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“The time has come,” the Walrus said,”To talk of many things:”-the Walrus and the Carpenter

I miss my brain.

The worst part of chemo for me has been chemo brain.  Yesterday afternoon, I went to my first IWC event this year, one of the tea/happy hours. The teas are potlucks and I made some candied almonds and pumpkin seeds using this recipe  as my base. I added an additional two cups of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and substituted cinnamon for the sugar. Unfortunately, I grabbed the directions to the hostesses house but left the candy behind. Everyone does this stuff, but I am doing it more often than not. My understanding is that the brain fog goes away and memory returns sometime after chemo stops. I have been adding extra coconut oil to my diet and been very  diligent about my eating lately. I’ve even learned to cook fish! okay, I cooked cod and both Husband and I liked it.  My fish cooking is usually limited to shrimp scampi. Anyway, I claim that as a victory. My writing has suffered ...

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Hello Kitty

  After Mr. Dog passed we decided not to have any more pets for awhile. As is often the case, the universe had other ideas. A black tom cat  had started hanging around our yard. We ignored him, he ignored us, we were all happy. One day, the cat, who we alternately called Blackie, Captain Midnight, and that black cat came “home” looking very bedraggled. I started to share Mr. Dog’s food with him. I just couldn’t stand to see him looking so bad. The black cat inherited the month’s worth of homemade dog food that was stocking our freezer.  Meanwhile, a tortoiseshell kitty also would drop by to visit. She was sleek, well fed, and obviously used to people. The black cat is feral, he is in better health these days though he does stop by every morning expecting some cat chow. Turns out he also visits my neighbor Linda, who noticing his sorry state of health had been ...

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I am home

I am home,all is a well as it can be. Doctor says that I am healing marvelously fast. I am tired and my throat hurts from the anesthesia.  I won’t know more until the pathology reports come back. Thank you for all your good wishes and comments. I will write more next week. regards, Theresa

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Accepting my diagnosis of breast cancer

Everything happened so fast, not even a week after I saw Dr Carla to when I had my biopsy. Looking back at my notes, I see that there was a period of about five days after the biopsy that I didn’t do anything. That is because I was waiting for the results from the pathologist. I fully expected him to tell me that it wasn’t DCIS and only calcifications. My brain shut off as the Dr Sanchez explained that the cells were definitely DCIS and I had cancerous cells in the margins too.  He assured me that DCIS is 100% curable with surgery. I decided at that moment that I would have a tram flap reconstruction immediately after my surgery. The first of my expectations that had to go.  Doctor Sanchez said that he didn’t recommend it being done that way. I asked for a second opinion from another pathologist. Two days later, I dropped off my slides and paraffin ...

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Going on a medical leave of absence

I have a doctor’s note and everything! Writting a blog is an interesting experience, I have made many friends through this medium and grown as a writer. I have around 3000 regular readers, in the blogosphere is a drop in bucket, but which I am so grateful for. I debate how much is oversharing and how much to keep back. It’s a fine line.  Rather than just not post for awhile and leave you all wondering what happened. Here it is, the short version is: On October 8th I went in for a surgical breast biopsy and I have DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in my right breast. The good news is that it’s 100% curable by surgery. The bad news is that means on Wednesday, they are going to remove my right breast. It totally sucks. I have cried and I’m crying right now. However, as cancer goes, this is pretty straightforward. I will be in the hospital for ...

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Spending a decade in Merida

If someone had told me that I would be spending a decade in Merida, I would have laughed at them. The longest I have ever lived in one place was ten years, and that was under my parents’ roof. Of course, we’re just entering our tenth year of living here, not finishing it, so there is still a chance that things will change. I doubt that we’re going to leave town anytime soon, this is home. Merida has changed in the time we’ve lived here. You still can’t find comfortable furniture but you can buy good coffee and chocolate. The carnival floats are not as good as they once were, but La Ermita and Santa Lucia have been spruced up and more charming than ever. I understand that you can now buy decent pizza but we don’t eat wheat anymore so we don’t care. The best that can be said for Chinese food here is, “It isn’t bad” but you ...

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Hugs and Kisses Afghan raffle

  One of the International Women’s Club’s projects is providing handmade caps, activity books, story books, crayons, and assorted “smile-bringers” to  children being treated for cancer at O’Horan Hospital. Two members visit weekly, distributing joy to from 15 to 25 children from all over southeast Mexico and Belize, infants to age 16. To help fund this project, which costs over $10,000 pesos per year, two IWC members, Beth Knepp and Theresa Gray, have crocheted an heirloom afghan in white, which measures 66 x 66 in (168 x 168 cm) – a perfect size and weight, especially during our frequent winter nortes.  Tickets for a drawing to be held December 20th during MEL’s evening social, cost just $20 pesos, or 3 for $50, and can be purchased from Jonna Harlan < lou@baddog.com > or Beth Knepp <smiles4beth@yahoo.com>. If you or someone you know would like to knit or crochet some hats to cover those newly bald heads, contact Marianne Kehoe <kehoedds@comcast.net>. She will send hints and ...

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Frugal living Mexico style:fix it, use it up, or wear it out.

Frugal living Mexico style is easy. NOB it’s often simplier and cheaper to replace something when it stops working rather than try to fix it. Even if you want to repair something, you can’t find the parts or someone to do the work. Take cobblers for example, you can find shoe repair stands in every mercado, small or big. The larger mercados such as the Mercado Galvez have several. In Santa Rosa, I knew of two places in the entire town.  Husband routinely has his shoes resoled, it’s gone up fifty pesos since we moved here but it’s still 15% of what a new pair of shoes would cost, if you could find them. That’s a story for another day, however. We used to have a great appliance repairman. He’s fixed our washing machine twice. However, the last time I called his phone was disconnected. So I am in the market for a new washing machine repair man. Our machine ...

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My server is moving

On October 15th, my server is moving house. “On 10/15/2013 at 5:00 PM PST we will be moving the server that you are hosted on. The move will take approximately 5 hours during which time your hosted services will be offline.” I thought you might like to know. regards, Theresa

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How to hyperlink in a comment

I thought I would share a tip today. How to hyperlink in a comment. I always think it’s cool when someone has a live hyperlink in their comment that you can just click on, don’t you? <a href=”http://thediypage.com”>LinkText</a> Copy and paste that piece of code into where you want the words to go. Then, delete “http://thediypage.com” and replace it with your link (I suggest copying and pasting your link for accuracy’s sake). Then, delete “LinkText” and enter in the words you want others to see – in my example comment below I have , “sign up to be notified by email when I update this blog”  (don’t use quotation marks). Just in case, you can  use the preview function if there is one, to make sure everything is correct before posting. In my comment section the hyperlink doesn’t show up in blue, but it’s there is you click on the words. On other blogs it’s more obvious. Some comment editors don’t ...

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