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May and Southeast Asian Food

Duke’s birthday is in May. His absolutely favorite cuisine is  was Thai, so May got designated the Month of Thai. Eventually, it morphed into the Month of Southeast Asian Food. Now I didn’t do a whole Thai spread every day, I did make something most days. I have quite a few Thai and Vietnamese recipes on my blog. Interestingly enough, while we ate well, we both used to lose weight during May. They say the “firsts” are the hardest, for better or worse, I am experiencing them all within the first 6 months. Anniversary, check. Christmas, check. New Year’s Eve, check. Valentine’s Day, check. My birthday, check. Now his birthday. I’ve been adjusting well, according to my friends. However, this has hit me hard. I’ve gone from not crying to crying every morning. The big question for me has been, should I continue to make May, Month of Southeast Asian Food or not? I’m leaning toward keeping the tradition, what better way to ...

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What do I eat all day?

Nancy from Countdown to Mexico  recently posted “What DOES a vegetarian eat, anyway?” and in the comments she asked me to post what I eat since we’ve gone grain free. So here it is, What do I eat all day?  I started to write a book on food before I got cancer but have abandoned it. Not that the information isn’t good, it’s that I don’t feel that I have anything new to add to that genre. Basically my current food philosophy is eat real food, hardly any grains (except rice and the occasional nixtomalized corn tortilla), and if I stray off the path, just get back on it. We strayed off the paleo path quite a bit, I gained a few pounds due to my frustration at plateauing at 60.3 kilos ( sounds less than 133 pounds). Last week I weighed 137 pounds, argh. So we’re on the Bulletproof Diet, the main difference between how we were eating before and on ...

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Everything I learned about food is false.

My co-madre told me that she has given up and is just eating junk food. Argh! I have no idea if she was just yanking my chain, if so she gave it a hard pull! I understand sometimes I feel like everything I learned about food is false.  Have you read Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger? It’s the book that I wish I had written. She takes the next step and fleshes out the sordid story of food and politics that Gary Taubes introduced to me in Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. I’ve been researching diets and food for quite awhile. Honestly, I was shocked when I realized how much wheat, soy, and corn was sneaking into my diet. Did you know that modified food starch is wheat? That most lecithin is made from soy? You have to be hiding in a cave to have missed the news about HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). ...

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The 80-20 food rule, a cure for Orthorexia nervosa

Apparently there aren’t enough eating disorders, I discovered a new one, Orthorexia nervosa,   a term which literally means  fixation on righteous eating.  I totally get it,I understand how easy it would be to slip into this sort of behavior. Which is why I firmly believe in the 80-20  food rule. The 80-20 food rule in it’s simplest form is  eat according to plan 80% of the time but don’t worry if you deviate the other 20% . This doesn’t mean eat peanuts if they are going to put you into anaphylactic shock, even if you always carry an epipen. It does mean, if you’re at Abuela’s  house and she offers you her specialty, croquetas de pollo ;don’t start lecturing her about how she should substitute  pork rinds for the bread crumbs instead eat one or two. It’s okay. You don’t want to be that person.  You know who I mean. It’s one thing is to ask for extra vegetables instead of ...

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Bonding with friends

  Barb who writes From the Snow to Mexico to keep her friends updated on their Mexico adventures is blogging again. That means that she and her husband, Mr.B,  are in Progreso soaking up some sun. Barb and I are kindred souls, not really extroverted but not totally introverted, interested in crafts and the world around us, but not really wanting to always be in the thick of things. We made plans to meet up at the Galerias Mall to watch the new James Bond movie. Husband and I walked downtown where we grabbed a taxi. We jumped into the ratty backseat, quickly giving up on a search for seatbelts and settled in. We started chatting about the sorts of things married couples talk about.The odd thump coming from under the taxi or maybe the trunk, was stealing my focus from our conversation when  suddenly Husband exclaimed “Where are we going?”, he wasn’t having an Alzheimer moment, the driver was ...

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Left scratching my head

Is critical thinking no longer a required course in college? Have people gotten to the point where someone says something outrageous and no one questions it? No wonder our so called news sources and politicians feel free to just say what ever comes to their minds no one stops to do the math any more! Being somewhat obsessed with food and diet these days, I follow diet and nutrition links that sound promising. Most of the so called advice online is the same stuff repackaged. Occasionally it’s something new. Most of it is forgotten almost before my screen has a chance to change. However, I watched a video some time ago that stuck with me. A woman was espousing veganism during a mock interview. The guest stated that calorie for calorie romaine lettuce had just as much protein as steak. The skinny interviewer brain dead from either a lack of protein or fat in her diet just accepted this tidbit ...

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Eating and socializing,the expat life

After the IWC meeting, BK and I went to out to lunch. Having a short window of time, BK suggested BK (Burger King). Even though she eats more SAD (standard American diet) foods than me, BK is thin and healthy looking. We ended up at MacDonalds on Paseo in the Chedraui plaza, because we wanted to check out the costume store nearby.I’m always overwhelmed by the menu in those fast food places. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten fast food NOB, but the restaurants here just feature combos on those giant menu boards. I didn’t want soda or a full package of fries. So I did something totally against my nature. I asked the counter person if I could get just a burger and a bottle of water? Receiving an affirmative answer further emboldened me. I asked if it was possible to get a Big Mac without bread? Adding with a smile, “I know it’s a bit odd. ...

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Eggplant pizza crust? is that going too far?

I love eggplant, stir fry tofu and eggplant is really tasty, especially when you replace the tofu with pork, I’ve baked it in bread, I’ve cooked eggplant lots of ways including stuffing them, but I have never used them to make a pizza crust. I’ve put grilled eggplant on a pizza, but never put a pizza on an eggplant. On two separate primal food websites, I found similar recipes for a pizza crust using eggplant as the main ingredient. I decided to go with the Melanzana Margherita Pizza recipe on The Food Lovers Primal Palate, which is where I got the coconut flour waffle recipe that I tweaked. Eggplant was no problem, I found beautiful ones while I was at Wal*Mart, they were $52 a kilo, but I bought two anyway. The only sticking point was parchment paper. The baking store doesn’t sell it.If they do, the girl behind the counter didn’t know about it, which is a distinct possibility. ...

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Orphan Dinner

Defined as a dinner party or a holiday get together with friends who have no family to spend the holidays with. Usually a potluck event. The phrase resonated with me, it’s a big part of the ex-pat experience. Most of us don’t have family here but most of us have made friends. We’re bonded by similar interests, world views or simply by sharing a common language. Some people do fly “home” for the holidays, but most don’t. It gets expensive and sometimes it’s physically challenging. I haven’t spent Thanksgiving with my family in three years. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays, sharing first place with Halloween, Independence Day (July 4th) comes in third. I like Christmas and Easter for the family dinners and the decorations but they aren’t big on my list. Any holiday that has mandatory gift giving stresses me out, I like receiving presents, I like giving them but as an expression of love and affection ...

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Pasta and philosophy

Raviolis we love raviolis! Remember that commercial with the ravioli song? I can’t find it online but it was running through my head yesterday. BK gave me a ravioli sealer for a present, yesterday we got together and made raviolis.We used wonton wrappers which fit the sealer perfectly, next time I will make the pasta from scratch. The pasta machine that I brought back from California has been sitting unused on a shelf taunting me for over a year. Now I am afraid that I will find out that it’s quietly succumbed to the Yucatecan climate, silently rusting, a reminder that just because I want something it doesn’t mean I need it. I know that I am being hard on myself, that my divorce from consumerism is a journey, just like life itself. I have too much stuff, but I am working on it.  Lately, I have been looking at the things that I have acquired and thinking about what ...

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