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Como México no hay dos.

Update from the frontage

It’s been almost two weeks since I started my anti-graffiti campaign against the kids loitering in front of our house. It seems to be going well. Monday, only two kids waited to catch the bus on our corner, the rest gathered across the street. My triumph was premature, on Tuesday, a full dozen sat down on the sidewalk, more or less quietly however. The groups seem to be trying out new places, the last couple of days it seems like they have settled on waiting for their chariot to arrive. I’m good with that. The bulk of the kids arrive around 7:15 and leave by 7:45 which means a half hour of reading for me. Friday evening the weather was rather brisk. I bundled up in my Uggs, long sleeve tee, jeans and fleece vest. A couple of my neighbors stopped to chat on their way to La Poderosa for a bowl of their wonderful turkey soup. They teased me ...

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Battle of the wall, day two

Feeling encouraged from Monday’s scrimmage, I set my chair out, centering it on our window. This window has served as a trash can, not that the problem is unique to our house. I remember being bemused the first time I saw a sign proclaiming “¡ Esto es una ventana! ¡no un basurero!”, This is a window! Not a trash can! My position is carefully chosen to be far enough away from the corner that I won’t have anyone running into me as they quickly turn the corner. From my reading and life experience, I know that it takes 30 days to make a habit. I hope that it won’t take so long but I am prepared to sit out there every night for a month. My timing is also based on the fact that Semana Santa is about a month way. Lent started last Wednesday, which means the kids get a short break soon. When they return I will know ...

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The battle of the wall, day one

As I stepped out our front door, I noticed a pair of youngsters intently watching a third. I walked over and in my best stage voice, very loud but not actually shouting, I demanded,”Just why do you think it’s okay to write on my wall? Do you write on your mother’s walls at home?”. Needless to say, the young girl turned to me, she couldn’t have been more surprised if the wall had spoken to her itself. She stammered, “I wouldn’t have written on it if I had known it was your wall.” I wanted to ask her whose wall was it okay to write on? Did she think the wall had grown out of the sidewalk? Having dealt with pre-teens during my short stint as a school bus driver, I knew that sort of dialogue was fruitless, so instead, I asked her name and got her word that she would not write on my wall anymore. Furthermore, she would ...

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A cup, two golden wands, and a package of hotdogs

“Mexico is always unexpected” is how Husband describes living here. You can get used to living here, when I hear drummers I know that sometimes it’s a parade or sometimes it’s a bunch of guys in the back of a pick up truck. You can tell by the beat, I no longer run out if I suspect that it’s the pick up truck band. Not because I am jaded but because I know that they will be down the street before I get out the door. We still rush to provide an audience when a soprano chanting the Hail Mary loudly, the vibrato in her overly amplified voice caused by a primitive looking megaphone strapped to the top of an ancient primer gray station wagon fills the air. I can tell apart the noises that proclaim a real parade from the cacophony of strident trumpet and drum beat of the Chiapan troupe, who we’ve learned to tip so they will ...

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Looking for paws

Orderly, organized and planned, not the words often used to describe my endevours. Vowing that this project would be different, I started a Pinterest board, titled Dining Room Redo (I’m prone to obvious clever names like that, I also named my gray mare Silver and an orange tom, Rusty). My first stop was Ana White’s amazing website of free and easy building plans, I found a couple of  farmhouse style tables that I liked. Not being certain that they were easy enough, I found this blog post after several hours of wandering the net eventually. It was exactly what I wanted. First order of business was to buy four legs in the appropriate style. Table legs in Spanish are called patas, this actually doesn’t feature into my story, but I thought you might like to know that little tidbit. There is an excellent lumber yard a 100 yards from our home. There I found the perfect turned leg, the price ridiculously ...

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You can’t always get what you want

Music is not my strong suit, often I wander off in search of a note and deviate to uncharted territory. Lyrics often elude me, but I think that this Rolling Stone song should be mandatory listening for anyone moving to Mexico. Our dining room table seats four comfortably, which means we don’t ever have dinner parties. Informal gatherings with people sitting around the coffee table, plates perched on their laps or just drinks and appetizers but never anything a real table. So I went off in search for either another table the same size and height as the one we already have or a new table entirely. When I use the word new, it’s understood that I mean new to me, not brand new from the store. Turns out that our table is an odd height,a little taller than most tables. The sides didn’t seem to match up well with any others either. One of the secrets of being a ...

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Just do it !

Remember that motto? Just do it! I think it was a Nike campaign slogan. According to a book that I am reading,Surprisingly…Unstuck: Rewire your brain to exercise more, eat right, and truly enjoy doing so., it doesn’t exactly work that way. Maria Brilaki’s book teaches you how to go about making changes, she goes into the types of changes and what sort of results each one returns. The biggest bang for your buck comes from radical change, which is the most difficult to achieve. She gives an alternate strategy, but this post isn’t about that, her book explains her method much better than I ever could. The other day, I was listening to another person complain about the nebulous they who don’t try to learn Spanish. She was rather contemptuous of those people. While I didn’t exactly take her to task, I did put forward my needs must theory of language acquisition,  in other words, I think that unless you are ...

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Where does the time go?

I noticed on another blog’s blogroll that it’s been six days since I last posted here. That just doesn’t seem right to me. I’m sure that I wrote a blog post just the other day. One of the problems with being retired is losing track of time. Here it is 2013 and I am just flabbergasted. The last couple of days have been sultry, after a small cold snap in October (?), it’s been warm weather every day. The water in the pool is too cool for my taste, but last Saturday I did sit on the steps and dip my feet. It’s also been the worst year for mosquitos that I can remember. Right now I am wearing flipflops and a sleeveless shift, the overhead fan is moving air around so it’s pleasant enough. If it wasn’t for the mosquitos I would be outside, but then again, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. With this blast of warmth, ...

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Bonding with friends

  Barb who writes From the Snow to Mexico to keep her friends updated on their Mexico adventures is blogging again. That means that she and her husband, Mr.B,  are in Progreso soaking up some sun. Barb and I are kindred souls, not really extroverted but not totally introverted, interested in crafts and the world around us, but not really wanting to always be in the thick of things. We made plans to meet up at the Galerias Mall to watch the new James Bond movie. Husband and I walked downtown where we grabbed a taxi. We jumped into the ratty backseat, quickly giving up on a search for seatbelts and settled in. We started chatting about the sorts of things married couples talk about.The odd thump coming from under the taxi or maybe the trunk, was stealing my focus from our conversation when  suddenly Husband exclaimed “Where are we going?”, he wasn’t having an Alzheimer moment, the driver was ...

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A tale of two tailors

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. BK and I planned our costumes well in advance of the second annual IWC Halloween party. Rightly or wrongly, we feel we have reputations to uphold after last year. That and we just really like to dress up. Our costume criteria this year was to use as much stuff that we had on hand as possible,the costume needed to be cool, comfortable and quickly constructed. I also wanted a costume that didn’t require hair (i.e. a wig). Also, while BK’s husband is less introverted than Husband, we had guidelines for his costume too, comfort being a priority. After discussing it and looking at the fabric stash, we decided to go with Cleopatra and Marc Anthony for BK and JK, a classic couple’s costume if there ever was one. I went as Nefertiti. Sometime last year, in a fit of misguided enthusiasm, BK and I had gone in on some knit fabrics.Lured by the ...

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