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“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Out of sorts

My co-madre Chicafeliz was supposed to be here yesterday. She is stopping in Merida on her way to somewhere else and since there are people in her house, she was going to stay with me. I have been away from the computer a lot recently, which means no skype either. We spoke on the phone, I forgot to write things down. I remember her telling me that she would be arriving in Cancun on Thursday and taking the bus from there. My house is about 2 blocks or so from the station. I could not remember exactly when she said she’d be here. Early morning hours. My frazzled brain couldn’t remember if she said 2 or 3 am on Thursday or Friday. When she didn’t show up Thursday morning, I assumed that she would be here on Friday morning.I stayed up so that I could let her in. I waited, and waited and waited. Finally at 5am, I went to ...

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Read between the lines

Sometimes, just by looking at the signage, you can tell what you are in for. Sometimes, you are wrong. What does that mean “free menu”?Do they believe that other restaurants charge for their menus? Amplio means ample, so why did they chose to translate it as “free”, and breakfast is misspelled on both sides of the sign, which makes me think that it was intentional, or rather whatever copy the sign painter was using had it wrong. I don’t remember the name of this place, but it will be awhile before I forget our wait person. Husband thinks he was a young lad of about 15, I think, maybe, he is correct. Our server was dressed in a hoodie, jeans and had bushy hair and eyeliner. There was pasta verde on the menu. Since the menu also featured pizza, there was the chance that the green might come from pesto. Having had pasta verde where the green came from chile ...

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snapshots of my life

Rather than a normal blog post here are a few short thoughts on my life here. Yesterday afternoon I was miserable because my feet were cold and I couldn’t put on socks. The absurdity of this struck me. The reason I couldn’t put on socks was that Socco had come to my house and given me a manicure and pedicure and I didn’t want to smear my polish. Such a difficult life! Right now the peso has fallen to $15.18 to the dollar so I spent only $7.90 plus tip. Actually it cost me more because we’d drawn the money out at a lower rate. The pesos that I have in my purse are worth less than when I exchanged them. Our gas line leaks. Over time we’ve been smelling gas in our kitchen, but Husband had checked and there was no leak. Yesterday the smell became very strong. Husband explained to me that when you make up fittings you ...

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Ruta Puuc Trip

Lin reminded me that I never posted about our Ruta Convento- Ruta Puuc trip. The highlight for us was Tekax, pronounced tay-KASH. You know how some towns just grab you? This one did that for us. We parked next to this copper roofed gazebo and wandered into the town square. There we looked through an open door into a large room, which was empty except for a lady dressed in a huipil seated at a card table in a far corner chatting with another huipil clad woman. On the walls were mounted large photos from inside the local grutas (caves). When she asked if we needed help I replied that the photos had caught my attention. She beckoned us in. When we were done admiring the photos, I asked about the building. She explained that it was the tourism office for Tekax and asked if we wanted to sign the guest book. The building had been a private home that ...

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Searching, searching…

Wow, it just occurred to me that I have been blogging for more than a year. My first post was on October 22, 2007 and here it is almost November! I started tracking traffic on November 2nd so I don’t really have a year of statistics but I have had24,311 visits to my blog since then, 8,157 absolute unique visitors and 66.52% are returning visitors! Yeah, that means a good amount of people who wander upon this blog come back for another visit. Now I realize that I have a large family, but even my family isn’t that big.One thing that is funny, at least to me, is that a large amount of people find my blog because they are searching for information on Albrook Mall in Panama. Isn’t the internet odd? The most common search is for information on Mérida but I did like the one that was searching for “what do toucans do all day?”. Then there was ...

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More photos from Isla

Here is a typical street, at least in the section we were in. I love how everyone walks in the street rather than on the sidewalk. Some of the streets were actually closed to traffic and most of them were one way. If you look closely you will see the golf cart rental place on the right.This is the cemetery , I am fascinated by Mexican cemeteries, they look like model cities. This is a bar, I loved the way it flowed, a softer version of southwestern style archecture. I think this is going to be a malecon. Lots of building was happening on this part of the island. I was fascinated by these displays of how to wear sarongs and scarves. This first one has a buckle similar to the type that was the rage in the 80s (?) to thread your tee shirt through and make it look “sexier”. This one looks like it would make a great ...

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Save the Cow Palace and Dickens Fair

As my readers know, I participate in Dickens Fair. Well, it looks like the Cow Palace is in danger of being sold to developers and that spells the end of Dickens Fair. So please read the following and those of you who can, please help. Also I added an update that I received to the end. URGENT MESSAGE FROM RED BARN PRODUCTIONS ABOUTTHE DICKENS FAIR AND THE COW PALACE State Senator Leland Yee Ph.D., under pressurefrom the Daly City Council, is proposing to“surplus” the Cow Palace and sell it to DalyCity. Daly City will then sell most of the landto condo developers and pocket theprofits. Letter writing WILL stop this. SenatorYee has ONLY heard from Daly City. Let him knowyou oppose selling the Cow Palace!!! Here is a link to Senator Yee’s website and hispress release on the legislation he submittedFriday February 22nd to the State Legislature,(no voting date is set – but it could besoon). This bill wrongly proposes ...

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plants,plants,plants!!! and their names!

While we were in Panamà, we stayed in a hotel with overlooked the heart of David, Parque Cervantes. What I found especially endearing is that some enterprising nursery put signs on most of the plants with their scientific name and common names. All these plants grow here in the Yucatan too! So finally, I have the names for some of the plants in my own garden! This is called Jazmin flor chico (small flowered jasmine) the sign said that it’s latin name is Jasminum sambac, but Jasminum sambac doesn’t look like that, I think it’s Jasminum multiflorum or star jasmine,. What do you think? I was excited to see this plant in the park, just before I left on our trip I had bought one at the Merida English Library ongoing plant sale. Now I know that it’s latin name is Ophiopogon jaburon “varigata”, the Spanish common name is Opiopgon, the English name is White Lilyturf, and maybe I’ll get ...

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Photos from Panama, Albrook Mall

Albrook Mall was built at a cost of twenty two million dollars and covers 460,000 square meters, which, if I did the math correctly is over 37 acres of shopping! The food court has over 35 restaurants. And more importantly it has a full size carousel! In case you get lost, you can have your family arrange to meet you in the giraffe hall. Or if you are feeling more like Fay Wray, in the gorrilla hall. I didn’t take any photos of the whales, zebras or rhinos or any of the other animals and birds designating the other halls. I did get this photo of the carousel and the food court, there is also a mini train that runs under the second floor, I don’t remember if there was a train that you could ride in like there is at Gran Plaza Mall in Merida. Both Husband and I were charmed by these child size tables in the food ...

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Just in time for Carnival!

We arrived home last night. After a long day riding in airplanes and hanging out in airports all we wanted to do was pick up our dog and sleep in our own bed. But first, we had to get to our house. There is no long term parking at the airport and we hadn’t asked anyone to pick us up. Therefore, we needed to take a taxi. Only one taxi company is allowed to pick up fares at the airport. They have a kiosk where you pay a cashier instead of directly paying the driver. We knew from past experience that this is an expensive way of hiring a taxi, but I asked anyway. From the airport to our house they wanted $135.00!! So we decided to utilize the excellent tactic that Debi and her husband use, and walked out to Avenida Itzaes to look for more economical transportation. We spotted a taxi parked along the path, so I asked ...

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