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“The time has come,” the Walrus said,”To talk of many things:”-the Walrus and the Carpenter

Problems technical and otherwise

Merida is full of dust and humidity. Is that an understatement or what? These very elements have taken a toll on my keyboard. I have keys that stick. Usually a little percussive therapy alleviates the problem enough so I can type away. I had plans to buy a new one in California while I was there. On a message board that I frequent (Merida Insider) I was given several solutions including using Windex to clean the proteineous junk causing the problem. I don’t have any Windex, and I didn’t see any when I went shopping, but I saw another cleaner in the tale tell blue, so I bought it. I can tell you that while it worked great on cleaning, it didn’t do anything good for my keyboard. In fact, it has made things worse, I think little scrubbing bubbles are traveling around and having a world of fun. I tried to type, and hitting the “D” made my window ...

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Police encounter

Almost a year ago, we went to run an errand in San Antonio Cinta. We got to a glorietta, a traffic circle to you non-Mexicans.I said “I think it’s straight ahead” but husband turned left instead. Of course, his reasoning is that I am seldom correct when it comes to directions (I still get lost walking home from the Mercado), but it was the one in million time when I was correct!After driving around and seeing new parts of Mèrida, we found ourselves in Montes de Ami, so my husband said “we should ask for directions”.Not only am I geographically impaired, but I also seem to be the exception to the rule that says Women have no problem asking for directions. Instead I got the gene that makes you never ever want to ask for directions. My husband didn’t get that predominately male gene, which of course explains why I am able to write this from home instead of an ...

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It´s Waitday today.

Today is a wait day, we have those, the days you spend at home waiting for someone to show up. Sometimes they actually do show up and on time too, but that is a cause for astonishment, not a normal thing.Funny thing is, today I have no idea exactly what I am waiting for. There was a notice put through our mail slot yesterday. Our mail slot has a little metal cover that says buzon, letters, the numerous pizza fliers and such get pushed through it onto the floor. It also gets used a door knocker. Sometimes passersby use it to peek into our house. It’s amazing how many uses a simple thing like that gets. Back to the notice, it says that a messenger service tried to deliver a package. We aren’t expecting anything. When I called the delivery company they told me that the only information that they have is that the package had been forwarded from Mexico. ...

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We venture out

Today, we went to a new place for breakfast, well, the hotel has been around for some time, but it was new to us. The Hotel Conquistador on Paseo Montejo. I know it sounds like we spend a lot of time on Paseo, but appearances are deceiving. Hubby and I joined another ex-pat for breakfast. The restaurant is nice, the buffet was good, the only flaw was the wonderful music. There is an expression in Spanish “A todo la machina” which means literally all the machine, but figuratively it can be translated to full speed or full blast. Music is only played at the loudest volume. If you like the music on your radio, well, don’t you want to share the experience with your neighbors? The first year we were here, I never played the radio, I searched for silence the way King Arthur’s Knights searched for the Holy Grail. What does that have to do with the buffet? They ...

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Anything but no.

I have the classic story about Mexicans not wanting to give bad news. We have a dog, and because of him we chose to drive down rather than fly. Now Mr. Dog isn’t very big, but he isn’t a lapdog either (much to his dismay), he is about the size of a Brittanny Spaniel and weighs approxiamately 40 pounds. (18 kilos mas or menos, to you metric fans). Anyway, it’s not like I can tuck him into my purse and sneak him in somewhere. So we had been driving and it was getting dark, we were getting tired (except Mr. Dog because he had been napping) we decided to get a hotel room. So we went into this hotel lobby with our dog on his leash (I can’t even remember the name of the town or the hotel), I asked if they had a room available and were dogs allowed? pointing to Mr. Dog who did his best to appear ...

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Social Friday

Last night was a very busy one in the Merida social scene. We live a block or two from La Ermita de Santa Isabel, which is often prefaced with the words the beautiful. The ayuntamento (city government) is after tourist income in a big way, and part of the master plan is to make The beautiful La Ermita de Santa Isabel more of cultural center. Yesterday, there was the kick-off festival for the Day of the Dead. In Merida, we like to celebrate, celebrate early and often. So around 4pm the traffic on our already busy street started to stagnate. To add to the festive air, many drivers joyously used their claxons. It’s amazing the range of noise that car horns offer. I missed the festival because last night was also the IWC’s anniversary party. The IWC is the Merida International Women’s Club. While our car idled it’s way toward La Ermita, we were passed by many pedestrians and bicyclists, ...

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Shopping spree

This must be our week to be consumers. We went to Galaria Triumfo on Paseo Montejo to look for a teapot, well, actually, I went there while husband went to the Chiropractor. La Galaria is like a Cost-Plus circa 1970s combined with all the glitzy knickknacks your 6 year old self lusted after at Woolworth’s.They do have an interesting kitchenware department, most of their stuff is Chinese knock-offs of Italian designs plus lots of stuff from the orient. I bought a large white teapot that was labeled “coffeepot.” The store is 3 stories or maybe 2 stories with a “basement” but you enter in the 2nd floor because in this land of limestone, no one has a basement, unless there is cave on their property. The 3rd floor is housewares, the basement is garden art and teak furniture,plus a whole lot of other stuff from Thailand and India. You want a Buddha, check out the basement. They used to have ...

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Goldfish in the fountain

We have goldfish in our fountain. 4 gold and black japones and 2 black algae eaters. We bought them at Plaza Dorado, in the fish store there, near the food court. Originally, an English student (a student of the English language not Brit learning Spanish) was going to provide us with fish, but he didn’t follow through.This is an example of how things get interesting living here, Hubby mentioned to la maestra that we wanted to buy fish like the ones she had in her aquarium. She told us not to buy them, because we could get them from her student, R. So she spoke to R and he offered to bring us the fish on Monday. No fish on Monday, okay this is Mexico, we would have been pleasantly surprised if the fish had actually arrived on that day. So after a week of making arrangements, we bought our fish at the fish store. Well, it turns out that ...

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A busy day in our life

Today was a busy day for us. Now busy is very different in this phase of my life. I got out of bed at 7:00 am and wandered into the kitchen. My husband who gets up at some ungodly hour, handed me a cup of coffee and commented on the fact that I was awake. We watched the news while we ate granola. Since we have chosen not to have cable or satellite we have the choice of about 3 stations, one gives the news from Mexico and the other is local. In general use, the people here refer to Mexico City as Mexico or DF (districto federal). I’ll explain all that another time. The big news is that California is on fire. The anchors had a conversation about the fact that they keep building houses of wood in California rather than make them out of cement which wouldn’t burn. They were very confused about it. Obviously, they forgot about ...

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Great plans and ambitions

Ah ha! This is my very first blog entry! I feel so empowered with all this blank space to fill with my thoughts and ideas. It‘s fitting that my blog begins today, since we went to immigration on Avenida Colon and picked up our newly prorogued FM-3 visas. So we are good for another year here as Rentistas non-lucrativas, which basically means we can’t work while living here. Prorogue was not in my  vocabulary until we moved to Mexico. I love the daily  usage of words like that in Spanish, you have to love a language that routinely uses the word penultimate! Oh, since I live in Mexico, my spell check on blogger is in Spanish, so it’s pretty useless to me, unless I actually decide to post in that language. I really need a spell checker, so if any of my 2 or 3 readers has an idea how to fix that I would appreciate it. My goals are to learn to upload ...

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