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Still alive, just thinking

I just noticed that I haven’t posted in 5 weeks. I also have something like 82 emails (mostly spam) in my to be moderated file….ooops. We’re fine, I’ve just been busy with stuff that either is not mine to blog about or too boring to blog about. if you want to do me a favor, please vote for my daughter’s Never Tutu Many . It would make me feel like a good mom if I was able to help her win this contest! Please vote for Never Tutu Many I don’t expect to win but I’d appreciate the support I’ll be back, I promise Theresa

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Chaos theory

Last week, I gave up painting class. It’s not that I don’t like painting or my class. It’s that I need a break, my life, once again has gotten chaotic. Piles dominate my studio, my new easel sits unused in a corner. Some of those piles are the result of me simplifying my life. When we repainted the kitchen and dining room, I removed everything from the kitchen shelves and put them in the studio. Nothing is returning to the kitchen unless I need it. So far there is more stuff in the studio than in the kitchen. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I have what I call enthusiasms. They are cyclic,though like long term weather patterns, we know that a pattern exists but aren’t really aware of them in our daily lives. I thought that I wanted to be an Artist (with a capital A) but apparently not. Or ...

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Leslie Lemon of Motherhood in Mexico and the outstanding cooking blog La Cocina de Leslie nominated me for the versatile blogger award. She must not have seen my last post, So far averaging one post a day. It’s a meme, like a blogger chain letter. However, I am flattered. One of my problems with being nominated  is that some of my favorite blogs have already been nominated! Like a chain email you received from a friend,  you have so many mutual friends that you have to scramble to find other friends who to send it on to so you can get the prize (good luck or whatever). You can see that I have problems with accepting compliments. So with no further ado, seven things you don’t know about me. That should be hard since my audience base is mostly family, and things that my parents don’t know about me are things I have no plans to share. My first date ...

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So far averaging one post a day!

Averaging my posts, I can claim that I have still posted daily on average this go round. But the truth is that I post twice one day and not at all on another. It’s okay, I am sure I didn’t lose readership over it. Speaking of readership, I have been tracking my blog since November 10, 2008. Since then I have had 33,251 unique visitors out of 102,924 visits. According to my stats this blog averages 93.99 visits a day since I started keeping track. What does that mean? I really don’t know. I do know that around 60% of my readers have returned more than once, they’ve given me a second chance. Thank you, I appreciate it. My blogging certainly has changed since my first post, I like to think my writing has improved since then. However, when I check to see the most popular post I’ve ever written Photos from Allbrook Mall still holds that honor. Expo de ...

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Best Blogger Conference Yet!

Returning from the 4th Annual Latin American Blogger’s Conference brimming with new ideas. I just don’t know what I enjoyed more, the panel discussion, Barry and Marc’s presentations or the workshop on blogger (the wordpress people had their own workshop). I am amazed at the talent and knowledge of the bloggers who came to the conference and their generosity in sharing their knowledge. There was an underlying theme that freely sharing information benefits everyone.I  believe that is true, in life and in blogging. Because of the conference, I am going to look into an off-line editor that hopefully will eliminate some formatting issues that I have been having placing photos in my blog. I’m also going to take the time to finally update my blogroll. There are a couple of other things that I am planning on trying out.

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Blasé about blogging?

This is my 700th post. Finding material suitable for blogging has gotten harder and harder for me. Part of the problem is that things that I would have found puzzling or novel 7 years ago are just part of the water that we swim in. Take Carnaval for example, this is the first year that I didn’t attend  a single parade, not even the children’s parade. Husband is not big on crowds and I didn’t feel like going alone. Or maybe the truth is closer to “I didn’t feel like going”. On the other hand this was a good Carnaval for us. Comparing notes with other expats, we realized that we live in the ideal location for enjoying Carnaval,close enough to walk but we don’t hear the festivities. We’re between San Sebastian and La Ermita, but seldom hear anything from either park. One of my friends lives several blocks east of San Sebastian, she heard the salsa music emanating from ...

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Worn out but happy

Breakfast this morning marked the end of The 3rd Latin American Blogger’s Conference.  It went well. Thirty-one bloggers  RSVP’d,  and twenty two were able to attend the conference, it would have been amazing if it had been the other way around, but we made up in quality for quantity. Hopefully, the stars will align better next year and everyone who wanted to come will be able to attend. Steve Cotton of Same Life-New Location has already blogged three times about the conference! Steve’s presentation about copyright law and internet ethics thorough and enjoyable. He boiled it down to “if it isn’t yours, don’t take it”.While I haven’t found anyone using my postings on the their blog, this is a topic that I feel strongly about.  Having already said my piece in the post entitled “Where’s Roy Rodgers when you need him?  I won’t repeat myself. Speaking of repeating myself, somehow, I left my notes at home for my presentation, but ...

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wide awake

Convinced that I had missed an appointment, I bolted upright in my hammock. That is not a good way to wake up. I’ve wracked my brain and I can’t figure out if it was a dream or if I really didn’t show up for something. If I was supposed to be somewhere yesterday (it’s 1:17 am now) and didn’t show, I am really sorry. I was totally disoriented when I woke up, I didn’t remember what room I was in or what direction I was facing. Not only am I terribly nearsighted and astigmatic, my night vision isn’t all that great either. I peered at Husband and couldn’t figure out how he had strung his hammock over the dining room table. Calling out to him when I heard him stir, I asked him where he was. He answered right here, in the bedroom. Then snap, like a rubber band everything whipped into perspective, I realized that I was sleeping with ...

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Jello shots or photos of geletina

Jennifer Rose thinks that I should post about geletina.(The photo above is of geletina mosaico, but if you do a search of geletina artísticos you will find even more um, interesting variations.) I have successfully avoided eating any geletina in all it’s myriad incarnations since I moved here. So I don’t have any strong opinions on it, or perhaps not indulging expresses my position eloquently. When my kids were little I would sometimes make Jello for them, I occasionally tried to make Jello Jigglers too. I’ve never had a Jello shot. When I was a kid, my mom gave us jello water to drink when we were sick. I like that, especially the red stuff. Husband doesn’t eat gelatin, something to do with an aversion to eating boiled down hoofs, so unless I wake up craving it, Jello doesn’t happen in this house. Apparently, a post about geletina isn’t happpening either. Sorry, Jennifer, I tried. Now on to the subject ...

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Of dubious quality

Sometimes, I don’t feel like I do anything worth blogging about. Husband came in to say goodnight to me while I sat here in front of the computer. It wasn’t a blank screen, I was reading other people’s blogs. Not the blogs that I usually read, random blogs. I do that sometimes, it’s interesting to see what sorts of things people blog about. I am pretty nosy, I guess. Husband offered up all sorts of things that I could blog about, I had already considered those ideas, I hadn’t completely rejected them, but once he suggested them, I felt that I couldn’t write about them. My uncle gave me a paint by number painting once, it was a violin and sheet music, I turned it into a Cello with a bow tie playing itself. I guess I didn’t like being told how to be creative then and right now I am still a bit cranky. If only I hadn’t stated ...

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