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Como México no hay dos.

Shopping spree

This must be our week to be consumers. We went to Galaria Triumfo on Paseo Montejo to look for a teapot, well, actually, I went there while husband went to the Chiropractor. La Galaria is like a Cost-Plus circa 1970s combined with all the glitzy knickknacks your 6 year old self lusted after at Woolworth’s.They do have an interesting kitchenware department, most of their stuff is Chinese knock-offs of Italian designs plus lots of stuff from the orient. I bought a large white teapot that was labeled “coffeepot.” The store is 3 stories or maybe 2 stories with a “basement” but you enter in the 2nd floor because in this land of limestone, no one has a basement, unless there is cave on their property. The 3rd floor is housewares, the basement is garden art and teak furniture,plus a whole lot of other stuff from Thailand and India. You want a Buddha, check out the basement. They used to have ...

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Goldfish in the fountain

We have goldfish in our fountain. 4 gold and black japones and 2 black algae eaters. We bought them at Plaza Dorado, in the fish store there, near the food court. Originally, an English student (a student of the English language not Brit learning Spanish) was going to provide us with fish, but he didn’t follow through.This is an example of how things get interesting living here, Hubby mentioned to la maestra that we wanted to buy fish like the ones she had in her aquarium. She told us not to buy them, because we could get them from her student, R. So she spoke to R and he offered to bring us the fish on Monday. No fish on Monday, okay this is Mexico, we would have been pleasantly surprised if the fish had actually arrived on that day. So after a week of making arrangements, we bought our fish at the fish store. Well, it turns out that ...

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A busy day in our life

Today was a busy day for us. Now busy is very different in this phase of my life. I got out of bed at 7:00 am and wandered into the kitchen. My husband who gets up at some ungodly hour, handed me a cup of coffee and commented on the fact that I was awake. We watched the news while we ate granola. Since we have chosen not to have cable or satellite we have the choice of about 3 stations, one gives the news from Mexico and the other is local. In general use, the people here refer to Mexico City as Mexico or DF (districto federal). I’ll explain all that another time. The big news is that California is on fire. The anchors had a conversation about the fact that they keep building houses of wood in California rather than make them out of cement which wouldn’t burn. They were very confused about it. Obviously, they forgot about ...

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