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Yucatàn show your teeth!

There was the TGIF get together (gringo social) at Fiesta Americana last night, and there was a benefit concert for APIS (the abused women’s shelter), we didn’t go to either of them but we did go on Saturday to The Third Fair of Flower-Growing and Green Housing of State of Yucatan which is what the email I received from the IWC called it. I am assuming that it is a literal translation from a more elegant Spanish title. English and Spanish suffer when they are translated literally. When we go to a restaurant and they have a choice between a menu in Spanish and one in English, I always opt for the Spanish one, it’s easier than trying to figure out what they are trying to say. (Just for the record,many years ago I complained to the manager of our local Bank of America “the wording of that sign into is so poor that it’s insulting, you either don’t care ...

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2 Dickens Fair Photos

  My comadre and her son came and saw us at Dickens Fair, she emailed me these pictures. This first one is from left to right, someone just walking by, my good friend, Harry (he is Mr. Bird the leader of the Temperance Union), me, I am Mrs. Linnet (a very vocal member of the Temperance Union who is for tea totalling and also espouses the view that “women deserve the right to vote and wear pants!”), Comadre is semi-hiding because her costume only consists of her lovely bonnet and finally my oldest daughter in her Christmas threw up on me dress that I made her, she was playing Mr. Bird’s niece Aurora Bird, who feels that while banning gin is a good idea, Champagne should be allowed for “it has bubbles !”.   I love this photo, it looks like Amber and I are dancing and you can see the details on my dress and hat! Plus with all the ...

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Hat tricks

I have finished all the hats!! Actually, I finished all my sewing. I made a complete 1860’s outfit for me. I made a Victorian style ensemble for my daughter and co-ordinating outfits with capes and hats for her stepdaughters. I am so pleased with how they have turned out I thought I would share them here. My bonnet is done, but I don’t have any photos of it yet. I bought 2 of the little green hats for $26.50 so about five bucks for the two. I transformed them into the pink plaid hats to match their dresses. There is a little lime green stripe in the plaid. This white frame is what I covered to make Amber a late 1860’s riding hat with a veil. It matches her red and white outfit. I am particularly proud of how it turned out. Someday, I will master the art of inserting photos into my blog in an orderly manner. I am ...

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Morninglories and hummingbirds in my sour orange tree

I was on the roof watering my plants and I glanced at our sour orange tree (Seville orange actually but we call them naranja agrida here), just in time to watch a hummingbird flit from morninglory bloom to morninglory bloom. I had planted morninglories to climb up a pole and over an arch, and it (as plants often do) escaped. I even climbed up on the neighbors roof to pull it down and drape it over the arch, but no, it wanted to climb the orange. It looks so great there, that I have decided to leave it. It is very nice on the roof at 6:30 am. No traffic, the morning air is cool. I get a different birds eye view of my garden. We don’t have a very big yard, maybe 2000 sq feet, about half of it consumed by the terraza and the parking pad, but it’s taking me awhile to fill it. I had more plants ...

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Sew slow..

I feel like I have been not only not getting anywhere on my sewing but actually going backwards. I ran out of trim for my daughter’s cape, when I started to sew the granddaughter’s outfits my sewing machine went haywire on me! The bottom thread started bunching up on me. Somehow the manual for my sewing machine disappeared when we moved.After 2 hours of frustration, internet searching and a lot of trial and error. I found the problem! I had been using cones of thread because it’s just easier than going thru spools and spools of thread. There doesn’t seem to be a place that sells large spools of regular thread, let alone large spools of Gutermann’s which is my favorite. Since the girls’ outfits aren’t going to take a lot of thread, I got 3 spools of Guterman’ns. And there is the problem, this thread is finer and my thread tension is now off!I managed to solve my problem ...

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Problems technical and otherwise

Merida is full of dust and humidity. Is that an understatement or what? These very elements have taken a toll on my keyboard. I have keys that stick. Usually a little percussive therapy alleviates the problem enough so I can type away. I had plans to buy a new one in California while I was there. On a message board that I frequent (Merida Insider) I was given several solutions including using Windex to clean the proteineous junk causing the problem. I don’t have any Windex, and I didn’t see any when I went shopping, but I saw another cleaner in the tale tell blue, so I bought it. I can tell you that while it worked great on cleaning, it didn’t do anything good for my keyboard. In fact, it has made things worse, I think little scrubbing bubbles are traveling around and having a world of fun. I tried to type, and hitting the “D” made my window ...

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Sewing the Blue Victorian Day Dress

The completed, blue Victorian day dress. Why am I making one? Why am I getting behind on stuff. How can this happen when I don’t have a job or kids taking up most of my day? Those of you who know me from before, know that I was an active participant in historical re-enactments in California. Well, I am going to California in November, to spend Thanksgiving with my family, and while I am there I am going to Dickens Fair (Or as it’s really called The Great Dickens Christmas Fair). Since I gave away my costumes, I am making a new one. Doesn’t that sound simple, just sew up a new costume? First, I had to make myself a new dressmaker’s dummy, since I no longer have one, and the only ones I found were at Liverpool which is a pretty pricey store. Well, I used the directions on the Threads site and made a duct tape body double. ...

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