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Como México no hay dos.

Where did May go?

The Month of Thai was more like the week of Thai, I’m really having issues with this cooking for one business. I’m eating out more often than we used to, then I take leftovers home and eat them the next day. To help me through the day, I did have several girl friends over for lunch on Duke’s birthday.  Among other things we had spring rolls, pad Thai, satay, and a couple of salads. Dessert was sticky rice with mangoes. I meant to take photos but was too busy cooking. Then I had leftovers for several days. I am planning on doing  thank you dinner for the rest of my friends who helped me with Duke, but I haven’t gotten far on the planning. The house is less of a mess than it was, I’ve made the headboard, a bed skirt, and a bedspread.I’ll post about them next time. In my quest to figure out my role in this new life, ...

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Moving out of my comfort zone

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey I’m the only latina ever born without rhythm. I’ll be dancing and all of sudden get confused as to what the beat is. That doesn’t stop me from dancing, though I try not to sing if the person next to me has perfect pitch, I’m not that cruel. My friend, Martine, loves to dance. We go dancing together almost every Tuesday night at Santiago square. It’s free, the band plays mostly cha-cha type stuff. I do pretty well until the keyboard player starts to improvise, then sometimes I just stand there and wait. This guy once complemented Martine on her dancing, and then turned to me and asked,”Is she teaching you?” I laughed, and replied,”I’m pretty much unteachable.” Martine asked me if I wanted to participate in a flash mob that ...

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Uniquely Yucatan- blatant self promotion

Long ago in a Writers’ Group far far away, a sequel was born. Well, not that long ago, December 2015, but my life has been so chaotic that I just realized I never told you all about it until today. I have four stories in Uniquely Yucatan stories mostly true, spiced with artistic license.  Which makes three anthologies that you can own that contain stories written by me. You can either buy a copy online or at the Merida English Library. Our Yucatan and Uniquely Yucatan not only interesting ready they are pretty volumes, and would make a lovely souvenir or gift. Right along with the rest of the self promotion, you need to know that if you follow the links from my blog to Amazon, I get a small commission, which won’t affect your sales price in any way. To be honest, I make very little money from the links, I’ve gotten a total of one check for $10 usd. ...

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Second time

Pride goeth before a fall. My second expansion was yesterday. I was feeling pretty cocky, a couple of people had told me it would hurt, but it had been merely uncomfortable. The doctor only put in 30 ml (first time was 50) in three groups of 10 ml each, a little more than a tablespoon (28 ml). So I figured I would get my inflation, then go to the Wednesday night Slow Foods Organic Market, maybe eat dinner at El Templo while I was there. The doctor put in the first injection, it didn’t really hurt in my breast area, but what did what hurt was a shooting pain that went down my arm, to my elbow, ending at my wrist. My doctor is practicing his English on me, I taught him some new words. I think he hit a nerve, he thinks he might have injected the saline solution too quickly. Thankfully, the following two “fillings” didn’t hurt. Unfortunately, ...

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Playing catch-up

When I start getting emails wondering how I am doing, it’s time to touch base with my two or three remaining readers. First things first, I am not putting the house up for sale. Let’s just say, it’s not the right time. While I would like to have the extra money in my savings account, it isn’t urgent. I am, however, fixing things and painting. With the exchange rate so good, it’s a great time to do so. I’ve been tracking my expenditures and I’m managing to live well within my widow’s pension though it’s really too soon to have an accurate picture. My reconstruction surgery is delayed. First there was the problem where the inexperienced nurse opened up my sutures. Finally, after waiting an extra long time for the new stitches to heal (3 weeks!), Dr. L removed them. He gave me an appointment the following week to have my first “inflation”.  Sadly, it was not to be. He ...

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Home again

Tuesday was a lesson in patience.  Thinking that I had the process figured out because I had done it once, I didn’t bother to go to the window when I arrived. Last time, they had told me that they would call me when it was my admitting time. At 1:35, when they had not called my name, Nora and I walked up to the window. I passed my original authorization chit, that my surgeon had simply crossed out my last appointment and written my new date on. The clerk looked at the paper, asked me a couple of questions, then asked to see my carnet, (in this case it’s an ID booklet in which my appointments are supposed to be written, but aren’t). I almost didn’t bring it, since I had not needed it last time, but at the last minute decided to just bring all my Seguro Popular stuff, just to be safe. She leisurely wrote on a slip ...

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I miss my husband

When I kissed my husband good bye Tuesday afternoon and told him I was going to go have surgery but I would be back as soon as I could, I almost didn’t leave.  The idea of him being more aware and me not being there for him made me conflicted. Yes, I had wonderful people lined up to stay with him, but they weren’t me. However, I waited a long time for this breast reconstruction and really needed to have it for physical reasons. My left shoulder has dropped, my rib cage has expanded on the right side, and my shoulder hurts all the time. While I was waiting for my turn to go in, my surgeon texted me. He came out to see me, the details don’t matter, but he ended up rescheduling my surgery for next month. I was so happy, if I had canceled, I might not have been rescheduled. Every night when I go to bed, ...

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Short update

Duke is doing much better, he still has a throat infection but it’s getting taken care of. It was pretty gross last week, with phlegm oozing out of his trach tube. Imagine the worst snotty nose your kid ever had and then imagine it coming out of a tube in someone’s throat. I took pictures but feel no need to post them, you can thank me later. He is moving his left arm very well, his right a little bit. He can’t move his legs by himself yet. I know he is more aware, since he was trying to get me to give him some water but I didn’t understand, “Wrg” so he managed to say some that sounded like “Ow Wah” (agua). I was impressed. It takes some reasoning skill to make the transition from speaking English to changing to Spanish.  I guess you had to be there. Tomorrow afternoon, I am going in for surgery. It’s making me ...

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How do you feel about donating some blood?

Thank you all! It took 8 tries but Duke got his 3 units of blood donated in his name. I am so grateful to everyone. Are you under 65? Not taking any medication? Healthy? Want a free blood analysis? Weigh more than 52 kilos soaking wet? The guidelines say 50 but they refused one of my donors because she didn’t weigh 52 with clothes on. Duke needs to pay back 2 units of blood that he received, plus the one he owes for being in the hospital for so long. It doesn’t matter the blood type, he just has to pay back the units. So far, out of 5 generous people who have attempted to give blood, only one was qualified. One was too thin, and the other three are now aware of some health issues. The last time I posted this I got a lot of responses, but unfortunately they were from people who could not donate. Blood Bank ...

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Duke update 2 or is it 3?

Duke’s been in the hospital now for about 5 weeks. Right now he is battling a throat infection. The original double pneumonia is gone. The hospital pneumonia that he picked up to take it’s place has also been vanquished. The other infections seem to be gone too. Yesterday and last night, he was producing an unimaginable amount of phlegm. Today it seems to be less. This morning, I woke up thinking, “I want to talk to Duke about that,” and then realized that I couldn’t. I started to cry and cry. One of my dear friends accepted my phone call, and we talked and talked until I felt under control again. However, this has made me realize that I can’t continue to spend as much time at the hospital as I have been doing. My Spanish speaking friends, both new and old, have been relieving me so I can spend a few hours at home, but I think that what ...

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