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Lots and lots of stuff for my daughter

I mentioned before that my daughter had commented on how she wanted Virgin de Guadeloupe stuff. Chicafeliz is heading back NOB and has agreed to deliver her haul. This is what I am sending. I found several bandannas in different colours and three different images. I paid $15 for the one in the center, I especially like the Statue of Liberty in one corner and the Mexican eagle in the opposite one combined with our respective flags. This one was only $9.00 and so was one of the other more traditional images. I found two more of the traditional images in another store but had to pay a whole peso more! I combined them with some bandanna fabric that I bought for $26 and backed the whole thing with some black velvet from my fabric stash. Which was a great use of the velvet, I originally bought it to recover some pillows but really, what was I thinking? I was ...

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How are you going to keep them on the farm, once they’ve seen Uxmal?

Chicafeliz has company from NOB, she mentioned that they were going to Uxmal on Tuesday, I invited myself along. This is not normal for me, to just blurt out “I love Uxmal! I’ll come with you.”Lucky for me Chicafeliz is my comadre and didn’t even blink an eye.Of course, going anywhere with Chicafeliz is a total adventure, she has a childlike wonder and enthusiasm that I find irresistible. Her house guest and I who both are non-climbers found ourselves on the top of huge pyramids. Honestly, I have been to Uxmal several times and have always chickened out of climbing those steep unending stairs. Her technique must stem from her years of sales, she assumes the close. She says we’re going this way and heads off, assuming that we will follow, and so we do.After that adventure I am feeling pretty good about myself. So good and recharged that when I read the email from Burda Style announcing a contest, ...

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Ready to wear!

I am done with my hats and scarves to send! The styrofoam ball is wearing a beret. My favorite is the orange and green hat with the ear flaps. I originally bought the fabric to make a couple of pull over tops but decided that my fabric would yield more if I created hats. I tried to make them as different from each other as it possible. These are a hat and scarf set, plus two hooded scarves that I made. I made the pink one for a larger child and the orange multi-coloured for a toddler. That brings the total to 11 hats, one hat with matching scarf and two hooded scarves. I will try to get these in the mail this week.

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the rest of the story….

Here are some shots of my creation. Husband is such a doll, he took almost 60 photos just so I could be assured of a few good ones. Husband is a good guy, and a wonderful husband. We just got back from a road trip but before I start on that I want to finish this. Here is the matching necklace and bracelet, I also made the earrings which I am wearing. My scarf ended up tied to the purse since it was too warm to wear it. Making this ensemble was a big learning experience for me. My orientation is costume design. I am fascinated by historical dress and I love to learn how things were done. I ended up doing improvisation because I fell in love with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Back in the early 70s my drama teacher gave us extra credit if we attended the Faire, my boyfriend and I went in costume. I was hooked. ...

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I have been procrastinating or maybe I have been multitasking? Either way, I was watching dvds this morning instead of gardening or sewing. Since I can’t sit still I made a necklace and matching earrings to go with my dress. So far I have made a dress,a purse, earrings and a necklace to go with my hat. Honestly, I had to make the purse. I lent my only evening bag out to a girlfriend, besides that bag is black. So you can see why I needed to sew a new bag, can’t you? Besides I had the fabric already, so I didn’t violate my no more fabric vow. Chicafeliz is convinced that I will be taking up making my own shoes any day now. We passed a shop that sells supplies to cobblers and she keeps teasing me. Frankly, I am not even tempted. No, not even a little bit. Really, not the least bit intrigued…. My only sewing commitment ...

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Hey dummy!

I need a new dressmaker’s dummy. My duct tape double isn’t my twin anymore which is causing me problems. Chicafeliz is in town, I am hoping to rope her into helping me make a new dtd because it isn’t a one person job. This is my dtd wearing the blue dress that I made earlier this month. She looks like she was rode hard and put away wet, doesn’t she? Her stuffing is out of whack because I put a corset on her when I made my Dickens’ Fair costume, when I removed it her shape had changed. Originally she had a hook at the end of her neck so I could hang her, due to the weight of the dress the hook came out, that accounts for her odd neck. . With the change in the time, my schedule has been totally off. Yesterday, I took a nap and then went to bed at 8 pm, consequently I woke ...

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hat progress

I was going to make a pillbox hat but the more I thought about it the more I wanted a cloche. Nothing says 1920s like a cloche hat. You can’t even wear one if you don’t have short hair. Since I have no way to block a hat I started with this straw hat and wired the brim. In order to get a more rounded shape I drew the wire in, then painted it to match the fabric.All that was left was to trim it. Here is my resulting hat.

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Crafty Lady

I have been crafting. I took it upon myself to make the centerpieces for the IWC Fashion Show on November 11th. Lucky for me, Lin is really crafty too. We got the sign made for the parking lot, she made doilies, and together we decorated candlesticks during the ill fated hat decorating workshop. I know that I told Wayne that I would take photos, but only one person bothered to show up. That person already knew how to decorate hats but generously came to help. So the three of us had a lovely evening crafting. I have about a dozen fabric pumpkins left to make. Of course, I have no hat for myself done yet. To be honest I don’t even have a dress yet. I have a book on making ribbon roses, it had some lovely hat trimming ideas in it. I saw one that I loved. So I went to Miguel’s Fantasia to buy the necessary ribbon. They ...

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Itty bitty fluffy hats and mittens

I took my own advice and bought 4 meters of polar fleece. I find it amazing that polar fleece is even available here in Mérida, it may be a lighter variety. Originally I was going to make an outfit but I found this great links Fleece Projects and Crafty Chic:Fabulous Fleece both of which have free scarves, hats and mitten patterns. I admit that a scarf doesn’t need much of a pattern but hey, I like having it all laid out for me.If you go to this post We have an address! on Gringo in Paradise Blog you will find the mailing address for your warm stuff that you are making (or buying) and sending.I want to get this stuff done soon because I have some other things that I need to make including a curtain for the IWC Fashion Show on November 11, I also need to make some other sort of decorations, which I am not sure about.

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Speed, I need more speed!

I am posting this from Husband’s computer, mine is at WildBill’s house. I was complaining about my problems and he generously offered to look at it. We decided to change my operating system to Ubuntu which will help some with the speed. When we moved here Husband, Son and I all had desk top replacement computers, in other words laptops that were supposed to do it all. One by one, they bit the dust, literally the dust and humidity did them in. Son being a techie sort of guy, attached an external drive to his and was off and running. My solution was to buy a desk top and give Son my laptop for spare parts. I didn’t really like the keyboard and monitor combo. I do better when I have keyboard that I can place on my lap. I am basically uninterested in computers, I just want to surf the net, write letters and do some other simple tasks. ...

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