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Lettuce continue

The party was great fun. You can read all about it on Debi’s blog and Joanna’s blog. I walked home around 12:30am, the streets were deserted. I understand that there was a tremendous crowd at the Monument for the grito and the free concert.Thursday, I was tired so I spent most of the day sleeping, reading and eating. Friday I had a little bit of an allergy thing going on, so I took a 12 hour allergy pill and promptly feel asleep for three hours! Today, I feel like a normal human being. We’re back to life as usual here. The garden is thriving, but still hasn’t given us any produce. Looking at information about urban gardening, I came across the growing column, it seems like such a cool thing to do. A salad column would be perfect. I have these fantasies about wandering out to the garden in my lovely white peasant blouse and skirt (since this is a ...

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Repurposing, replanting and rearranging

I’m tired and hungry. Due to a horrible head ache I didn’t sleep very well last night. Headaches impede rational thought because after a day and night of suffering it finally occurred to me to take some sinus medicine! Feeling like a new woman, once the sinus medicine started working, I repaired to the roof. My mission, to see if an idea I had hatched would fly. It isn’t good to have plants sitting directly on the roof. It’s better for the plants to have a little airspace, it keeps the roof from getting stained and the reflective sealer is less likely to be damaged. NOB you can buy cute feet shaped like turtles, lions and paws or just plain ones, that lift the pots up.Pieces of brick or tiles, don’t look as nice, but it’s what I have to work with instead.. Pondering on the fact that I was running out of stuff to balance my pots on, I ...

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Wandering off the path

Husband likes mole, me not so much. However, I do like to do things for Husband, so I bought a jar of mole.No where on the jar could I find instructions or a recipe. Hoping for the best,I dumped the entire jar over a package of boneless,skinless chicken breasts in the slow cooker. It looked more like nutella than sauce. Reasoning that the sauce melted or combined with the moisture from the meat, I set the pot on low and went about my business. Not feeling totally confident, after an hour, I checked on it, and decided that maybe some hot water would help. My friend and I had made a commitment to go to Santa Elena, so off we went. Husband had chicken mole pending, white rice already prepared all he needed to do was assemble a salad. Apparently, that is not the way to make mole. My after the fact internet search reveals that the correct proportion is ...

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How does my garden grow?

Lined up like soldiers, these previously ordinary plastic pots are showing off their spots. The new cucumber seeds sprouted right up. They are transplanted into these cheerful pots along with some sunflowers and a couple of tomato plants. Husband says that I should rename my garden Kiddie Land. I prefer to think of my style as whimsical.Wow, these basil have really grown since moving into their new homes! These pots were sprayed the same blue as the resin chairs.Nothing new here, but I like this angle.I love this mini-rose, I am planning on planting more.Not everything in my garden is bright pink or orange. Look, the lavender hibiscus is blooming too! The pumpkin flowers came out blurry, maybe tomorrow…

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When good plants go bad

Kudzu has nothing on Coral vine. This is our wall, our vine and the bodega next door. Need I say more?I love this explosion of color. I bought these portulaca earlier in the year. They love it on the roof and I love them! This just cracks me up. I admit to also liking pink flamingoes, but there’s a clause against them in our pre-nup.

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Searching for seeds

I hate ordering seeds online. It’s too easy to get carried away. When my shopping basket total reaches some ungodly amount like 30 or 40 pounds,( yeah, pounds, it’s a British company) I start to hyperventilate. Usually, I end up closing up the screen and vowing to look at it again later, maybe tomorrow. What really irks me is that I didn’t buy during the half off end of season seed sale. Our planting season starts about when theirs (and probably yours) ends. Then there is the sheer quantity of seeds. I like the variety packs where you get three or four different varieties in the same package. Apparently so does everyone else, those are sold out.I’ve decided to wait until next year to order seeds online. Meanwhile, I did find the seed store on Calle 54 x 69 y 67, just down the block from the Semillas y Granos store. I don’t know why a store called seeds and ...

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Any volunteers?

The rainy season is in full swing. I love it! Of course, I don’t have to go anywhere if it’s raining or work in it either. The day seems to go like this, pleasant mild temperatures in the morning, it warms up in the afternoon to a nice high 80s (29 ish) and then it rains for about an hour or so and it all cools down again. I wake up around 4 or 5 am and put a sheet on and go back to sleep. Beto showed up on time yesterday, he helped me move some pots upstairs and cleaned the yard up. It’s amazing how fast the weeds grew. The compost pile is enormous now and I have high hopes for it. I debating what to do with the two volunteer papayas, I have heard that usually volunteer papayas don’t give good fruit. They are called bird papayas because birds eat the fruit and scatter the seeds. My ...

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Planting and plans

I have plans for today. Lately, my days have been unplanned, not necessarily spontaneous, but rather lacking in structure.Beto is coming to help clean up the yard. A month ago, Carlitos promised to come, but didn’t. We thought maybe he’d come the following week, but who knows what happened? Maybe he needed to plant his milpa? With all the rain, the weeds have had a field day. Fortunately, they are shallow rooted and it won’t take long to rip them out and whip the yard into shape again.While he is here, Beto will carry some planters and things up to the roof for us. I am not strong enough and Husband isn’t supposed to lift anything heavy. It’s one of the reasons we live here. We can afford to hire help when we need it.While I was up on the roof, I envisioned my garden, in my eye’s mind, the tomatoes were yielding an abundance of fruit, the bells were ...

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Weather and plants

We’ve been having light rain on and off. It’s perfect for my seedlings. This is the most sucess that I have ever had with seeds. I decided to throw some tomato seeds in with the bell peppers. They all are going to need to be transplanted when they get big enough, so I decided to be adventuresome.Doubt in the vitality of the pepper seeds also prompted me. I was premature! There are little bitty peppers plants coming up. No true leaves yet, but they are peeking their little heads out of the dirt. I planted quite a few since I have no way of knowing which are red and which are yellow until they ripen. If you didn’t already know green bells are unripened fruit, I like that it means that I can pick them at different stages.Against my better judgement, today I planted calabasita redonda, calabasita grande (or did the package say larga?) and another one that looks like ...

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The finish line is in sight!

I’ve done it! I wrote a blog post every single day in June! It wasn’t that hard. I am going to continue in July with semi-daily blogs. What does semi-daily mean? It means that if something comes up I might not post, but it has to be something important. My writing mojo hasn’t dried up yet! The street however is as dry as possible. I took the photo through the screen which is why there is an interesting squared off effect. Meanwhile, some gardening photos. No bell peppers or Swiss chard yet, that stuff you see on the surface is from the lantana and the coral vine. Here however are some seedlings! Basil, mustard, nasturium, cilantro and some onion roots that I planted. It’s all pretty crowded but I plant on thinning it soon. I was concerned with the viability of some of the seeds since I had bought them so long ago. This is the grape vine. After three ...

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