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Guest list

Wow, our guest list for the Blogger M&G is growing. Look who’s coming! Don’t you want to come too? If you haven’t read their blogs yet, check them out!

Merida Mikey,The Adventures of Merida Mikey
Lin Dorton, Crazy, gone native
Wayne, Isla Mujeres: Gringo in Paradise
Bill Larsen, Not the News,Life in Merida, Yucatan
Lisa Love, Living the Lisa Loca
Nancy and Paul, Countdown to Mexico
Kim, Rivergirl
Laurie Norton, Tacogirl’s travelblog frm San Pedro, Belize
Larry Baker, Yucatan Rebirth
Debi, Debi in Merida
Tom, Tom’s Blog
Jonna & Mimi, blah,blah,blah Ginger
Lida Garcia, Rainbow Crafters and La Casa de los gatos malcriados
Stephen and Paula, The Dodwells Head South
Ellen Fields, Yucatan Living and Mexico in English
Khaki Scott, Yucatan Living
Kathy and Jamie, Hell’s Half Acre, Musings from the Caribbean
and me too! Theresa, What do I do all day? and Theresa’s Cooking Blog

Wow, and if the circumstances allow, the following bloggers hope to be added to the list.

Paul, Hammock Musings from Merida
Islazina, Living La Vida Floja
Kelly,A Canuck in Cancun
Minshap, Both sides of the Coin

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to come and play too?

About Theresa

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Josh, I can’t because people have already made travel arrangements. Any chance you can come during the blogger M&G?

  2. Hey, Theresa,

    I’ll be down in a couple of weeks. Any chance you can move up the date? 🙂

    — Josh

  3. Michele in Playa, Guatemala trip certainly trumps blogger M&G, but their is always next year. Yeah, we need a webcam and a laptop to link to everyone who wants to come but can’t, neither of which I have, I also lack the knowledge on how to do a webcast,

  4. I am so disappointed to miss this!! Think of me in Guatemala!!

  5. Laurie and Beth, too bad you can’t come, it would be so nice to get people from everywhere that blog about Latin America. Maybe next year, or the year after?
    I am trying to leave email on people’s blogs about the meeting but even if I can’t get to everyone by myself, so please spread the word!

  6. Theresa – thanks for the invite!! Unfortunately, with teacher’s college starting in May, travelling is the last thing we’ll be doing.

    I really hope there will be a third annual though!

  7. I was sent an invitation. How gracious. But I cannot due to work commitments in Honduras. Enjoy! And I am jealous!

  8. glorv1, what we need is a webcam! Maybe someone will bring their laptop and webcame to the discussion groups?
    Rosas Clan,I sent you an email. Hope we see you there for at least one day.

  9. I am hoping to come. I would only be able to be there a short time because of the kids. But I hope so.

  10. Well you can put me on the list “in spirit only.” Take care.

  11. Steve, there is always next year!
    Jillian, wonderful I will add you both to the list.

  12. Quite an interesting list. Makes me wish even more that I cuold be there.

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