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Over the river

Today is one of our swim nights. It’s been raining steadily for quite awhile and we would have to wade to Linda’s house in order to swim.The sand snakes have been doing their job, the amount of water that has entered the house is minimal, much less than we usually get when the water in the street is this high.This guy on the moto is just past the new grate. I can just imagine how much deeper the water would have been! He is heading the wrong way on a one way street, by the way! Before the rain started I painted some more pots. Except for the polka dot one, I discovered that I am better at making things look old, than I am at painting cutesy designs. I’ve decided that I like spray painting plastic pots much better than trying to paint them with a brush too. These aren’t all the pots that I painted but the rest ...

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Weather watching

Alex is coming, and I don’t mean Mihijo either. There is a hurricane brewing and it’s projected path will take it to Mérida on Sunday. Luckily for us, by the time it reaches here, it will have lost energy and be a tropical storm. I thought about making some more sand snakes, putting up the plexi I bought and some other precautionary methods. Waking up at 6:30am, I looked around and it was a beautiful morning. Plus, the mobile plant seller had come by yesterday. While I had decided not to go to the nursery until all the potting up was done, I bought some more plants, including another grape vine. Really, the universe wants me to have a nice garden, why else would the man have come at the very moment that I was opening my door? It was a sign!! The grape vine we have is thriving this year but not producing any fruit. The plant seller suggested ...

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Wow, look at all those posts!

In honor of my daily blogging goal for June, I just added a new widget to my sidebar. It shows the titles of all my blog posts for the last 30 days. There is an option to also display a summary of the post, but I opted against that as taking up way too much space. I am back on track on my mood again. Thanks to everyone who wrote to tell me, I was just over reacting (not that you said that, you all are much more supportive and kind to say that!). I also want to tell you that Barbara’s tip about the Bounce sheets works! Thank you so much! We have Bounce sheets clothes pinned to the hammocks and it seems to be working! Yay! I really didn’t want to buy a hammock mosquito net. This morning I went over my seed collection and planted all the herb seeds that I had, apparently I have seeds from ...

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The long answer

Anonymous, asked me this question on my previous post. I started to answer and I did in part, but it’s really deserves a post of it’s own. What is it you wish to grow, then? We had assumed you could have most anything fresh from the market so you would be using terracotta planters and decorating with tropicals–though real trabajo en barro is nicer, there are lots of cheap composite and resin pots and planters (here, NOB) that mimic them and weigh much less. Is that the concern? Weight? Those big plastic buckets on one of your links work–an old woman here has made her formal back garden into something from BBC’s “The Good Life”. Nobody complains because she’s generous with the home-grown tomatoes. Rooftop, you have only yourselves to please, but probably have restricted access and other issues we’d not think of. Hope it turns out just as you want. Oh, pics ar probably a hassle so no worries, ...

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More on the roof garden planning stage

Sorry, Anonymous, no photos. Or at least none by me. Husband and I were discussing the roof garden and the possibilities of making some raised beds up there.Having been a fan of Mother Earth News since my own back to the Earth youth, I turned to their website first, there were some interesting ideas but nothing exactly like what I thought I needed. Remember building with wood is problematic here, the cost often makes wooden things prohibitive, the weather and insects also need to be factored in. Due to the weight factor, cement didn’t seem to be a good alternative, though Husband thought that we might investigate some of the light weight concretes available; similar to those used in making hypertufa planters. This is still a pretty good idea, those planters can be very attractive and they wear well.I thought that I remembered some ideas on Instructables which is one of my favorite websites along with Make Magazine, I love ...

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And now for some photos, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Don’t fall asleep on me. I found that I had old garden photos still in my camera. So here are some old photos and new photos and some words to go with them. Oh, I lost the gizmo that resizes photos, so if someone could remind me where I can get a good one, I would appreciate it. You can click on the photos for more detail. One of the pineapples we grew and ate last year. It was also the one that attacked me! This is what the top of the terraza used to look like. I moved most of these plants because I thought we weregoing to build a ramada. We’ve decided againstdoing that right now. Here’s what it looks like right now.Pretty boring. Here is where allthat stuff went. This is the stuff around the fountain. I replanted this pot on the left yesterday, the one next to it is due to be replanted as soon as ...

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Life as usual

Last night I couldn’t sleep, instead of just laying there and thinking about it, I added a post to the new Latin American Blogger’s Conference blog . It was a no-brainer, just some links to the 1st annual meet and greet, no means all of the posts available, there are lots more out there, just check the participant list and look for posts dated in April or May of 2008. It was fun looking at the photos and reading the blog posts though. While I am thinking of it, if you are coming and didn’t receive an email from me, please send one to theresainmexico at gmail dot com. That is the new email just for the conference. Emails to me still go to theresainmerida at gmail dot com. Did you notice the clever but subtle difference? This morning,I was all gung-ho about gardening. After I hauled all the new plants out of the entry way, where they looked very ...

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High hopes, roof garden

Today makes day 7, the 7th of June and my 7th blog post in a row. As the falling man said as he passed the 5th story window, “so far so good”.I got into a gardening mood yesterday. It started with pruning the lantana that grows by the hose bib. That thing is thriving and making it difficult to reach the faucet to turn on and off the water to the hose. Since the nozzle doesn’t really close all the way, it has started to annoy me. One good snip lead to another, and I found myself pruning the bougambilla. The dead banana leaves looked really ratty, so down they went. There were two banana plants that had fruited but hadn’t been cut down. So I pushed them over, feeling a little bit like the ant and the rubber tree.My favorite vivero right now is Madre Selva on Calle 77 x C 54 y 56. It’s close by which is ...

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I venture out to restock the shelves

Our refrigerator was looking pretty bare and Mr Dog was out of food so we went to Chedraui to shop today. Normally, I shop on Wednesday, it’s the day that veggies are on sale. I couldn’t believe how much better the produce looked today. According to my mypyramid tracker, I don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables! If I don’t eat enough, wow, what does the average person eat? I was a woman on a mission, I even made a grocery list! More fruits and vegetables for this girl and her man. The prices were good, not door busting good but reasonable.I bought an enormous head of cauliflower for $9.90 and tomatoes were only $6.60 a kilo. Those savings were canceled when I couldn’t resist indulging in plums and strawberries. Seriously paying $40.00 something a kilo for the plums did give me pause even if I only got four. To be honest, I am not sure which were more expensive the ...

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Gardening in air

This is the garden, as of today. It needs taming, it needs love, it needs water!All is not lost, here is the area next to the fountain, it has it’s own micro climate. Sugar likes to hang out under these twin palms. See the iguana? It’s a resin statue that fools everyone. I have been trying to resize my photos using Adobe Photoshop. Then I couldn’t remember which ones I resized. So here goes. I did manage a good shot of the killer pineapple. It looks almost ready to pick, doesn’t it? Here is part of the the rooftop, this part looks nice, succulents and buganvilla are hard to kill!Here is a close up a cement planter that shares a ledge with the tinaco (water tank) Here is shot of most of the roof, the white portion is over the house the green over the terraza. You can see the entire pineapple on the far left. It looks like it’s ...

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