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Insomnia and Night Music

I didn’t post yesterday because Saturday night I stayed up until almost 4am finishing my bonnet. I’m pretty sure that is better than staying up all night playing solitaire, but not much. Therefore, I didn’t get out of bed until 10am and I was a little disoriented all day. My husband said that I was asleep by 8:30 pm. One of the good things about already being awake was that when my neighbor, across the street and 4 (FOUR!!!) houses down had a party that started a 1am it didn’t wake me up. I’m pretty sure that his stereo speaker were pointing directly at my open window because the only way it could have been louder is if he had put the speakers on the sidewalk. At least the music was good. This is a night culture, even little kids have birthday parties that start at 9pm. When we first came here, I would hear the little ones in the ...

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Don’t cry for me Argentina

Oh, my, I am still full from last night. I think the word is replete, or maybe gorged,One thing about being retired there are plenty of of opportunities for socializing. Normally, we go out maybe once a month, but November is the start of Snowbird season, and we seem to be celebrating.We know a fun couple who are snowbirds, but with a twist, they summer in a cooler part of Mexico and winter in Mèrida. And as I said, Snowbird season has begun, and they have returned from the Land of Eternal Spring . My husband observed that when we were researching places to live, many places in Mexico called themselves The Land of Eternal Spring, Mèrida did not.The Yucatan is known for it’s pork, wonderful pork, the best there is. The beef is another thing altogether, I think it’s because the cattle here are Zebu or Brahma or crosses of those breeds, not the heavily muscled corn fed Angus ...

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We venture out

Today, we went to a new place for breakfast, well, the hotel has been around for some time, but it was new to us. The Hotel Conquistador on Paseo Montejo. I know it sounds like we spend a lot of time on Paseo, but appearances are deceiving. Hubby and I joined another ex-pat for breakfast. The restaurant is nice, the buffet was good, the only flaw was the wonderful music. There is an expression in Spanish “A todo la machina” which means literally all the machine, but figuratively it can be translated to full speed or full blast. Music is only played at the loudest volume. If you like the music on your radio, well, don’t you want to share the experience with your neighbors? The first year we were here, I never played the radio, I searched for silence the way King Arthur’s Knights searched for the Holy Grail. What does that have to do with the buffet? They ...

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A busy day in our life

Today was a busy day for us. Now busy is very different in this phase of my life. I got out of bed at 7:00 am and wandered into the kitchen. My husband who gets up at some ungodly hour, handed me a cup of coffee and commented on the fact that I was awake. We watched the news while we ate granola. Since we have chosen not to have cable or satellite we have the choice of about 3 stations, one gives the news from Mexico and the other is local. In general use, the people here refer to Mexico City as Mexico or DF (districto federal). I’ll explain all that another time. The big news is that California is on fire. The anchors had a conversation about the fact that they keep building houses of wood in California rather than make them out of cement which wouldn’t burn. They were very confused about it. Obviously, they forgot about ...

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