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Green papayas and flip flops

Finding a greenish papaya at Chedraui, I made this version of Som Tam, shredded green papaya salad. Since the papaya was not really unripe the salad missed the true tartness of Som Tam, it was still very good. The only substitute I made was using a smashed anchovy fillet instead of shrimp paste.The times that we’ve had this salad in Thai restaurants it’s been a much simpler salad, a mound of pale green shreds, this is more robust, I loved the crunch of the cucumber and bean sprouts, the bursts of peanut flavor and the mint really added to the Thai flavours. Husband had seconds.

Our weekly craft group meets today, for my project I am going to  customize a pair of flip flops using these directions from Craft Stylish because I also found some jelly flipflops at Chedraui while I was there. All the supplies aren’t available here,  I am going to use a different glue but otherwise it should be easy. Foamy is a craft staple.

We’re doing well in our new car-less experience, we’ve been without a car before, so we aren’t starting from scratch.The Chedraui shopping expedition that yielded the papaya and flipflops went very well, we walked to the store and returned via  bus. It’s been two weeks since our car went into the shop, as far as we know they are still looking for parts.We’re assuming a that the car will not be repaired, but who knows? So far it hasn’t been much of an inconvenience. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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