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Como México no hay dos.

The Gardener

I have a guy, Don L, who shows up every fifteen days except when he shows up sooner or later. He does good work and I pay him $150 mxn, for about three or four hours labor. He trims the orange tree, buganvilias, etc, weeds in the back yard and around the front of the house. He moves stuff for me, he even laid some bricks for us once (that job paid a little more). However, he has no phone ,no way to contact him. He came to work for us through la Maestra. Knowing that I needed someone she called me when he showed up at her house (they have a similar arrangement). I talked to him and he came over the next day. He has been showing up at my door ever since. He just used to show up whenever he needed work. This year we settled on the quince dia plan because it keeps the weeds and ...

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After several days of on again and off again functionality of my HP laptop, we went up the street to the computer tech. He took it apart and found….WATER! there were little pools of water in my computer. I don’t remember spilling water on the keyboard, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  It isn’t like I laundered it, this is a full size desk top replacement laptop, not a cell phone. I didn’t leave it out in the rain or in a pair of pants, I have been a good laptop owner, honestly! Today, I went to pick up my now functioning laptop. It had spent the weekend in pieces spread across the technician’s desk, drying out. He replaced some thermal goop (I’m sure that is the technical term),cleaned everything and updated the drivers. I paid $450 mxn and happily took my laptop home, where it refused to turn on. During the one block walk from the shop to ...

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I hate hemming Husband’s pants, to be more precise I don’t like hemming anyone’s store bought pants. If I am already sewing a garment it’s no big deal to machine a hem. For some reason it just seems overwhelming to haul out the sewing machine (assuming that I finally put it away) find the right thread, put the hemming foot on and then spend two minutes hemming the pants. So I hem his pants by hand instead, it takes the same length of time as the machine set up. All of Husband’s pants need hemming, they no longer make pants in his length, so I hem them to the length that goes with his shoes. When he walks around in chanclas instead of his dress shoes the hem drags a tiny bit. Just enough to start abrading the hem, eventually the pants acquire that unattractive frayed  give off that heterosexual bachelor vibe, ala Oscar Madison.The look that is often completed ...

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Best blog post I’ve ever read about moving to a foreign country

A Moving Decision is probably one of the best thought our and well written blog posts that I have ever read about moving to a foreign country. Nancy Levin’s post totally resonates with me. I found myself nodding while I read the part about the phone company shutting off service to another ex-pat for non-payment. It’s the same here, if your bill doesn’t reach you, well, you’re still obligated to pay in a timely manner. Right now I am wondering if I need to go to CFE tomorrow to pay the electric bill or if I should wait a little longer in hopes our bill shows up. I think I’ll wait until Wednesday and pay it then. Nancy’s post is a must read piece for anyone thinking about pulling up roots and moving. Of course, she is writing about living in a small town in Ecuador.  Merida is huge modern city with a Costco, Sam’s Club and Home Depot, name ...

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Sometimes I miss our car

Missing car ownership is something I hardly ever do. Today, I miss it. Disbursing money to our scholarship girls is one of my duties as IWC treasurer. On paper it seems simple enough. The chairlady of the scholarship committee sends me an email detailing how much is due to each student. I deposit the amount in their bank accounts. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is a simple easy system. Unfortunately, I have been trying to do it for a week now with no success. What’s the hold up? I can’t find three or four hours in a row free to go to the bank. Two of the girls have taken advantage of Santander’s free account for students and the third has her account with HSBC. Now, I won’t go to the bank on the 1st or the 15th of the month because of quincena (paydays on the 15th day),for the same reason Fridays and Saturdays are out of the question ...

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like cats and dogs

Sitting as close to Husband as is possible, Mr.Dog is paying attention to the weather. As he’s aged, the thunder bothers him less. He doesn’t much like the patter of raindrops, retreating to a room with out a sky light when they get too loud. Mr. Dog’s world is getting smaller, as I’ve written before, he is getting old. I say he’s one hundred and five in dog years,fifteen in human years,I calculated his age using a complicated system based on folklore and wag . You can’t beat WAG when telling a tale about dogs. He’s happy and looks good, and still chasing cats. We have a new cat. I started calling him, Captain Midnight, when he got into the trash, he acquired the additional name of  the Prince of Darkness. He’s not really our cat, but he seems to live here now. I don’t even know if he is really a he. He’s sleek and black and a fierce ...

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I think that I may need a snorkel to breath

Normally, May is the worse month for humidity. this year it was not so bad.  Declaring that it’s climate change, where the rest of the world is getting warmer and Yucatan cooler is a bit premature. June is humid but by mid June the rains have started bringing a promise of cooler afternoons. People ask about the heat, my response is always “Once the temperatures reach 100` F who cares? “. We’ve adapted in many ways, most importantly we are used to a higher temperature, 70`F is uncomfortably cool. Our daily routines reflect where we live. Shopping and other chores happen as early as possible. An afternoon dip and a siesta make the warmest part of the day bearable. Evenings are spent outside. I cook as much as possible in the morning, or put things in the slow cooker. We eat a lot of salad type things. Occasionally, I do find myself out and about during the heat of the ...

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The life expectancy of a blog

Lee of Imagine Merida wrote a blog post that started a great discussion of blogs and bloggers in Merida. If you never read the comments on blog posts you often miss out on the best part. Some posts don’t generate comments, because, really what can you say sometimes besides “Yeah, I think so too” and you don’t want to say (or at least I don’t) “Why are you such an idiot?” . One thing that caught my eye was that Lee wrote,”Most blogs last under three years or so before running their course. Maybe that’s the case with some of the Mérida bloggers.’’ . Intrigued I did some google searches to find out what the average lifespan of a blog is. October 22,2007 is the day I made my first blog post, grandly titled “Great Plans and Ambitions” There really isn’t a lot of information out there. I found this nugget: From http://www.caslon.com.au/weblogp…   “Several studies indicate that most blogs are ...

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A week in my Mérida life part 2

Monday ended with swimming and hanging out. I don’t remember what the temperature was, just that it was a lovely afternoon. Having been on the pantry diet for awhile (eating what’s in the pantry) we decided to go to Walmart after seeing the chiropractor. Walmart is not my grocery store of choice, Megabalcones is my favorite. However, Walmart is close to Alerfin. Since there really was very little food in the house, we had salad for breakfast. I like salad for breakfast, especially when it’s my multiple choice salad. Greens plus fresh fruit plus seeds or nut plus dried fruit and some sort of cheese. The dressing is usually oil and vinegar. We had romaine,apple,pepitas, dried cranberries and some shredded Italian cheese mix. Having bought some avocado oil at Costco I mixed it with  rice wine vinegar for the dressing. Yum. Leaving home around ten, we walked to the bus stop at C 56 x 59 y 57 looking for ...

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A typical week in Merida

Being that today is Thursday, this will really be an abbreviated week, but still fairly typical for us. Normally on Mondays I go to my crafts group from 10 am to noon, the location varies as we take turns hosting. This week, I did something else, Husband and I attended a small gathering honoring one of our friends. Since it was being held downtown, we planned on walking,stopping at the pharmacy on the way. The offer of a ride changed our plans. We are nothing if not flexible. Feeling peckish after the gathering, we decided to have an early lunch. Like most expat gatherings,there were cookies and soda available but we refrained. Husband used to have a big sugar jones, but he wasn’t tempted by the homemade cookies where before he would have consumed his share happily. The German restaurant, La Bier Haus has opened a location on Calle 62 x 57 y 59, we’ve been talking about checking it ...

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