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Conversation with myself

I have been reading other people’s blogs and surfing the web searching for the ever elusive “inspiration”. You know, something that will spark me to write about it, or remind me about something in my life or whatever. Guess what? It ain’t happening. I went to the well and it was dry.

Not that I lack for opinions, I seem to have strong opinions on everything. Frustrated, I had the following conversation with myself.

“Maybe it’s the weather?” I asked myself.
“No, I like the weather this time of year”, I replied.

“Could it be a lack of projects?” I mused further, looking around at the plethora of things half done and waiting to be begun, I dismissed that thought unanswered.

“It can’t be ill health, I’m feeling great.” due to Nancy’s timely reminder, I am taking my chia seeds daily and I think that they are keeping me hydrated.

“Well maybe I just don’t have anything left to say?” I muttered to myself, really getting into this crazy lady routine. I certainly have the hair for it. Esponjada, aptly describes my mop today. I can just picture my hair as a sponge, soaking up all the humidity in the air and expanding into a halo around my head.
I had a fro in the 70’s, it really wasn’t a good look for me. This is me, 1978. Much younger and thinner but still with the crazy hair.

I think I will leave you with that.

About Theresa

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Jonna, I have a hair dryer, but hate using it. Thank you,I don’t feel like I look the same, but I am not objective about how I look. Yes that is my natural hair color!

    The Pliers, I don’t know too many woman who are happy with their hair. My hair and I have a truce. Radiant? It’s a photo from my first marriage, LOL, little did I know what a rough ride I was in store for.

    2ericc, vacation is okay, let’s just hope it’s not taking early retirement!

    Linda, I write whatever pops into my head and then hope I can edit it into something worth reading.

    Ritamg, I had Farrah hair too. Now that I know how to use the scanner, I ought to do a retrospect on my crazy hair. I promise, some of those hair styles weren’t boring. It was so dry in Las Vegas (where I lived when that photo was taken) that my hair actually straightened out!


  2. I like the fro. You looked good then and now. I had the Farrah hair at the time. I loved it but I’m not going back to it.

  3. Theresa, you will never run out of things to say!

    Just take a blogger’s break and ideas will start popping into your head.

    It’s writer’s block, and it goes away.

  4. Maybe your muse is on vacation?

    I think you’re doing just great on your own.

    Bored? Just get to the best right question.


  5. Your hair was gorgeous! You were radiant! Your inner-dialogue had a ring of familiarity to me.

    I say “Trust your impulses.”

  6. Mija! You look just the same now! Really! I’m impressed, your hair is a shade lighter but you, the real you, are just the same.

    As for hair, I had to get a hair dryer the other day. It was impossible to stay dry otherwise.

  7. Steve, you are so right! I never have to explain the joke to myself.

    Norm, I didn’t see anyone today! I left the house once, we’re taking care of a neighbor’s pool. The streets were deserted! The kids that I know are out of school right now, they get up late and stay up late! so our paths aren’t crossing right now.

    Tancho, Hmmm, praise? why didn’t I think of that? Don’t people these days call praising yourself “affirmations”?

    Gloria, One of the side effects of everyone having cellphones and blue teeth (blue toothes?) is that you can have an active conversation out loud with yourself and people will think that you are talking on the phone. Just stick and ear bud in and no one will know the difference!I am glad you are enjoying the posts.


  8. Just as long as you don’t start answering yourself. hehehe. You seem to be doing a very good job with your posts. I don’t get bored. Have a great Wednesday.

  9. I like talking to myself because no one will contradict me, except myself sometimes…..
    And I get a lot of praise!

  10. Maybe something about the first ten people you meet in the day, or the first few who pass your door. Any kids on your street? I like the postings about your take on Mexican culture.

  11. The nice thing about talking to yourself is the unending wit.

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