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First cold of the season

Those of you NOB, are thinking “what cold season?”. I am wearing sweat pants and a tank top, which sums up how I feel. Lousy, I didn’t even brush my hair just gathered it up in hair tie. Eventually, I have to comb it, but not right now. It makes my head hurt  to think about.  I am not well. I have been having a tickle in my throat for the last few days.Today, I woke up with a full blown head cold.
I made te gripal, which is a tea mix that I buy that has eucalyptus leaves and some other fuzzy plant parts in it. I’m feeling too tired to walk over to the counter and fetch out  the package, so that is as complete an ingredient list as I am serving up today. In fact this is as long a post as I am serving also. Hasta luego

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. CQ & PQ, we drink sour orange, honey and rum which is a variation on my grandfather’s recipe of lemon, honey and rum. Good stuff!

    Steve, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? I went to bed and had weird dreams instead.

    John and Alan, no Chinese Herb places that I know of. There was a great herb store on Paseo but they moved away without leaving a forwarding address.

    Contessa, I am true to my Cuban heritage and drinking rum. With a Yucatecan twist using sour orange instead of the traditional lemon.

    Barb, I had to look that up. I use Kirkland germ fighter, which is their version of EmergenC. Also some cold medicine called Resfriol for the symptoms.

    Mic, I feel much better today. I did sleep in until 8:30 am which is late for our household. I am just a wee bit tired but not as sick as yesterday.


  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Hope if passes fast. ((hug))

  3. Cold-FX is absolutely the BEST thing for colds. But the trick is to catch it the moment you start to feel a tickle or a sniffle. If you wait too long, you’re hooped. It’s pricey, but I truly hate being sick so, to me, it’s worth the cost.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon, Theresa.

  4. Brandy, lots of it…makes you forget you are ill. Hugs and hang in there. We are freezing in Idaho tonight.

  5. I’ll add my “get well” wishes. Sadly, no cure exists for the common cold, but bed rest, lots of water, hot herbal teas help speed the recovery. Actually, a Chinese herbal remedy exists which really does seem to help. Gan Mao Ling Wan. Are there any Chinese herbal places in Merida?

  6. Come pull the water cabbage from the laguna with me. It should burn that cold right out of you. Or turn it into tuberculosis. Bed rest may be preferable.

  7. Get better soon! Lemon/Lime with camomile and some honey will help that tickle and a shot of rum will help those aches and pains.

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