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Garden Afghan

Last year’s afghan raffle was a big success (we raised over $7,000  mxn for the kids with cancer project) so Beth and I made another one! This year’s design is a flower garden, crocheted in ivory yarn. If I say so myself,  it’s even prettier than the last one. Same low price as last year, $20 a raffle ticket or 3/$50. This year a portion of the proceeds also goes to the I.W.C. scholarship program. The drawing is in January (I’ll forgot the date so I’ll have to get back to you on that). Stop by MEL, tomorrow, Monday December 7th between 10am and noon to buy a ticket from one of the Gorro Girls or maybe join us to crochet or knit a hat? Don’t know how? No worries, we’ll teach you!  We’re also looking for people to sell raffle tickets. If you want to help out and can’t make it tomorrow, email me.  

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Frozen Anna Capes

Frozen, the Disney movie is a big favorite at La Primera’s house (daughter #1) . She says it’s the best movie Disney has ever made and she is a big Disney fan. When I used to take the kids to the movies, both my daughters used to leave the theatre singing the songs! I remember La Primera  entered a singing contest, all the other kids were singing serious stuff, she sang, Kiss the Girl  from The Little Mermaid. As she looked out into the audience she could see the little kids in the front rows look amazed and start smiling. Her singing teacher probably got some flack from her peers when LP won. Now she just sings for her daughters. When I found Housewife Eclectic‘s  tutorial for making a cape just like Anna’s out of polar fleece, I knew it would be a hit with Las Nietas. Back in May it was 90º F in Merida-which made finding polar fleece as probable as finding a ...

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Life imitates art

Turquoise water cool against my feet,  I hesitate on the stairs. As I steel myself to plunge in, I glance beyond the pool to the sour orange tree. The small talavera turtle planter had fallen back off the red brick wall, his large mouth open to the sky. Is he sympathetic to my plight, or is he laughing at me? The water isn’t cold by any means, it’s the contrast between it and Merida’s hot sultry weather that makes it seem so to me. My snowbird friends, those thick blooded northerners, would never hesitate. My blood is thin, I chill easily, but I long for the relief from the sweat that drips. I can feel a drop of perspiration making it’s way down the back of my leg, following a familiar trail starting at the back of my knee. Why is it so difficult? I glance at the turtle, laugh and jump in.

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Fabric storage solution

  Dumping all my fabric in a crate was the worst fabric storage solution for me, stacking fabric on shelves was not much better, and leaving it in piles all around the house  definitely put a strain on my marriage. So what’s a girl to do? I turned to pinterest, made a new board titled “Craft room/studio redo” and started looking at pins. All those photos of material lovingly stacked on shelves by color and fabric type made me feel better about my stash. It’s nice to see that I won’t be winning the “largest fabric stash” award after all. The sun is strong here, so leaving fabric out exposed to the light really isn’t an option for me. I needed a way to see what I had, and to retrieve it without making a mess. I know that when I am in the thralls of a new idea, I don’t want to stop to tidy up any messes along the ...

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My studio combination sewing room re-do

  My studio combination sewing room re-do has been underway for what feels like months. It’s no secret that I am otherly organized, easily distracted, okay, okay, messy. My studio started to get out of control back when we had  most the interior walls of the house repainted. I had the brilliant idea to take everything out of the kitchen and only return those things  as I needed them, that way I would weed out the extra and unnecessary items. I gave all the stuff a year to prove that they deserved to stick around. Some of it managed to find it’s way back into the kitchen, quite a lot went to the IWC garage sale, then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Most of my life went on hold, including this blog and my hundreds of  projects. Our bedroom wall has been half painted for so long it’s now a feature, I doubt that I can match what I originally ...

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DIY-astound ourselves

“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”―Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was so right. I know quite a few people who write off opportunities to do things themselves because they don’t think that they can. I’ve been guilty of negative thinking too.  My way of avoiding failure is to over research, I keep looking for more information-eventually I either burn out and give up or start on the project. Not all my ideas work out.  My daughter likes to remind me of what she calls, the prison bathing suit. I decided to make her a bathing suit, but had neither the proper skills nor materials. Then there is the duct tape purse redo, my favorite pink purse got too scuffed up to use any more. So I got the brillant idea to cover it in duct tape. It looked great, I used it a couple of times. Then the humidity started ...

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Inspired by Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin style clothes and Lagenlook seems to be what I have been pinning these days.  What do you do when you have chemo brain? In my case, you spend a lot of time exploring Pinterest. I made a decision that 2014 was going to be the year that I defined my style but also I decided that I won’t be buying anything new this year. Well, almost anything, used clothes are still okay, but I want to limit even those purchases. After looking at Natalie Chanin’s book,Alabama Studio Style: More Projects, Recipes & Stories Celebrating Sustainable Fashion & Living and checking out her website, I realized that while it would be great to have all three of her books, it simply wasn’t in the budget. Hard choice, books or chemo? I really rather have books. However, I already know how to do the basics of Alabama Chanin style, reverse applique, embroidery, stenciling, and couching. Last year, I had bought a ...

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2014 DIY goals

My 2014 DIY goals are not as ambitious as some that I have had in the past, but I feel it is important to have goals. If you don’t have a plan how do you measure success? How do you give yourself a road map to follow, if you don’t have goals, then you are being reactive instead of proactive. I don’t mean to blindly follow my 2014 DIY goals but I want to open up some more possibilities. In 2014, I want to do more refashioning  and sewing and less shopping, not that I do a whole lot of clothes shopping. I also want to do more beadwork this year than I did in 2013. I have made some pretty fabulous things in the past.  I’ve also had some pretty spectacular craft and cooking fails and some stuff in between. However, the key is to keep trying. The key is to keep trying. Even when I fail, I learn ...

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Christmas on Mars

My writer’s group got together today for lunch. To celebrate the season, we decided to bring a short story about Christmas. I really struggled with writing a story. I pondered the theme, really thought about what goes into a good Christmas tale. In frustration, it occurred to me that I may as well be writing about Christmas on Mars. Which lead to me thinking about what would Christmas on Mars be like. After much scribbling and revisions, I came up with this poem. One of my friends suggested that I send this poem to NASA. I have no idea how to do that, but please feel free to share it. Maybe we can get it to the Mars program. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a Mars colonist, I may never make to Mars but it would be cool if my poem made it to NASA.       First Christmas on Mars by Theresa Diaz ...

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More crochet hats than you can shake a stick at.

Awkward title, I was aiming for clever. I don’t have Steve Cotton’s talent for headlines, maybe he subcontracts? Back to the subject at hand, I crochet hats. Seems odd since I live in the land of heat and humidity. It’s the IWC’s fault. Several years ago, a couple of the ladies started visiting the kids in the Children’s Cancer Unit at the O’Haran hospital. We used to get a lot of English speaking kids from Belize receiving treatment and one of the Doctors asked his mom if any of her English speaking friends wanted to visit.  From this simple request the Cancer Kids project grew. There are fewer Belizan children but that is due to politics not to any decrease in the incidence of childhood cancer.  However, this post is about the hats, and also a reminder that there are still raffle tickets available for the Hugs and Kisses Afghan. In between my own projects, I crochet hats for the ...

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