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Garden update and banana rustlers

My garden is a mess, Thursday I got out the pruning shears. I’m not sure that it looks any better. The garden normally gets watered every third day. Recently, I changed to every other day, yesterday,I changed to every day. Not everything gets watered daily, that would be changing one problem for another. I have a ponytail palm and a desert rose neither of which want a lot of water. I have always been an advocate of water deeply and less often but that doesn’t seem to work here. I have had plants die from the sun while the other ones in the same pot thrive. For example, one of my friends gave me 4 tomato starts. The two cherry tomato plants are happy as can be, the two yellow tomatoes are dead. One didn’t transplant well and the other one died yesterday. Sigh. After going through my seed stash, I planted some more tomatoes and some bell peppers. If ...

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My house looks abandoned?

I originally posted some of this on Merida Insider but if you read on, you will find out that there is more to the story!I had some guy knock on my door saying that he was with a city program to eradicate mosquitoes. He had a really tattered ID on a lanyard. I asked how much and he said a donation. I gave him 15 pesos, because I think it was a little bogus since the city truck comes by and sprays. He used my water, his bottle of concentrate no longer had a label and he only took like 5 minutes max.That is not what I am writing about, I have a Coral Vine (Antigone leptopus) that I planted. It’s a Mexican native, has beautiful heart shaped leaves, and lovely pink blossoms. It is drought resistant, blooms all year round and loves the sun plus it attracts butterflies. I think it looks romantic tumbling over our wall.This guy says ...

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garden blooms sparkling with raindrops

I took some photos right after the rain, I love the look of raindrops on blooms,like diamonds sparkling. Here is the view from the roof to the street just outside our gate, compare that with the view of our backyard just a few feet away.Can you guess what this vine is? It’s a jicama!

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Our very first banana harvest

We harvested our first banana crop! We weren’t sure what kind of bananas they would be since we planted both machos and fruit bananas. This guys are huge and have only 3 sides, so they are machos. I was concerned because I had read that a typical stem can yield up to 70 pounds of fruit. Fortunately, we didn’t get quite so many. I baked some and we had them for breakfast yesterday and today I am making Carne guisado con plantanos, but since we changed our eating the dish has more plantains than meat. Now for the photos. Here is the banana flower in March. In April the bananas started to look more like real bananas. Here is the harvested stalk. I already had cut off several bananas. It’s hanging from a hook in the ceiling of our terraza. The hook was originally put there for a hammock chair or a plant to hang from, but this is perfect. ...

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Final Isla Photos

These plantings are exceptionally well done, they all use plants that are common here, but in what I think particularly pretty groupings.

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I think I’m in love

When I discovered Brugmansia and Datura, I knew it was true love. No other flowering plant could ever hope to attain my devotion like those tropical trumpets. Apparently my love was fickle and fleet because Museanda philipina is my new love. I am fasinated by this beauty. I find myself planning a whole new garden bed around it. I scheme on how I can acquire more. I am obsessed.Here is a close up, aren’t the little yellow flowers in the center wonderful?Here it is from above. I am thinking about having a bed made where the table is, planting the museanda there and surounding it with ferns and albuliton. Wouldn’t that look magical?These are full grown specimens in Casco Viejo, the old part of Panama City.The only thing that would make this plant perfect would be a fragrance, there Brugmansia still has it beat.

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Yes, we got some bananas!

The days are all running into each other. We planted bananas last year,or was it the year before? 3 banana plants, one of plantanos machos (plaintains) and 2 of fruit bananas. I don’t know which plants are which, they were a gift. Husband and I eat bananas daily, so we were excited to think that we would have our very own banana plants. Well, it turns out the bananas take 12 to 18 months to flower and fruit, after that they die. Fortunately, they also have pups, or ratoons that grow around the base to become new banana plants.Recently, Husband noticed a banana flower! I have a photo that I took which I will upload asap.Now we have to wait about 3 months before we can pick the bananas. I have been doing banana research and apparently we might have some 70 pounds or more of bananas to look forward to. I decided to try my hand at adding a ...

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More plant photos

This is the abuliton that I bought, it is thriving, those are Boston ferns to the left and a macho fern behind, I think the machos are called sword ferns in English.I have a lot of lantana but most of them are different color combinations. They bloom most of the year here. I just cut some back, some of them grow into enormous bushes.There are two types of white lantana sharing this pot with a flor de mayo, one is upright and the other is the more common hanging type. In the background you can see two more lantanas.I think I uploaded this photo twice and can´t seem to delete it. Oops,These are pink and pale yellow, I also a have bright pink and yellow one.More to come.

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Yesterday was gardenblogger’s bloomday

March 15th is when the gardenbloggers post photos of what is in bloom in their gardens. Yeah, it was yesterday, but if you live in Mexico you understand that time is mutable, mañana translates to tomorrow according to the dictionary, but everyone knows it really means not today. Just like ahorita means soon, not right now, and so on.The NOB gardenbloggers are posting things just struggling out of the dirt or lovely orchids in greenhouses while I have a few things blooming, it´s really the end of my season now. It was 99º Fahrenheit (that´s a whopping 37º Celsius) here yesterday according to my computer.It didn’t cool down very much last night. It´s amazing how much cooler it is inside the house, I think the impermeable coating on the roof is also helping by reflecting the sun off the roof.So here are some of my photos, it was really breezy this morning,so I will take some more photos later.To start ...

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