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“The time has come,” the Walrus said,”To talk of many things:”-the Walrus and the Carpenter

I knew it couldn’t be all that eating!

See? it isn’t my fault! It’s the internet! yup!!! Overweight? It Could Be the Internet’s Fault!Then of course there are the articles that say if your friends are overweight you will be too. I gotta find me some slim friends, oh, darn, I already have slim friends.Husband and I are losing weight, but we’re not on a diet, we have changed our diet.“Huh? Isn’t that just a matter of semantics?” you ask.“No, it isn’t the same thing at all”, I answer.I took a long and hard look at my life recently. I hate being overweight, I hate feeling sluggish. So far I have lost 5 pounds, and they are staying off. I have a few more to go, but that is fine, they are coming off.I am one of those people who need to eat every few hours or I have problems. If I wait too long I find myself gorging on stuff that I don’t even like because I ...

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Unexpected results.

Sometimes, I get lulled into complacency, forgetting, that this is a foreign culture. For example, we have a great handyman, Beto. He is La Muchacha’s brother, and speaks some English because he lived NOB for a few years. He does stuff that either we can’t or don’t want to do. He has a regular job, so he only works a few hours at a time. That is just fine with me. Right now, he is repainting the wooden door frames with enamel paint. The enamel smells, like well, enamel,so I don’t want him painting for very long stretches of time.The doors are about ten feet tall, requiring a ladder so it isn’t easy.After painting one door frame he is doing other chores for me. He does good work, is tidy and cleans up after himself. The problem is that I have gotten used to not micromanaging him. Being lazy I then slacked on supervising him. My background is in management, ...

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it’s probably the hard drive

I wish this post was about a difficult journey but it’s not. Or maybe it is, but it’s not a physical journey.Last Friday, my computer was acting up. Programs were stalling, the internet was slow, nothing worked well. Saturday, when I cranked it up, I was greeted by a mysterious message in Spanish, requesting the insertion of an original window’s CD in order to repair my system. Fortunately,( I bought my computer here but didn’t receive one with the system for some mysterious reason), I own an original windows CD from my last computer (RIP), so I complied.The computer was not impressed with my efforts.Finally, I broke down and called Wild Bill,my computer guru. The computer is suffering from schizophrenia. Or maybe it’s delusional. Whatever the diagnosis, in the computer’s reality, it claims to not have a hard drive even though it performs other functions requiring the drive.Of course, I haven’t backed up my data, so don’t even ask any ...

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How cool is that?

My son is flying in tonight, I have been in a tizzy all week. It’s been two years since I last saw him. This is the kid who couldn’t wait to get out of Mexico and swore that he would never ever voluntarily return. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he called to say that he was coming. I really want him to have a good time, it’s different when you come as a tourist. So I am a little anxious. He also is going to the dentist,but not the one Jonna saw. A week seems like a long time, but now I am thinking he is hardly going to be here at all. It will just fly by, unlike today, which is moving at a snail’s pace. I have been wandering around cleaning stuff up, moving things around. We went to the Cost-co and the grocery store, I bought all sorts of stuff, but I ...

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Lessons learned from a road trip

Husband and I needed an adventure. California is a driving culture, both Husband and I were professional drivers at one time, as kids we went on road trips, as parents we took our kids on road trips. So it was natural that when our original plan of visiting an all inclusive fell through, we decided to take a road trip. One of the things that irks us about living here is the fideicomiso, in other words,we have to pay the bank a yearly fee to hold our house in a trust. If it was a tax with the money being used to fix roads, provide schools or feed the hungry, that would be different, the fideicomiso merely generates income for the bank with no benefit to anyone else. Husband and I are always on the lookout for some place outside the restricted zone (60 kilometers from the coast and 100 from the border) where we might want to live. We ...

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life goes on

I haven’t been feeling like writing the last few days. Aside from Mr Dog bruising his phalanges, life has been okay in our little household. There has been drama outside our family that has affected us, our neighbor died after a long stay in the hospital. It has been hard emotionally, she was a friend and her family adopted us when we first moved here. People have noticed that I have been subdued and that is why. I don’t think of myself as an intellectual, I am intelligent but not a deep thinker, so I won’t go into my thoughts on death and dying.Husband and I have found ourselves in the northern part of town quite a bit recently, as a result we ended up at the movies twice. Once to see Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and most recently to see the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Public Enemy was the better of the two films ...

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Photo op? NOT!

Sometimes you just have to know when not to post a photo. Or to not even take one, no matter how tempting. We were driving home past one of the police check points and saw one of the officers standing on the median, smiling and playing air guitar, using his rifle that was slung over his shoulders as the guitar.It was funny, and showed how bored the guys are peering into cars as they slowly cruise by, looking for bad guys in the hot midday sun.Yeah, somehow I don’t think that they would have found it as amusing as I did.

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Batsweat, dragonpiss, Thai limeaide to the rescue!

I am feeling much better today. I did some research on the web for homemade electrolyte drinks and found several recipes. Most of them used sugarfree Koolaide, salt substitute (for the potassium), sea salt and baking soda, but the simplest ones used either lemon juice or orange juice (for the potassium), sugar and salt. When I did RenFair, there was always dragonpiss available,which is basically Country Time Lemonade with salt added to it, or bat’s sweat which is pretty much the same thing except using real lemons, or is it the other way around? Thailand has a very similar climate to the Yucatan, and the Thai make Iced Limeade which has sugar, limes and salt! The very things you need to replenish your electrolyte balance when you are sweating up a storm!Yesterday, I drank a considerable amount of Nestea with lemon with a pinch of salt added to each glassful, I also drank plain water with a pinch of salt ...

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The sticky ickies

Daily, I wake up with a mild headache, the sixteen ounces of water that I drank throughout the night make me head to the bathroom but other than that don’t seem to have done anything towards hydrating me. The combination of being thirsty and really,really, really needing to pee at the same time just isn’t fair. It’s the heat and humidity that’s doing it. It’s no hotter than it’s ever been,it may even be cooler than it’s been in times past but it’s just that it seems like it’s been this hot forever. Like a little drop of water that eventually carves a channel in rock, the heat is wearing me away. Unfortunately, not literally, I am no thinner than I was a month ago. I am not even losing water weight. Instead of bouncing out of bed all bright eyed and bushy tailed, I act like a teenager during finals week, I don’t want to get up. No,no,no. I ...

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Tormenta de postres

La nieta de la Maestra graduated prepa on Friday. We were invited to the ceremony. La Maestra is a punctual person, not as punctual as a gringo, but much more punctual than the average Mexican. On Thursday, she called to ask if could we meet at her house at six thirty? According to La Nieta, she was expected to arrive by seven and be lined up promptly with her fellow graduates at seven fifteen. On Friday, she amended that to “maybe a half hour earlier”so we could find parking.Not really thinking, I told Husband that she wanted us there at 6 pm. Husband is punctual, more than punctual, not as bad as my dad who considers anything less than five minutes early as arriving late.This lead to a bit of anxiety on Husband’s part, I have acclimated to a more relaxed view of time.My relaxed point of view was also because in my mind, we needed to be at La ...

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