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The finish line is in sight!

I’ve done it! I wrote a blog post every single day in June! It wasn’t that hard. I am going to continue in July with semi-daily blogs. What does semi-daily mean? It means that if something comes up I might not post, but it has to be something important. My writing mojo hasn’t dried up yet! The street however is as dry as possible. I took the photo through the screen which is why there is an interesting squared off effect. Meanwhile, some gardening photos. No bell peppers or Swiss chard yet, that stuff you see on the surface is from the lantana and the coral vine. Here however are some seedlings! Basil, mustard, nasturium, cilantro and some onion roots that I planted. It’s all pretty crowded but I plant on thinning it soon. I was concerned with the viability of some of the seeds since I had bought them so long ago. This is the grape vine. After three ...

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Over the river

Today is one of our swim nights. It’s been raining steadily for quite awhile and we would have to wade to Linda’s house in order to swim.The sand snakes have been doing their job, the amount of water that has entered the house is minimal, much less than we usually get when the water in the street is this high.This guy on the moto is just past the new grate. I can just imagine how much deeper the water would have been! He is heading the wrong way on a one way street, by the way! Before the rain started I painted some more pots. Except for the polka dot one, I discovered that I am better at making things look old, than I am at painting cutesy designs. I’ve decided that I like spray painting plastic pots much better than trying to paint them with a brush too. These aren’t all the pots that I painted but the rest ...

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Keeping busy

If you have been following the local Merida blogs you already know that we received a months worth of rain in just two hours on Monday. In response to the floods, Tuesday was spent making sand snakes. Now that is a good project. Easy, fast and best of all, I used up some of my stash fabric. My fabric stash has not reached the heroic proportions it did in California, where it had it shared a shed in the backyard with my other craft bargains, but it is still pretty impressive. Our neighbor delivered three sacks of builder’s sand and we used half of them to make the snakes. I really need to make more, but it’s not raining today, so I just don’t have that sense of urgency that an impending flood gives. What I have been doing is crocheting baby clothes for little NFN (no first name) my granddaughter who is due in August. One of my friends ...

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DIY beauty and me, or why does my hair smell like honey?

As my cold retreats and I feel more energetic I start to get antsy. I am not well enough for any big projects but surfing the net is getting boring. I’m like a Jack Russel Terrier, if you don’t give them something productive to do, they will find something. The definition of productive varies greatly between species. I think this is where Son gets his tendency to perform experiments. We once told him that we were going to give him a list of permitted activities, anything not on the list required permission prior to the experiment. One of the things I decided to do was spruce up my appearance starting with my hair. My hair has always been a trial, it’s thick and curly and decidedly disobedient. Here in Mérida, it’s actually looked it’s best ever due to the humidity, except for the days that it looks it’s worst. What looks better than shiny hair? MSN had a link to ...

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Back with a vengeance

I don’t have any vengeance to reek, it just sounded like a more interesting title than making a come back or I’m back!. I tried out some other blog post titles, but they were even less clever. As you probably guessed Wild Bill came over and worked his magic on my computer!! He would have been over earlier but he was ill. There is something ironic about a computer guy catching a virus, but I am sure those jokes already made their way into your in box. Last week,I had lunch with some friends at the Chaya Maya (corner of C62 and C 57 ), it was good. The prices seems very reasonable, the service was good and the place was full. It didn’t look like a tourist restaurant either, which is a good sign. I tried a new (to me) soup made from black beans with longaniza filled masa fritters. I cannot for the life of me remember the ...

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back to your regularly scheduled programming

My son returned home. We had a nice visit, did what he calls the speed dating version of archaeological site viewing, in other words took the Puuc Route bus from the ADO station. It’s a good intro to various sites culminating with about 2 1/2 hours in Uxmal.We did some visiting of friends, he did some visiting without us.I miss my kids, that is the single hardest part of living here.While he was out and about, I did some work on the chandelier project, it’s about 60% done. I have to decide if I want to add more dangles or subtract some. If I run true to form, addition will win out. Right now it’s hanging up in the terraza while I think about it.Is it me, or has it actually gotten harder to find information on the net? I have been looking for inspiration on my redecorating project. It’s like grading high school papers treating the same subject, if ...

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hanging around

It’s been a good week, including some interesting mistakes. I showed up a week early to having coffee with a reader of my blog. The Tuesday at 11 part stuck with me, but it’s next Tuesday. I hung around for half an hour and then consoled myself with shopping at Miguel’s Fantasia, Micheal’s Arts and Crafts Mexican cousin. I bought a bag of 1000 assorted plastic flower beads and leaves, they look like Lucite for around $60.00 mxp and I am going to decorate a chandelier with chains of them.There was this amazingly garish blown glass hanging chandelier at Galeria Triunfo that I like (it’s a cross between this one and this one. ) I really liked it but not enough to spend over $3000 pesos on it. Crafty Chica made this chandelier for her Heard Museum Exhibit, it’s also very cool but not exactly what I want. I did a search online and found several interesting ideas . At ...

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Itsy bitsy string bikini

While I was hanging out with my neighbors today, little Katita ( she is now Katty to everyone else) mentioned that she had outgrown the bathing suit that I had crocheted for her. This fits my theory that some children just get taller but not fatter because she’s worn it for three years now! I had originally made a suit for her sister and as an afterthought made her one too. So I asked about Sis’s suit. Mom said that Sissy still loved it, in fact she wanted a new suit but was too shy to ask me to make her one. Sissy has been suit shopping never found one that fit her as well but it was getting small in the seat. Who can resist that sort of compliment? I am torn between making her this groovy crochet or the Drops Crochet for Sissy. What do you think? I bought a lovely buttercup yellow cotton yarn and some variegated ...

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mind control necklace

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. Do you remember that from the Outer Limits?Husband says that this necklace makes him think of the old sci fi movies in which the villains use crystals to exercise mind control over their victims. Here is an even closer view. I haven’t super glued the knots yet, so there are little pieces of nylon sticking out. Sloppy, I know. Are you under my power yet? I really like it, even if I have no where to wear it. Here is a close up of the loop and fringe, I did spiral herringbone stitch which I just learned this year. I like that the clasp goes in the front and makes the necklace have shape.Okay, you are released from my spell. Go back to reading blogs.

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Fabrege eggs and pasta francesa

Husband has had a cold, I am sure he is getting over it now, because he has given it to me. It is a basic law of physics that something can not be in two places at the same time. Ergo,I now have it, he should be over it. I know that my logic is flawed but allow me my little illusions. Thinking is difficult with a stuffy head.I never made it to the Oaxaca Expo, Jonna went and said it wasn’t as good as last year. I didn’t have the interest in going, that I originally thought I had. That is probably because of coming down with the cold. Being sick does tend to dampen my enthusiasms. We did, however, go to the Romanov Exhibit. Sigh, it was beautiful. There were several household items from the collection of Freddy Novelo and included the Blue Winter Egg among the treasures. All cameras and cellphones were checked at the entrance so ...

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