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Analyzing the unfathomable

What is it with Allbrook Mall? This month the number two search that readers used to find my blog is a variation of Allbrook Mall, last week I had 65 hits because of it. More than two years ago we went to Panamá on vacation and I blogged about it. I also still get comments on those posts asking questions about the mall and the stores in it.The number one search is some variation of Theresa in Mérida, or what do I do all day? with over 200 hits on that search, so I won’t be changing my theme any time soon. Lately, I have been in a funk, but I think it’s mainly been the oppressive humidity, nothing like always feeling sticky to get you down. That is fated to end now (thank goodness!). A few days ago the rains began. It seems like they are early this year and except for that first one,the rains have been reasonable. ...

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Some more Mexico blogs!

Being the stereotypical blogger that I am, I love it when my readers leave comments. When it turns out that my readers are also bloggers, it’s like a two for one deal! What I like about these three blogs is that they represent people who are in different stages of their Mexico move. Chrissy and Keith are moving to Mexico, they say that they are researching the move, but I think that they are definitely moving. I love the title of their blog Reason 99 why we will live in Mexico! , theirs is a new blog with only eleven entries, but that means a blog post every other day so far. This will be fun, seeing it all from the beginning. Pete y Lynn en Mérida is also a new blog. They have a month head start on Reason 99 and are already here in México, in fact, they are in Mérida too! The photos on this blog are ...

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Our Gang

Recently I have discovered a blog called Gangs of San Miguel de Allende. I love this blog, it validates my decision not to move to San Miguel. I just wish I didn’t keep seeing myself in it. I cringed when I read Naming Your Casa, luckily for us, the ayuntamiento de Mérida already placed a plaque on our house (one of the perks of having a corner house in el centro historico). So we didn’t actually ever order that Talavera style sign inscribed with La Casa del Nombre Verdadero de Señor Perro or even the more prosaic Casa Camagüey. My mom is from the town of Florida in the province of Camagüey. Casa Florida, of course,would get confused with the state, and I think a state that has it’s own Fark tag isn’t something we need to be associated with. Pop is from La Habana, but that’s the name of a cafe here, so that was definitely out, it’s bad ...

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The Great Comment Debate

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Wow, it looks like I turned off my computer too early last night. Here’s the thing there is a big difference between not answering each and every comment and only answering ones that seem to need answers. I understand about not feeling clever or funny enough. None of the people who are commenting on my previous post are guilty of not responding to their audience, in some way or another. There are blogs that I have read where there are a few comments on each post,and none of them are addressed, neither in a responding comment or in a follow-up post. That feels discounting, maybe the blogger is totally unaware of the comments, and doesn’t go back to check for them. If I am interested in a thread, and the option for getting an email alert is available I use it, but I don’t always do that, afterall, if I write” nice photos” or “I enjoyed the ...

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I want to know too.

I was reading La Gringa’s Blogicito and this post struck a nerve. She asks ” why don’t bloggers answer comments?”. This has actually been festering in me for awhile. I understand that some blogs are big and get hundreds of comments. But even Dawn who writes the fabulously popular Because I said so with hundreds of comments, dedicates her Sunday Sound Out to comments and questions where she tries answer as many as she can. It’s obvious that her readers and comments are important to her. Awhile ago, a member of one of the forums I frequent, posted her blog address and asked readers to check it out. I love reading blogs, especially ex-pat blogs, so I read hers. I found the first post and read her entire blog so far. I made comments because I so appreciate it when someone takes the time and makes the effort to comment on my blog. I take that as a gift from ...

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Feeling blue

I feel like I am one step behind everyone else. A bit out of the loop, Husband and I went to the Blogger meeting on Isla arranged by Wayne. Now I have been reading everyone else’s blogs and it feels like I wasn’t there at all, oh, I had fun, don’t misunderstand me, but I seemed to always be behind or not understanding something. There was a golf cart tour of the Island, I decided not to do it, it was 400 pesos for the rental of a cart (and since I need to pay the carpenter another 2k this week ,it just seemed like too much money to spend) and the idea of driving around for 3 hours doesn’t sound like fun to me. So Husband and I walked to where we all were meeting, we got there an hour early. I didn’t want to sit there for an hour waiting like the wallflower that I am, so I ...

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Is housework a job?

If you blog, you can get a program called google analytics, that tells you stuff about who reads your blog. For example, most of the people (50.66% in the last month) who read this blog reach it from another blog. Either because I wrote a comment and they wanted to know more about me or because the blogger recommended me by putting me in their links section. 26.78% of you have me bookmarked or saved to favorites, which is really nifty, it means that you like what I say well enough to want to come back on your own or you are my family, I do have a lot of family. The interesting part is 13.57% find my blog via search engines. Some of the searches make me think that I have talked to you,or someone who knows me has told you that I have a blog, because 19 of the searches involved my name or my blog’s name. Before ...

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DoRe Meme

CancunCanuck did this meme, I read it, but didn’t notice my name at the bottom until just now. My friend, who commented using the cute name of Strawberry PJs, which is not a tribute to Strawberry Shortcake but rather what she was wearing plus her favorite fruit, but it’s still a cute name, very retro, even if it’s retro to my kid’s generation not ours, but hey, we didn’t have any cute dolls like that. It was Barbie and that was pretty much it, Barbie had different hair colours , you bought her outfits,and if you were lucky you had a Barbie townhouse. Here goes the meme, and I promise you no more memes for at least a month, I declare April a meme free month! What are your top 3 favorite foods? Pizza, spaghetti with pesto,fried bananas Do you have a screen name and what is it? Hey! actually, I am lazy and use Theresa or Theresa in Merida ...

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Tagged again! 5 things

Okay, fned tagged me. I have to start with the disclaimer that I am not particularly deep,so don’t expect any great wisdom from me. I don’t do well with hypothetical, I am a sensate, I have to see it, feel it and maybe even smell it, I don’t have much of an imagination. 5 things you want your child to know: How to cook and bake, you don’t have to like doing it, but it comes in handy. How to sew, if you know how to sew, you can tell if something you buy is wellmade, sometimes you can only get something you want by making it yourself. It’s easier and faster to sew that button back on yourself than drive to the cleaners to have someone do it. How to read. Actually, I think this is one of the most important skills. Along with this is how to research and organize information. how to delegate, you can’t do everything ...

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I just realized that I left Cancun Canuck’s blog called A Canuck in Cancun off my list of interesting blogs! Hopefully you have already discovered her writings for yourself! Cannucka and Wayne of Isla Mujeres:Gringo in Paradise are hosting the first Latin American Bloggers Convention. I haven’t made it to Carnaval yet, though the traffic from Carnaval has certainly made to my street, there were traffic jams with the corresponding honking and unintelligible police voices over their loudspeakers. I can’t understand those things in English, let alone in Spanish, why don’t they have classes in speaking clearly on a microphone? My plan is to call Jonna and see if they are still in town and we can go to Carnaval tonight.

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