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So many changes

The biggest news is that I got married. Here’s a photo of us. I spent the last 5 months in California and have made a couple of costumes and attended several faires. I promise to write about them.      

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The story ends here

Duke passed away last night. He was worn out by being sick for so long. I love and miss him. He was a good man and a wonderful husband. I got an extra month with him that I didn’t expect. It was gift, having him wake up and communicate. He told me that he loved me, he wanted to come home. I want to thank everyone who helped me, the people who sat with him, the ones who donated blood, the ones who tried to donate blood, the people who have been so generous to us financially. Those of you who prayed for him. Those of you who ran errands for me, who helped us in too many ways to post here. At this time, there isn’t going to be a memorial service, I am too worn out. Maybe later when things aren’t so raw, we can get together and celebrate his life.    

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What do I eat all day?

Nancy from Countdown to Mexico  recently posted “What DOES a vegetarian eat, anyway?” and in the comments she asked me to post what I eat since we’ve gone grain free. So here it is, What do I eat all day?  I started to write a book on food before I got cancer but have abandoned it. Not that the information isn’t good, it’s that I don’t feel that I have anything new to add to that genre. Basically my current food philosophy is eat real food, hardly any grains (except rice and the occasional nixtomalized corn tortilla), and if I stray off the path, just get back on it. We strayed off the paleo path quite a bit, I gained a few pounds due to my frustration at plateauing at 60.3 kilos ( sounds less than 133 pounds). Last week I weighed 137 pounds, argh. So we’re on the Bulletproof Diet, the main difference between how we were eating before and on ...

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Living the diy life, leading the way.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams Living the diy life  and helping you create the diy life you want is my goal. I don’t think of myself as bold or a trailblazer, but that is the role that I’ve chosen.  I am creating the life I want to live, and I want to show you how to do it too. I aspire to John Quincy Adams’s definition of a leader. All my life, I have been interested in  how. How do things work? How is that done? Can I do it too? I leave why to the philosophers. One of my favorite toys was the original Mr. Machine, a top hat wearing transparent robot. I loved taking him apart and putting him back together. In my pre-teen days I was a compulsive fort builder, my sister and I once tented over the entire ...

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People change and so do blogs

¿What do I do all day? has been online since October 22, 2007. My very first post, Great Plans and Ambitions was a bit short. In it I announced my idea of creating an online plant encyclopedia. I never made the plant encyclopedia,my interests changed. In the six years that I’ve been blogging I’ve posted 884 times and received 5711 comments. I don’t count spam but I do count my own replies. I believe it’s important to answer comments, I even blogged about it. That post resonated with my fellow bloggers so much that I immediately followed it up with The Great Comment Debate. Husband and I have lived in Merida for close to a decade now, and while where I live influences many of the things that I do, it has become less of a focus for this blog. I’ve come to the realization that where I live my life is not as important as how I live my ...

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The 5 stages of buying a house in Merida

Several years ago, when Husband and I were new to Ex-pat life, he came across Culture Shock for Australian Ex-pats in America. It’s a good read and many of the stages are similar to what American Ex-pats in México go through. Here in Mérida we see people in the various stages, it’s recognizable, we’ve been there too. I think that there are the five stages of buying a house in Merida too. The search for the perfect house. This portion often takes place online. Real estate websites are poured over daily. The NSA probably doesn’t review satellite photos with the same intensity and attention to detail. A future ex-pat on a house hunt is a determined being. The house is chosen and purchased, often, sight unseen. Sometimes the house is even bought online, but that is a special sort of madness reserved for the true believers.This is also a learning experience for the new ex-pat. Compra-Venta contracts, notarios, fidicomiso, and ...

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The dog ate my homework.

*  Promote truth ,  a homework assignment from the first Latin American Bloggers’ Conference, I originally wrote this on April 25, 2008.   No, Mr. Dog didn’t eat my homework, even after I put butter on it . Here is my assignment: PROMOTE TRUTH You already know the basics: Don’t fill up on bread Wear sunscreen If you’re putting an air freshener in the bathroom, don’t chose one that smells like food. You’re a font of wisdom, and you’re getting sharper every year. Outline ten truths you believe to be universal. You can tell us how you came to your conclusions, or explain how your beliefs have changed over the years. If you are feeling ambitious, check back on this list in a few years to see if you still agree with yourself. Never second guess yourself. Sometimes second guessing works, but usually you are right the first time. Unless it’s spelling, if the word looks funny, you probably either didn’t spell ...

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