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House arrest

“It’s just like Hell”, I remember a friend telling me years ago when she was being treated for carpal tunnel and could not lift anything. She is a creative person like me, and even reading in bed semi-violated her restrictions; this was before e-readers and even laptops. My restrictions aren’t as prohibitive as hers were. I am not supposed to lift my right arm over my head  nor pick up anything that weighs more than 5 pounds. Included in that not picking up is not exerting more than 5 pounds of force, like in pulling open a heavy door, mopping the floor, doing laundry, and other activities of daily life. I’ve even had to rethink how I get up out of bed! I can’t push up using my right arm. While I can sew, I probably shouldn’t since the fabric might be too heavy for me to lift! I am definitely right handed. So dominant is my right side that ...

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Redecorating the Terraza Part 2

Nothing is visibly happening on the terraza redecoration front. However, a lot is going on in my head. That’s the way I work, I think and think, nothing goes on paper, it just percolates in head and then I have at it. Right now the plan is to remove stuff from the space. I am relocating the little love seat to the sala. The tub chair either to the sala or our bedroom. They are going to be replaced with colonial rocking chairs, which I have to first send out to have caned. The caning needs to be redone every few years because nothing lasts long in the heat here. The fabric that I chose to tie everything together, was gone when I went to buy it. Someone bought the whole bolt! Fortunately, BK thought that we should check out Asis. I love the home dec fabrics at Assis, but the ones I really like tend to be around $300 ...

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Redecorate the terraza part 1

Worn around the edges, faded from the sun. Not to mention half undone and shredded by the cat. Not words to inspire confidence, certainly no way that I want to invite anyone over. Our friends don’t really mind, they know that I went through a rough patch the last few years, but it’s time to take the bull by the horns and redecorate the terraza! This is the space at it’s worst. If we’re going to do before and after shots, I’m taking a page from the professionals and providing you with the worse possible before photos.  Here it is from the other side. Just for fun, another couple of angles. Part of me thinks that I should make off white neutral slip covers and provide pops of color with throw pillows.  That would be the most versatile. However, since this is an outdoor space that gets a lot of sun, I’m drawn to using more color.  The talavera pots ...

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Theresa and the enormous to do list

This is the back wall of our bedroom. You can see that I started to spongepaint it. It’s been like this since 2013.  It’s done in shades of ultramarine with silver veins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go all the way up the wall, and it starts to wrap around the side walls and ends. Recently, I read, somewhere, that faux painting is going out of style. I’m also pretty sure that any new sponge painting that I do won’t match the previous painting. I’m thinking of just painting over this in a regular paint and forgetting about it. It’s that or start all over and blend the new into the old.  What do you think? I have wracked up an enormous to do list in the last few years.  I have given myself permission to give up on some of these projects. Remember the recliner sofa reupholstry project? It also never got finished, I even toyed with just dragging it out the ...

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The Opera and the 1 hour dress

Thursday, on a whim, I purchased tickets to the opening night of The Marriage of Figero. One of the things I love about living in Merida, is the availability of culture. There is a symphony, both the Russian and Cuban Ballet have performed here, there are lots of museums, and there are art galleries. Admittedly, I don’t attend all those things, but I like being around the people who do. Occasionally, Husband and I will go to the symphony, I’ve been to a couple of string recitals,and we periodically do other cultural things. Now that I have my INAPAM card, I’m eligible for all sorts of discounts, including a 25% one on opera tickets. For less than twenty dollars each, my friend, Carol and I sat in heaven. The 3rd row balcony seats in the newly refurbished Peon Contreras Opera House. Opening night was yesterday, after spending the morning at the Hospital O’Horan (I’ve enrolled in Seguro Popular, but this ...

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Style upgrade- looking my best at 60

After viewing some selfies that I took to show off my new hair color, I realized that I needed to do a style upgrade. I’m not looking my best at 60. I haven’t had a haircut since my chemo ended in April 2014, the back is way too long but the sides are okay. Mostly, I need to start wearing makeup again.  My glasses got an upgrade, more modern, plastic frames, which helps amazingly. In the interest of full disclosure, this is the photoshopped version, though the hair really looks like this.  It’s violet and magenta KUUL hair color cream. So far this is my favorite, I also tried out the green which is more of a teal color. The biggest problem with green and the violet is that they clash too much with my wardrobe and are really too bright for me. Oh, I also have some plata (silver) for when I need to be more conservative,it results in ...

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Testing, testing, testing- pattern testing

Pattern testing is a great way to stretch my boundaries, for example, though I’ve been sewing for decades I seldom put in zips or use knits. Tomorrow, I’ll post about more modern sewing. For a long time my sewing was historical in nature and zippers are a bit modern and so are knit fabrics. The 1912 project was a good place for me to dip my toes in the pattern test world. Alas, the blog is no longer available, but here is my version of the princess slip . More photos can be found here and here. I also made the E0162 skirt, but the photo of the actual skirt didn’t survive my computer crash.       The E01991 blouse didn’t fit me very well, later, I found out it was due to not understanding the vintage pattern instructions. I wrote a post on the 1912 blog but alas it also is no more. However, I do have two photos of ...

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Surrounded by UFOs- UnFinished Projects

Are you surrounded by UFOs, UnFinished Projects also know as PhDs, Projects half Done? No matter what cute names you tag them with they silently judge you. Guilt isn’t really my thing, I always say that it’s an unproductive emotion, a point of view not open to debate. Usually, I have one or two things pending, that’s normal for me. The worst UFO I ever had was a stack of toddler shorts I found in my stash, cut out, the pins rusted firmly in place when the said toddler was almost eight; even her little sister was longer toddling. I’ve been taking inventory, part of the great  Sewing Studio/Craft Room redo, and have unearthed more than my share of UFOs. Whenever I walk outside, the recliner sofa barely manages to hide it’s half done state under fabric. All these UFOs were starting to get me down. Then I decided to count the things I have accomplished instead.  I had so ...

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DIY verdigris

“What do you think? It’s verdigris.” “Looks like stuff I spent hours trying to get rid of when I was an apprentice.” “Good, that’s the look I was going for.” Husband and I don’t agree about verdigris. I love the patina, the idea of something ancient looking, the layers of character, and the colors. Husband just sees something that needs to be sanded and restored to pristine sparkle. The backyard bodega (storage shed) proved a little to damp for the NSF wire rack. It rusted and was on it’s way to a bad end. I replaced it with plastic shelving and attacked it with a wire brush. Then I got the brilliant idea of using copper color paint instead of bright silver. If I had used spray paint, maybe it would have worked better. It didn’t occur to me to take pictures along the way. The first layer is Berel 100% Acrilico Esmalte Metálico in cobre (copper colored acrylic enamel) ...

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Sewing Studio update part 1

My sewing studio update stalled for awhile. I got enough done so I could sew and took a rest.  Six months is probably a little excessive, even bears don’t hibernate that long.  On Monday, I decided to tackle the job again, I decided that I would spend an hour and then stop. An hour seems a manageable and reasonable amount time. Right? I started at 8 am, when I looked up at the clock again, it was noon.  The huge pile of boxes hidden behind my dressing screen got attacked first. Then the mountain of unidentifiable stuff on top of my dresser. This before photo actually doesn’t show the whole mess, but that’s enough so you get the idea. Here is the screen folded up. One of my friends found that screen in the street. It has been covered with various fabrics over the years. I love the Paris upholstery on it right now. That giant garbage bag is full ...

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