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Made with cloth, needle, and thread.

the rest of the story….

Here are some shots of my creation. Husband is such a doll, he took almost 60 photos just so I could be assured of a few good ones. Husband is a good guy, and a wonderful husband. We just got back from a road trip but before I start on that I want to finish this. Here is the matching necklace and bracelet, I also made the earrings which I am wearing. My scarf ended up tied to the purse since it was too warm to wear it. Making this ensemble was a big learning experience for me. My orientation is costume design. I am fascinated by historical dress and I love to learn how things were done. I ended up doing improvisation because I fell in love with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Back in the early 70s my drama teacher gave us extra credit if we attended the Faire, my boyfriend and I went in costume. I was hooked. ...

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Almost done

Voila! I am taking a rest from my dressmaking. It is almost done. I have a little more trim to do and I may make another layer to the skirt. The plum slip that came with my Indian outfit was too high necked.Instead I combined a printed taffeta remnant which I had bought for the one of the three kings with the skirt piece to make an under dress. I like the under dress because that gives me less bulk around the waist. It also fills in the neckline nicely. I have a wine coloured silk skirt that matches the trim, I may use it instead of a slip or a third layer of blush cotton. I am thinking about making a belt, but that too can wait. I embroidered the fabric at the hem with blush and wine. This is the first time that I have made scallops and I’m very pleased with the effect combined with the uneven ...

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2 Dickens Fair Photos

  My comadre and her son came and saw us at Dickens Fair, she emailed me these pictures. This first one is from left to right, someone just walking by, my good friend, Harry (he is Mr. Bird the leader of the Temperance Union), me, I am Mrs. Linnet (a very vocal member of the Temperance Union who is for tea totalling and also espouses the view that “women deserve the right to vote and wear pants!”), Comadre is semi-hiding because her costume only consists of her lovely bonnet and finally my oldest daughter in her Christmas threw up on me dress that I made her, she was playing Mr. Bird’s niece Aurora Bird, who feels that while banning gin is a good idea, Champagne should be allowed for “it has bubbles !”.   I love this photo, it looks like Amber and I are dancing and you can see the details on my dress and hat! Plus with all the ...

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Sewing the Blue Victorian Day Dress

The completed, blue Victorian day dress. Why am I making one? Why am I getting behind on stuff. How can this happen when I don’t have a job or kids taking up most of my day? Those of you who know me from before, know that I was an active participant in historical re-enactments in California. Well, I am going to California in November, to spend Thanksgiving with my family, and while I am there I am going to Dickens Fair (Or as it’s really called The Great Dickens Christmas Fair). Since I gave away my costumes, I am making a new one. Doesn’t that sound simple, just sew up a new costume? First, I had to make myself a new dressmaker’s dummy, since I no longer have one, and the only ones I found were at Liverpool which is a pretty pricey store. Well, I used the directions on the Threads site and made a duct tape body double. ...

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