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Eggplant pizza crust? is that going too far?

I love eggplant, stir fry tofu and eggplant is really tasty, especially when you replace the tofu with pork, I’ve baked it in bread, I’ve cooked eggplant lots of ways including stuffing them, but I have never used them to make a pizza crust. I’ve put grilled eggplant on a pizza, but never put a pizza on an eggplant.

On two separate primal food websites, I found similar recipes for a pizza crust using eggplant as the main ingredient. I decided to go with the Melanzana Margherita Pizza recipe on The Food Lovers Primal Palate, which is where I got the coconut flour waffle recipe that I tweaked. Eggplant was no problem, I found beautiful ones while I was at Wal*Mart, they were $52 a kilo, but I bought two anyway.

The only sticking point was parchment paper. The baking store doesn’t sell it.If they do, the girl behind the counter didn’t know about it, which is a distinct possibility. But this post isn’t about the infamous No hay response.

Walking down Paseo Montejo with Husband, we passed the Italian restaurant supply, the home of wonderful and pricy kitchen paraphernalia. The merchandise is simply first class and well worth the money. However, usually I don’t need first class, but I do like browse in that store. They had parchment paper, or rather nonstick teflon coated baking sheets! True to form, it was $275 a sheet, but it’s good for 3000 uses so if you prorate it out that’s less than a centavo per use, so it’s almost free…It isn’t like I have to persuade Husband with the cloud cuckoo land logic, he just tells me “Buy it.” It’s me who must be coaxed to buy things like that.

Cutting the baking sheet into quarters to fit into our small oven, I was ready to make the pizza crust. I decided to make a tomato based sauce and used bell peppers, green olives and shrimp as the toppings. Surprisingly enough, it was really good. A thin crisp crust that I would not hesitate to serve to anyone. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

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