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Eating bad things

Our bathroom is in disarray, the painter never showed up and I haven’t felt up to going out and locating him or a replacement. In anticipation of painting, we removed all the shelves and only the most necessary things are left sitting on the built in ledge across the room from the sink. Rushing to get ready, I grabbed my toothbrush and the toothpaste without really looking. I went to flip the top and it didn’t flip. Being frazzled, I just ignored my puzzlement and twisted the top off. Juggling more than a few things as I walked to the sink, I managed to drop most of the tooth paste off the brush onto the floor. Sticking the brush into my mouth so to have my hands free to clean up the floor, I noticed an odd taste, instead of the overpowering minty freshness of Colgate, there was a hint of lavender. That is when I realized that I had ...

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A new fork in the road

Filled with enthusiasm from attending Malcom Massey’s talk on e-publishing, I mentally went over the possibilities. I could self publish a book! What kind of book? My Griselda stories? a cookbook? The best blog posts from this blog? A novel? Then I thought about painting, fixing our house, crafts and all the other things that I do. So the book idea goes on the back burner, it’s not time to go down that road yet.

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Steve stole my title

11.11.11 was going to be my post title until I read Steve Cotton’s post today on mexpatriot-in the key of steve, not that I couldn’t just use the title too.Titles cannot be copyrighted. Of course, the truth is that he beat me to the title,he didn’t steal it, unless he is prescient. 11.11.11 is a powerful date for numerologists, gamblers and other people who see magic in dates and mathematics. I like the idea of magic, I have been known to consult tarot cards and read my horoscope on occasion. An astrologer did my natal chart once, but I gave him the wrong birth hour.What can I say? I’m lucky that I remember the date of my birth let alone the hour.Knowing that I was unclear he gave me two options,one based on what I thought was my birth hour, and one on what actually was my birth hour. Using the correct time,he was spot on. Using what I remembered ...

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slow as molasses

I don’t know what is slower, our internet connection, my operating system (windows) or my little laptop (acer). I have a new faster better laptop, but this one fits better on my lap. Watching The Big Bang Theory I was struck by how much technology I don’t use. Sheldon was trying to contact Amy. He said he IM’d her, tweeted her, emailed her and some other stuff that I didn’t catch. I email and blog that’s about it for me. I have a facebook account with 10 friends, 8 of which are family members. I never update my status because it doesn’t make sense to me. I do upload the occasional photo, but mostly I use it to see photos of my grandchildren. Oh, I have skype. I like skype, it gives me the illusion that my kids might call me. Though I have learned that phones calls only go out of Mexico very seldom into Mexico. Admittedly, my comadre ...

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Rina go away!

Rina,Rina go away, don’t blow and make the palms trees sway. I have plans for this weekend that don’t include mopping and sweepin’. My friends are coming to visit here So Rina please be a dear away from the pennisula you must veer.

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It boogles my mind sometimes

Going against my wishes, Husband bought me a Kindle. He was right, I did really want one, I just didn’t know it. Instead of writing I have been reading. Embracing new technologies is not my thing, I have Luddite tendencies. When Apple came out and Microsoft invented Windows to compete with the new easier operating system, I clung to barefoot DOS. All those icons seemed ridiculous when all you had to do was type a short script at the prompt. Nowadays, I can hardly remember any of those commands. In my defense, Windows did take a long time to do anything and was really expensive. My dumb terminal and 300 baud modem were as modern as I wanted to be. 300 baud was a great speed for me, I prided myself on being able to read each new line as it scrolled on the screen. Now, I get frustrated when my connection doesn’t bring up a complete web page in ...

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Sing me soft kitty, please

Sing me Soft Kitty Rap Song *with apologies to Big Bang Theory I woke feeling like I looked like Yoda with my head all achy and my tummy very quaky, When Husband offered me bicarbonate of soda. I sniffed it all leery, my eyes they were bleary. I wasn’t too cheery. “What can I do? I want to help you!” He foolishly asked. So I set him the task. “Sing me soft kitty! Sing it nice and pretty! Sing it in a round, like Sheldon and Penny.” My demands when sick are silly and many.

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Tzeitel & Eliza

Here is a story that I wrote for the writer’s group. The assignment was to describe the meeting between two fictional or historical characters. They didn’t need to ever have met.   Tzeitel & Eliza New York, America. Her family was there, Momma, Poppa and her two younger sisters. Motel, her husband, had promised that they would join them as soon as possible. It seemed that their journey would be taking longer than expected. From Russia, after a stop in Germany, they had found their way to London. Just one boat ride away from the fabled land of America. Tzeitel didn’t want to leave London, not even for the golden shores of America. When she had begged not to marry Lazar Wolf, the butcher, her father had told her “It seems that you are not fated to be a rich woman”, but she was a happy one. Even working made her happy, instead of raising chickens and milking the cows, ...

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When you are non-confrontational like I am, and as uninterested in politics as I am, it’s easy to just ignore current events. As a side effect of my indifference, you will seldom read anything political or religious in my blog posts. If you know me, you probably can guess my leanings in those directions, otherwise it’s a moot point. Once in awhile you have to break the rules, I just can’t let this get by without commenting. This reminds me of the crazy years that Heinlein wrote about, odd times and occurrences. What is going on here? Are people sleep voting? Am I totally out of touch with the American scene since I have been away so long? Lately, Husband and I have been watching the Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the morning with our coffee. The other day, Jon said something so outrageous, that he almost made me a widow. Husband was laughing so ...

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a slight detour

Hammockman does haikos on his blog, my poetry tends to me more in the way of limericks. I decided to try to make a limerick in Spanish. ¡Que sabroso!dijo el oso cuando acabo el mozo. Debo dejar una buena propina pero no hay nadie en la cocina ¡Que escandaloso! Están escondidos en el pozo. so what do you think??? maybe I should stick to prose?

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