been a much simpler salad, a mound of pale green shreds, this is more robust, I loved the crunch of the cucumber and bean sprouts, the bursts of peanut flavor and the mint really added to the Thai flavours. Husband had seconds. Our weekly craft group meets today, for my project I am going to  customize a pair of flip flops using these directions from Craft Stylish because I also found some jelly flipflops at Chedraui while I was there. All the supplies aren’t available here,  I am going to use a different glue but otherwise it ...

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return of the crafty lady

  This table used to be painted an uninspiring dark brown. Following (more or less) the directions I found on Vintage Revivals, I silver leafed the lower portion. Black faux marble seemed like the perfect complement. The whole thing has been sealed with triple glaze and is now waiting to serve as the focal point for my redecoration of the recibidor (foyer).  I must admit that I am a better faux painter than a photographer.

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Wandering off the path

Husband likes mole, me not so much. However, I do like to do things for Husband, so I bought a jar of mole.No where on the jar could I find instructions or a recipe. Hoping for the best,I dumped the entire jar over a package of boneless,skinless chicken breasts in the slow cooker. It looked more like nutella than sauce. Reasoning that the sauce melted or combined with the moisture from the meat, I set the pot on low and went about my business. Not feeling totally confident, after an hour, I checked on it, and decided that maybe some hot water would help. My friend and I had made a commitment to go to Santa Elena, so off we went. Husband had chicken mole pending, white rice already prepared all he needed to do was assemble a salad. Apparently, that is not the way to make mole. My after the fact internet search reveals that the correct proportion is ...

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Crocodile slippers, why not?

Nothing new and exciting has been going on. I am finally feeling normal again. Or as normal as I get around here. Not floods, no storms, nothing remarkable. I love that phrase,  nothing remarkable. Nothing worth making a remark about. Makes you wonder what is worth remarking on? NFN has not made an appearance, so she is now officially late. Her half sisters saw all the goodies that I crocheted and put in their requests. Which ties in with my new project, I am making slippers for everyone! Unfortunately, I asked Mihijo if he wanted serious or funny slippers and he requested crocodile slippers.So I have been trying to figure out a pattern. I have settled on making a plain pair of slippers using this Lion’s brand yarn pattern and adding details like eyes and teeth. I did however make a very cute pair of slippers for the steps, I used a variation of the granny square slippers, Where you ...

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Hoarder tendencies

It’s hard to feel creative when you can’t find anything. I want to have a neat house not just a clean one. I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed also makes me feel tired, it’s a vicious cycle. Looking at my piles of stuff has made keenly aware that I am stockpiling again. It’s okay to stockpile some things. The problem comes because I have gotten so disorganized. For starters, I think I have too many clothes. I have stuff that I haven’t worn in what seems like ages. I did purge quite a bit when I lost that 20 pounds, which left me with tops that have no matching bottoms. Blouses and tank tops are apparently more flexible when it comes to weight loss than pants are. I also have several skirts that I seldom wear anymore,but I think I wear them more in the winter, so we will see. I keep thinking that I will refashion some of ...

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Lotsa sewing, not so much blogging

Remember when I went fabric shopping? I didn’t tell you about my project, because I thought you might find it odd. I have been making diapers and diaper covers. Diapering has changed since my kids were babies. When La Primera was born, the hospital gave me an enormous case of pampers and lots of coupons because disposables were just becoming available. You know, the first one is free after that you need to pay, and pay, and pay. By the time Mihijo was born, ten years later, disposables we common. In fact day care centers wouldn’t take babies in cloth diapers. I was a rebel, I liked cloth diapers better. Life being cyclic,things have come around, it’s cheaper to use cloth, it’s more green and it’s better for baby. All those things I used to say, except the green part, I’d of said that too, but it wasn’t part of my vocabulary back then. What is nifty is that there ...

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