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The Monkey in the cage said,”hello”

I was looking at some old short stories that I had written and I found this very very short one. I really like it so I thought I would share.    The monkey in the cage said, “Hello.” I pretended not to hear anything. It wasn’t my monkey, and I certainly didn’t want it on my back. For years I had been providing a taxi service for other people’s monkeys, taking on their problems and trying to solve them. I’m not insensitive to its plight, its bad habits, and addictions. I almost reached into my pocket to hand it a comb. The monkey’s hair was matted, but I knew that soon I would be combing, picking lice, and grooming the monkey rather than letting it take care of itself. Monkeys don’t need combs, they need to be free. The cage was open, all the monkey had to do was step out and join his fellow monkeys. No, I wouldn’t be ...

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Uniquely Yucatan- blatant self promotion

Long ago in a Writers’ Group far far away, a sequel was born. Well, not that long ago, December 2015, but my life has been so chaotic that I just realized I never told you all about it until today. I have four stories in Uniquely Yucatan stories mostly true, spiced with artistic license.  Which makes three anthologies that you can own that contain stories written by me. You can either buy a copy online or at the Merida English Library. Our Yucatan and Uniquely Yucatan not only interesting ready they are pretty volumes, and would make a lovely souvenir or gift. Right along with the rest of the self promotion, you need to know that if you follow the links from my blog to Amazon, I get a small commission, which won’t affect your sales price in any way. To be honest, I make very little money from the links, I’ve gotten a total of one check for $10 usd. ...

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House arrest

“It’s just like Hell”, I remember a friend telling me years ago when she was being treated for carpal tunnel and could not lift anything. She is a creative person like me, and even reading in bed semi-violated her restrictions; this was before e-readers and even laptops. My restrictions aren’t as prohibitive as hers were. I am not supposed to lift my right arm over my head  nor pick up anything that weighs more than 5 pounds. Included in that not picking up is not exerting more than 5 pounds of force, like in pulling open a heavy door, mopping the floor, doing laundry, and other activities of daily life. I’ve even had to rethink how I get up out of bed! I can’t push up using my right arm. While I can sew, I probably shouldn’t since the fabric might be too heavy for me to lift! I am definitely right handed. So dominant is my right side that ...

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Life imitates art

Turquoise water cool against my feet,  I hesitate on the stairs. As I steel myself to plunge in, I glance beyond the pool to the sour orange tree. The small talavera turtle planter had fallen back off the red brick wall, his large mouth open to the sky. Is he sympathetic to my plight, or is he laughing at me? The water isn’t cold by any means, it’s the contrast between it and Merida’s hot sultry weather that makes it seem so to me. My snowbird friends, those thick blooded northerners, would never hesitate. My blood is thin, I chill easily, but I long for the relief from the sweat that drips. I can feel a drop of perspiration making it’s way down the back of my leg, following a familiar trail starting at the back of my knee. Why is it so difficult? I glance at the turtle, laugh and jump in.

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Christmas on Mars

My writer’s group got together today for lunch. To celebrate the season, we decided to bring a short story about Christmas. I really struggled with writing a story. I pondered the theme, really thought about what goes into a good Christmas tale. In frustration, it occurred to me that I may as well be writing about Christmas on Mars. Which lead to me thinking about what would Christmas on Mars be like. After much scribbling and revisions, I came up with this poem. One of my friends suggested that I send this poem to NASA. I have no idea how to do that, but please feel free to share it. Maybe we can get it to the Mars program. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a Mars colonist, I may never make to Mars but it would be cool if my poem made it to NASA.       First Christmas on Mars by Theresa Diaz ...

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The sad decline of Mr. Dog

I’m distracted by Mr. Dog and his rapid decline, but I can’t do anything about it. He was up all night, rearranging our service porch. He managed to knock a sheet of plywood down and then tracked poop all through the house. I can’t get mad, it just makes me incredibly sad. There is nothing that can be done. He is at least 16 years old and has lived a wonderful and interesting life. I can only guess what his life was like before we adopted him, but I can’t imagine him having been mistreated, his personality is too sweet. Thirteen years ago, I wanted a dog, Husband grudgingly agreed. My rounds of shelters and city pounds began, as I searched for a dog that fit my criteria. After the first couple of rounds, Husband took to waiting in the car, he couldn’t face all those  sad dogs, cats and puppies without wanting to take them home. Several candidate canines ...

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Not an everyday walk in the park

My friend, Cherie Pettillo, sent me this video link. It made me smile, especially the eyes glowing in the dark. I hope it makes you smile too! The music is cheery too. Also if you aren’t already reading her weekly column in the Yucatan Times, you really should check it out! This week’s column can be read here. In addition to Cherie,I am very fortunate to be able to count among my friends some absolutely awesome and inspiring women. Two of which just had books published recently! Dr. B, Lorraine Baillie Bowie,Ph.D., just released a new book, the first in a series,The Science of Finding Love That Lasts! It is so insightful that I wish I could buy everyone I know a copy. Maryetta Ackenbom, who has had many short stories published, just came out with her first full length novel, Georgia’s Hope. Writing like Maryetta’s doesn’t happen by accident, she is a master of her craft and this novel is fabulous!  After ...

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Ya’ll come! Book Signing! March 13th!

I got so deep into my mope that I forgot about some exciting news! The Merida Writers’ Group is having a book signing at the beach! Our Yucatan: Tales and Poems, Mostly True, But Laced With Artistic License , will be available at a special price of $120 mxn (normally $150mxn). I hope that you will come to say hello and buy a copy or two of our book. It’s a perfect present to take back to your pet sitter, in-laws and who ever else you want to buy a gift. In this case, one size does fit all and since it’s an anthology there is a story for everyone’s tastes. “This book is sure to become a classic !” – C.M. Mayo BOOK SIGNING MEET THE AUTHORS WEDNESDAY,MAR. 13, 1 TO 3 PM COSTA BRAVA CONDOS CALLE 19 #194, CHICXULUB INFO: lg5050 at hotmail dot com Go into Progresso heading toward the malecon. At Calle 27, turn right and ...

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Psst wanna read a good book?

As I am sure you read on Joanna’s blog, the Merida Writer’s Group has put together an anthology. I am pleased and proud to announce,Our Yucatan: Tales and Poems, Mostly True, But Laced With Artistic License is now available on Amazon as an e-book. I feel very proud to be included in this anthology as both a writer and illustrator. Most of the illustrations were done by Greenwood but I did two very simple ones and am inordinately excited that they are in the book. I would take it as a personal favor if you bought our book and then went the extra step to write a review on Amazon. Getting favorable reviews is a big help to us and I sincerely appreciate you doing it.

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“Now why don’t he write?”

For some odd reason the scene in Dances with Wolves when Dunbar finds a an old skeleton on the prairie and Timmons says “I’ll bet someone back east is going, “Now why don’t he write?” has stuck in my mind. Out of that entire movie, it’s the only scrap of dialog that has stayed with me, I had to look up the characters’ names but I remember the scene vividly. This morning I woke up thinking about letter writing. It’s simply mind boggling when you start to think about how much people used to write . People thought nothing of penning letters to authors and maintaining long correspondences that spanned years.Ordinary folk kept journals,teens secretly scribbled their innermost thoughts in padlocked diaries. Receiving letters from home was a celebrated event. Old love letters were wrapped in ribbon and tenderly preserved. Instead of composing missives to our loved ones, we dash off emails, tweet and send text messages (okay, I struggle ...

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