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Nom Su Hao- Vietnamese Kohlrabi Salad

Once again I checked out Madhur Jaffrey’s Step by Step Cooking from the library. Kohlrabi is available in the mercado and the supermarkets, the Spanish name is colinabo (kohl een na boh). The clerk asked me what it was when he rang me up at Mega. It took me a moment to remember. I tried “Kohlrabi?” which gained me time to have the word filter up from my subconscious. That and the unripe tomatoes that I bought probably guarantee the lad will remember me next time. After I made this I realized that I could have used my Bron professional mandoline to make the julienne strips! Next time that is what I will do. serves 4. 14 oz kohlrabi with leaves (mine didn’t have any leaves, I bought them anyway) yield is 8 oz peeled.  1 medium-small carrot ( I used two small) salt 4 teaspoons distilled white vinegar (I used lime juice, the vinegar here is strong!) 1 teaspoon ...

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Green papayas and flip flops

Finding a greenish papaya at Chedraui, I made this version of Som Tam, shredded green papaya salad. Since the papaya was not really unripe the salad missed the true tartness of Som Tam, it was still very good. The only substitute I made was using a smashed anchovy fillet instead of shrimp paste.The times that we’ve had this salad in Thai restaurants it’s been a much simpler salad, a mound of pale green shreds, this is more robust, I loved the crunch of the cucumber and bean sprouts, the bursts of peanut flavor and the mint really added to the Thai flavours. Husband had seconds. Our weekly craft group meets today, for my project I am going to  customize a pair of flip flops using these directions from Craft Stylish because I also found some jelly flipflops at Chedraui while I was there. All the supplies aren’t available here,  I am going to use a different glue but otherwise it ...

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Hail Caesar!

According to my copy of Fannie Farmer’s Cookbook the Caesar Salad was invented in Tijuana in 1924. I love chicken Caesar salad, but don’t love the price tag that comes with it at restaurants.Then there is the egg issue,  real Caesar dressing has raw egg in it. I have an aversion to eggs. It’s the smell, I don’t even like runny eggs. I blame our doctor when we were kids, he prescribed a raw egg a day for me. I was borderline anemic. So my mom would crack the top off an egg, add a little salt, mix it up and give it to me to down, raw. I am still borderline anemic, I’ll take iron pills, eat spinach and liver, but even the idea of raw eggs makes me gag.I do eat omelets and dry scrambled eggs. Unfortunately,dry scrambled eggs won’t do for this dressing. So I’ve never made it at home. I am suspicious of  bottled dressings, too ...

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Raw Carrot and Beet salad

Have you ever bought the ingredients for a dish and then couldn’t find the recipe? I remember making and eating a tasty raw carrot and beet salad. The beets looked good when I went grocery shopping so I bought several, some for soup and some for the salad.Today, I searched through my cookbooks and could not find the recipe! I think it had vinegar, but I can’t remember.What’s a girl to do? In my case, I adapted my usual carrot and raisen salad recipe forgoing the raisens and using sour orange instead of lemon. Yeah, I use sugar, you can use less but honey doesn’t taste the same, and I don’t use artificial sweeteners. I think you can use a mix of lemon and sweet orange juice if you don’t have sour oranges laying all over your yard like we do. 2 small beets (betabel)4 carrots (zanahoria)3 tablespoons sugar (azuacar standard)the juice of two sour oranges (naranja agrida) Peel the ...

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