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“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

2 Dickens Fair Photos

  My comadre and her son came and saw us at Dickens Fair, she emailed me these pictures. This first one is from left to right, someone just walking by, my good friend, Harry (he is Mr. Bird the leader of the Temperance Union), me, I am Mrs. Linnet (a very vocal member of the Temperance Union who is for tea totalling and also espouses the view that “women deserve the right to vote and wear pants!”), Comadre is semi-hiding because her costume only consists of her lovely bonnet and finally my oldest daughter in her Christmas threw up on me dress that I made her, she was playing Mr. Bird’s niece Aurora Bird, who feels that while banning gin is a good idea, Champagne should be allowed for “it has bubbles !”.   I love this photo, it looks like Amber and I are dancing and you can see the details on my dress and hat! Plus with all the ...

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Getting ready to go home.

Okay, I am getting ready to go home. I like California, I love my kids, but I’m ready to go home now. This weekend, I will go to the Dickens Fair, I was only going to go on Saturday, because I still have a cold, but NBC is filming for a special that they are airing on Christmas Eve regarding the effect of Charles Dickens on Christmas. I have been on TV before, mostly as living scenery and once I got interviewed for Dickens fair (this was about 13 years ago when it was still on the Pier rather than the Cow Palace), and honestly, I don’t care one way or the other about it, but the rest of the Temperance Union is stoked so I said I would come and help fill out our ranks.Speaking of Dickens, my comadre’s son took some nice photos and I will upload them here when I can.My daughter took me to In and ...

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What’s going on here?

I have been in California for about a week and a half. I will return to Merida on Monday, but getting online has been a pain. My daughter doesn’t have internet, but I can go to the public library and go online there. Or rather, here, since that is what I am doing. Sunday, the library is closed, and yesterday it was closed (due to an inservice training for the librarians).So why don’t I go to an internet cafe, you ask? Because in California you need a laptop in order to use all that free wi-fi! If you are computerless, you are reduced to waiting your turn with all the other computer less people, never more than an hour since you can only use the computer an hour at a time. And then it requires a current library card.If I was in Merida, I would simply go to one of the numerous internet “cafes”, and pay between $5 and $12 ...

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California Dreaming

Isn’t that appropriate? It is cold here! I got in last night at 8:30, and was in asleep by 10pm. I was up at 4am Merida time (which is 2am California time), so no wonder I was bushed!The trip went really well, it only took me 45 minutes to clear customs and immigration in Houston. I had 5 hours between my flights, but I believe in better safe than sorry. The nice lady I sat next to on the plane had come from Florida and due to Houston being fogged in, her flight to Houston was delayed 3 hours!So I read a novel and bought a sketch pad and drew.Well, I am at the public library and my time is running short. Maybe tomorrow I can “borrow” a friend’s internet and post from there.

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