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Como México no hay dos.

Getting your dollar’s worth of food!

Following on the One Dollar Diet Project‘s footsteps, Amy and Karla of Hope Heals:”Dollar-A-Day Challange” are attempting to eat on a dollar a day for a month in order to raise money for a trip to Africa with Habitat for Humanity.One point raised in the $1 Diet Project’s comments is that a dollar a day buys you more in those very countries where people live on that amount of money or less, countries such as Mexico. I was curious so I took Amy and Karla’s shopping list and compared it to the prices listed on Profeco’s website Quién es quién en los precios (who is who in prices) where they comparison shop a wide list of items.Here is the blog post for Hope Heals’ first shopping tripHere is their list and the comparable items I found. I used the least expensive prices for comparable items. They didn’t give weights for most items but I have. I used $13.00 peso per ...

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Just when I thought I was bored.

I have high hopes for lunch today. I saw this recipe for Honey Lentils on the Crockpot Lady’s blog, I didn’t put the canned garbanzos in it btw. I love garbanzos but 1 cup and a half of lentils seemed like enough by itself. I haven’t decided what we are eating with it maybe saag panir made with tofu instead of cheese (I bought the tofu some time ago and I really need to use it, even if it’s in an aseptic package).The reason I have such hopes is the the honey soy sauce mix smells divine. I like the idea of crock pot cooking more. It’s ideal for the summer time.I have been at loose ends lately, which isn’t good for me, I am at my best when I have a project. Over the years I have learned that I do best with projects that have time lines and a clear goal. Thus learn to quilt doesn’t work for ...

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A Fresh New Year

I couldn’t stay awake until midnight,so I went to bed which was silly of me. I honestly believe that there were more firecrackers and assorted noisemakers last night than ever before.This morning the streets are littered with pieces of paper, parts of the old men effigies representing the old year and the assorted debris left behind from the firecrackers.This morning I didn’t want to get up, I told Husband that I was working my way through the 7 deadly sins and starting with sloth. I slept in until almost 7:30. I am not very good at being a reprobate it seems.Mr Dog has gotten used to all the loud noise, I believe that is because he experiences loud pops and bangs almost monthly whereas in the USA fireworks happen too far apart to become a normal event. I think it’s like teaching a horse to lie down so you can shoot over it’s back,he still gets nervous but doesn’t think ...

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Bancomer- misnomer

Did I tell you that Bancomer has lost all our fideicomiso paperwork AGAIN!!!The attorney that helped us in the past is no longer at the Mérida branch. We are dealing with a guy in Cancun.The only bright side is that he is going to write us a letter and stamp our stuff received, so next year we can prove that we turned in all these duplicates to them. Third time is a charm, right?Oh, and the bank wants a comprobante from our home outside Mexico. You know, the house we sold over four years ago in order to buy this one. I am quite a pack rat but somehow I don’t think I have an utility bill from 2003 in my office.What a way to run a business.

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Lots and lots of stuff for my daughter

I mentioned before that my daughter had commented on how she wanted Virgin de Guadeloupe stuff. Chicafeliz is heading back NOB and has agreed to deliver her haul. This is what I am sending. I found several bandannas in different colours and three different images. I paid $15 for the one in the center, I especially like the Statue of Liberty in one corner and the Mexican eagle in the opposite one combined with our respective flags. This one was only $9.00 and so was one of the other more traditional images. I found two more of the traditional images in another store but had to pay a whole peso more! I combined them with some bandanna fabric that I bought for $26 and backed the whole thing with some black velvet from my fabric stash. Which was a great use of the velvet, I originally bought it to recover some pillows but really, what was I thinking? I was ...

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How was yours?

We had a lovely day yesterday. I hope you did too. The first Christmas that we celebrated in our house in Mérida, Husband’s mother came to visit. In order for her to meet some of our friends we had an open house. Now three years later it has become a tradition. I cooked but nothing elaborate, some chilaquiles with green sauce, refried beans, fresh fruit and granola. One of our friends brought a lovely beet salad. Later in the day I added dolmas and a layered Sundried Tomato and Basil Spread to the offerings. Oh and we had juice. I didn’t have the energy to bake bread and forgot to buy any, and I never did get any ice. It was lovely anyway, no one seemed to notice the lack. Later,another friend brought some cookies and cake. There was coffee and tea of course. The spread is a recipe I found on Southern Living’s website, it is an updated version ...

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We had a very varied day yesterday. My co-madre hadn’t been well. She asked me on Monday me to check up on her Tuesday morning . Husband and I stopped by rather than call. She was under the weather but nothing too drastic. Wednesday was spent rearranging furniture and doing chores, at dinner time I realized I hadn’t talked to her all day. Taking my cell phone out of my purse I noticed that she had called me mid-day. I phoned her, no answer. Wednesday is two for one day at the movies, so I assumed that she was now at the movies and had called earlier to see if I was interested.Thursday morning early, I rang her,no answer. Husband and I drove to her house (I have a key). It was odd, everything looked like the maid had just left (unlikely at 9am) and Chicafeliz’s bicycle was there. I tried her cellphone again and heard it ringing in the ...

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The Blender,Mexican Superstar

When we first came here, I searched high and low for a food processor. Finally, my mother-in-law brought me one from the USA. I like having it, but it turns out that the essential Mexican cooking gadget is the ordinary kitchen blender. I have used my blender more here than I ever did in all the years before I moved to Mexico. I have also gone through several spice/coffee grinders since moving here. The blade tends to break off, or the motor burns out. I started using a mortar and pestle to grind peppercorns and other hard spices. But, recently, in Megabalcones, I bought a mini-blender set. The kit costs about the same as a new spice grinder (around $121.00 mxp), but instead of having a small motor, the 3 small half pint jars screw into a cutting blade assembly which you then use in place of your normal blender container and blade assembly. The jars also come with lids ...

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Cooking from scratch in Mexico

  One of the things ex-pats often say about moving to Mexico, is that it’s like moving back in time to the fifties, sixties or seventies (or whenever they experienced childhood). It’s one of the reasons many people chose to move south of the border, the slower pace of life, the emphasis on family and the new and exotic foods. When I was corresponding with Malcolm about writing this column, one of the things that occurred to me was that Malcolm and Jillian have probably never lived in a world without prepared curry paste, cake mixes and exotic spice blends like garam masala. If you are used to “time saving” recipes that call for prepared items, and for whatever reason never have made them completely from scratch, living in Mexico would certainly make cooking your favorite dishes a challenge. I think the secret to cooking here, is to understand that even in the 50s you could bake a cake without ...

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New Inspirations

While I was surfing I found this blog, One Dollar Diet Project, via Yahoo news. It reminded me of my $3.00 usd a day blog posts last December and got me wondering how we are doing on our food budget. Actually, we don’t have a food budget which may be the problem. It seems like when I get unconscious about food my weight goes up and so does the grocery bill. I still am ten pounds lighter than this time last year and Husband is twenty pounds lighter, so it isn’t a failure, just not a rousing success.I wrote about making granola in the crock pot last post.It’s much tastier than just plain oatmeal but probably at least 3 times the calories. I may go back to oatmeal with dried blueberries for a while. I find that when I cook we eat better, and healthier most of the time.Friday, I made Grantineé de Tomates (baked tomato and cheese custard) from ...

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