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No maybe about it, May rocks!

May is proving to be a very successful month on many fronts.I weighed myself the other day, and I have lost 3 pounds. Husband asked me if I knew what that meant? My reply was that we’d been having lots of vegetables and salads recently. Nodding sagely he agreed but added “Not just more vegetables and salads but THAI style vegetables and salads!!” My answer to his claim is that if I always cook Thai food, then it won’t be special anymore. He isn’t buying my line of reasoning.   On the creative side, not that cooking isn’t creative, my painting class is going very well. Remember way back in January when I first started painting? I did a post titled Planning a painting, then reality intervened and I put off the painting of Laxshimi until my painting ability caught up with drawing skills. It took me three weeks but I finished it! This is my largest painting to date. ...

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son in law eggs

Yesterday, we has vegetarian pad Thai for lunch. Not that we needed the carbs or anything. It is quick however and has the virtue of calling for bean sprouts as an ingredient. There were a whole lot of bean sprouts in the refrigerator so I have been finding recipes to use them up. Later that evening, I prepared son-in-law eggs. The recipe is pretty simple. Take hard cooked eggs, cut them in half. Deep fry them face down until golden and bubbly. Drain face up while you make a sauce from 2 tablespoons oil, 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup fish sauce. I used grated piñoncillo, you heat the oil, melt the sugar in the oil (stir it so it doesn’t burn) and then add the fish sauce. Simmer until thick and smooth. Cover the eggs with the sauce, garnish with crisp fried onion flakes, chile slivers and cilantro. Husband liked them, me not so much, but they do ...

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Green papayas and flip flops

Finding a greenish papaya at Chedraui, I made this version of Som Tam, shredded green papaya salad. Since the papaya was not really unripe the salad missed the true tartness of Som Tam, it was still very good. The only substitute I made was using a smashed anchovy fillet instead of shrimp paste.The times that we’ve had this salad in Thai restaurants it’s been a much simpler salad, a mound of pale green shreds, this is more robust, I loved the crunch of the cucumber and bean sprouts, the bursts of peanut flavor and the mint really added to the Thai flavours. Husband had seconds. Our weekly craft group meets today, for my project I am going to  customize a pair of flip flops using these directions from Craft Stylish because I also found some jelly flipflops at Chedraui while I was there. All the supplies aren’t available here,  I am going to use a different glue but otherwise it ...

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Albóndigas de Tailandia

Husband’s birthday is in May. I have been racking my brain for gift ideas. Today, I hit on one. I am cooking Thai food every day for him this month.It’s his favorite cuisine. Starting today, I am making at least one Thai dish every day this month. I did warn Husband that I wasn’t promising a full Thai meal every day but I would do my best.  Which is why I made Panaeng Neua for lunch today. The recipe name translates into beef balls but it’s really meatballs in a peanut sauce not anything really exotic.I am calling them Albóndigas estilo Tailandia because it still sounds exotic but I know how to pronounce it.It was really tasty, easy to make (I already had coconut milk in the refrigerator) and quick to cook, what more can you ask for. Husband felt that they would be great appetizers if made a bit smaller, I agree.Lunch today was quinoa pilaf, steamed oriental vegetables ...

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Panaeng Neua (Thai Beef Balls in Peanut Sauce)

This recipe is from The Original Thai Coobook by Jennifer Brennan. 1 pound medium lean ground beef I just used carne molida de res 1/2 cup all purpose flour 2 tablespoons vegetable oil  I used coconut oil 4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped 2 tablespoons red curry paste (Krung Gaeng Ped)  I bought it at Pacsadeli but I have a recipe if you need one 1 cup thick coconut milk coconut milk made from the first press NOT coconut cream 2 tablespoons chunky peanut butter or ground peanuts I used ground peanuts  1 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar I used one pack of granulated Stevia 2 tablespoons fish sauce I bought it at Pacsadeli  1 teaspoon fresh mint or sweet basil leaves chopped I used fresh mint, I recommend it. Unless you have Thai basil.  Shape the beef into small firm balls about 1″ in diameter. Press and roll the balls in the flour, dusting off the excess. Heat the oil in ...

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Crummy tummy day

I ate some thing I shouldn’t have yesterday. I don’t know what it was, but I was miserable this morning. On our way home from Santa Elena, BK and I stopped at Eladios on Avenida Itzaes. Somehow, despite the fact we have made the trip many,many times, we missed the turnoff to Merida which we didn’t notice until reaching Muna. Due to having stayed longer than planned in Santa Elena combined with our unplanned side trip we realized that we were both starving as we passed under the arch into Merida. Spotting the Eladios’ sign, I got the bright idea that botanas would be a quick and plentiful snack. After all botana means snack doesn’t it? The waiter explained that botanas didn’t come with soft drinks but we could order a cocktail without alcohol. Piña Coladas sans alcohol sounded good to both of us. For botanas we immediately received little plates of ceviche, potato salad, Ha’Si-Kil Pac (toasted pumpkin seed ...

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Basking in the heat

Checking the outdoor temperature this morning, I have come to the conclusion that I have been turned into an iguana. At 6:30 am, our thermometer read 80ºF and it was pleasant with a slight breeze.  Right now, an hour later, the weather gadget on Yolisto reports 77ºF, the accuweather widget on my blog reads 75ºF  feels like 78ºF,  which is what it felt like to me. Our thermometer is located on our terraza sitting on a piece of furniture (so I can pick it up and bring it close enough to read clearly without my glasses). Normally, our temperature reading is a few degrees less than the “official” reading. I just checked it still reads 80ºF however the morning sun is shining on it, I have moved it back into the shade. In a minute, I’ll recheck and see what the new reading is.What ever the temperature is, it doesn’t feel hot yet. I am getting a little sweaty, but ...

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This isn’t really flan either

Jonna wrote about How Not to Make Flan , on her blog. She came by the house and shared some with us.It tasted like flan but was dense and heavy.Not a bad first effort.I recently made this low carb ginger flan without the ginger. Husband says that I cannot call it a flan, he thinks it’s more like a mousse. Refrigerating it for 3 hours really does make a difference, but with one of the liquids being water, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was a light weight rather than the heavy body of a good Cuban or Mexican flan.  I am going to try it again this time, I am using coconut milk instead of water. I bought a heavier crema 30% rather than the 20% most media cremas consist of. To humour Husband’s sensibilities, I am calling it coconut cream pudding. You can make coconut milk from fresh coconuts but I haven’t seen the coconut vendor on ...

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Taking measure

Taking my measurements has  never yielded happy results, even when I was young and slim. If I was a boat, I’d be described as having a prominent superstructure or an impressive bow.  If I was 5’11” with the same measurements I could be a swimsuit model! Being a swimsuit model is not even on my bucket list. Not having seen any weight loss since I hit 140 but feeling that my clothes are looser, the measuring tape was found and applied to my body by Husband. Having recorded my measurements on January 11th, I was pleased to note that while my bust remains the same (maybe it’s the bra? Gravity having had it’s effect on me over the years, underwear is mandatory when measuring.),my ribcage has gone down 1 1/2 inches. My waist has whittled down a 1/2 an inch. My hips shrank by 1 1/2 inches and my tummy where most of the fat seems to have settled, a ...

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“Why all the bacon?” you ask.

Remember my post about Banting? Husband and I started Banting on January 2nd. Since I am all about research, I did more looking into carbs and how they affect you. I read a book called “Eat Fat and Grow Slim” by by Richard Mackarness, M.B.,B.S. (1958). Eventually I started reading about Dr Atkins and the Atkins program. Finally, I  read Dr Atkins’ “Diet Revoltion” to get the scoop from the source.The Yummm Bacon title comes from a humerous piece I read that characterized several diets with clever phrases and “Yum Bacon” was bestowed on Atkins. Nothing else remains in my memory but that phrase.Eating the way I thought Atkins required is a radical departure from our normal diet. We eat meat but not a lot. Excessive fat had been cut out of our diet, though we didn’t buy low fat products. Yes, we both lost some weight but it wasn’t really working.So we’re doing the Atkins Induction, no more than ...

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