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Lettuce eat

Feeling better, but still tiring easily, I’ve been surfing the web. Husband refers to those Enquirer type blurbs on Yahoo! etc as click bait, and I fell for one, hook, line and sinker. I believe it read “Why cheese is addicting”. Intrigued, because I never knew that cheese is addicting and picturing cheesehead 12 step groups, I clicked. The video clip was an interview with a plant based dietician. She said that cheese gives off quesomorphins, but pronounced it so it sounded like morphine not endorphins.Disappointed in my hope for a harrowing tale of cheese addicts losing their homes due to their habits, I idly watched the clip, guided more by inertia than any desire to watch the interview. The dietician was promoting her book and veganism. Vegans,in my experience, tend to extremism. The dietician made the claim that romaine lettuce has as much protein as steak.As she spoke, a caption proclaimed calorie for calorie romaine has as much protein ...

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crackers, sort of

Reading the free cookbook I got from Mark’s Daily Apple, the recipe for sunflower and sesame seed crackers caught my eye. I also found  the link  to the original version which includes two more steps, soaking the seeds and leaving to cool in the oven. I didn’t do either of those steps, but I intend to next time. Having read or heard somewhere that sesame seeds need to be crushed in order for humans to digest them, I ground them instead of leaving them whole. Adding chia seeds because I thought they would boost the protein and look kinda cool, was another deviation. Unfortunately,I also put too much salt in mine, I spaced out and put in an entire tablespoon of salt! in the batter. Don’t do it, you are supposed to sprinkle salt on top of the crackers before baking, not into the mix. I tasted the dough, and decided since I had already put in too much salt ...

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Eggplant pizza crust? is that going too far?

I love eggplant, stir fry tofu and eggplant is really tasty, especially when you replace the tofu with pork, I’ve baked it in bread, I’ve cooked eggplant lots of ways including stuffing them, but I have never used them to make a pizza crust. I’ve put grilled eggplant on a pizza, but never put a pizza on an eggplant. On two separate primal food websites, I found similar recipes for a pizza crust using eggplant as the main ingredient. I decided to go with the Melanzana Margherita Pizza recipe on The Food Lovers Primal Palate, which is where I got the coconut flour waffle recipe that I tweaked. Eggplant was no problem, I found beautiful ones while I was at Wal*Mart, they were $52 a kilo, but I bought two anyway. The only sticking point was parchment paper. The baking store doesn’t sell it.If they do, the girl behind the counter didn’t know about it, which is a distinct possibility. ...

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Keeping track got easier

Tracking every bite of food that you eat, makes a big difference in being successful in losing weight. I read that taking a photo of each and every thing you eat is even a more powerful tool in the fight against fat. I’m not willing to photography my food but I do keep track of what I eat. I used to just write it down. Then I discovered online food tracking. The free USDA My Pyramid Tracker is a pretty good food tracker. It even includes dishes like tostones (fried green plantains) in the data base. However, it doesn’t include other foods which I eat like chia seed. Often I would find myself making substitutions,imputing flaxseed for chia seed. The most tedious part would be when a dish wasn’t on the list, so I would have to calculate how much of each and every ingredient I consumed. However, I love the detailed breakdowns of nutrients and the different formats it ...

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Coconut Flour Waffles

I adapted this recipe from The Food Lover’s Primal Palate, I wanted a thicker batter. Ingredients: 1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp coconut flour 1 tbsp coconut oil 1tbsp boiling water 4 eggs 1 tbsp coconut milk 1 tbsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp cardamon 1/4 tsp nutmeg 1/4 tsp baking soda 5 drops of liquid stevia (or to taste) Combine 1 tbsp coconut flour,coconut oil and boiling water in a small bowl (I use a custard cup) set aside to cool. Preheat your waffle iron. If you normally grease your iron, do so.Combine all ingredients including cool coconut milk in a blender. Whir in on blend until it becomes a  smooth batter. Pour the batter into the waffle iron, don’t overfill. Cook until the waffle stops steaming. My waffle iron has a light that turns green when it’s ready, but it is only teasing me. I served them with butter, but they would be really good with berries and whipped cream for ...

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Orphan Dinner

Defined as a dinner party or a holiday get together with friends who have no family to spend the holidays with. Usually a potluck event. The phrase resonated with me, it’s a big part of the ex-pat experience. Most of us don’t have family here but most of us have made friends. We’re bonded by similar interests, world views or simply by sharing a common language. Some people do fly “home” for the holidays, but most don’t. It gets expensive and sometimes it’s physically challenging. I haven’t spent Thanksgiving with my family in three years. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays, sharing first place with Halloween, Independence Day (July 4th) comes in third. I like Christmas and Easter for the family dinners and the decorations but they aren’t big on my list. Any holiday that has mandatory gift giving stresses me out, I like receiving presents, I like giving them but as an expression of love and affection ...

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going wheat free in a wheat filled world

Recently, I started reading a book called, Wheat Belly, Lose the Wheat, Lose the Belly by Dr. William Davis. While looking for a link for this blog post, I found his website, but I haven’t looked at it yet. Mrs. WB is a big fan of Dr.Joseph Mercola, who also advocates less grains in the diet. Then there is Banting, the precursor to low carb, which lead me to decide that we needed a low carb lifestyle. All these sources seem to be saying to me, kick the carbohydrates. Carbs have slowly crept back into my diet, not as many as before but they,especially wheat have snuck back. There are the burritas (flour tortillas filled with ham and cheese then topped with cream and salsa verde) that I like to have for Sunday brunch, pita bread with hummus and tortas de carne asada. I haven’t gained back my weight but I’m stalled at 138/140 which is too much for my ...

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Kicking coffee

Husband and I are long time coffee drinkers. Being Cuban, I started young with a little coffee in my milk, and as I got older the proportions changed to a little milk with my coffee.  Working, I drank a lot of crummy vending machine coffee. Arriving here, we discovered Cubita, probably the best coffee ever. However, our source disappeared and we haven’t seen anyone carrying the brand, which is imported from Cuba. On the advice of friends, we checked out Cafico. For several years, very good espresso ground coffee was delivered to our door. Returning from vacation, we phoned for a coffee delivery. No one answered the phone, this went on for several days. Finally, in desperation, we changed to buying Blason espresso ground coffee. It is almost as good as Cafico’s espresso, quite a bit cheaper and available at both Chedraui and Costco (it’s even less expensive at Costco). However, we’ve decided to cut back on coffee. We are ...

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Pasta and philosophy

Raviolis we love raviolis! Remember that commercial with the ravioli song? I can’t find it online but it was running through my head yesterday. BK gave me a ravioli sealer for a present, yesterday we got together and made raviolis.We used wonton wrappers which fit the sealer perfectly, next time I will make the pasta from scratch. The pasta machine that I brought back from California has been sitting unused on a shelf taunting me for over a year. Now I am afraid that I will find out that it’s quietly succumbed to the Yucatecan climate, silently rusting, a reminder that just because I want something it doesn’t mean I need it. I know that I am being hard on myself, that my divorce from consumerism is a journey, just like life itself. I have too much stuff, but I am working on it.  Lately, I have been looking at the things that I have acquired and thinking about what ...

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