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“Waffles, why doesn’t anyone deliver waffles? You can get anything else delivered! Then again, they would probably be cold or never show up” I complained to Husband. It was the crankiness and lack of sleep talking. To be honest, I didn’t whip out the yellow pages to call restaurants and ask. Using the yellow pages would have only added to my irritability.

Trying to find a company in the yellow pages is like a treasure hunt. First, you have to divine the category it will be listed under. For example, it never occurred to me to search for Fed Ex under messenger service, though it makes sense. I never did find Walmart’s listing. That is because DBA’s (doing business as) aren’t allowed, so you have to know the parent company. Fortunately, propane is listed under gas.

Friday afternoon I ordered gas. Our propane is lasting twice as long these days since we found and fixed the leak, however we do still need to occasionally refill the tank. We used to use Tomza, unfortunately last time I called they never showed up. In fact, I called twice and received assurances of eminent delivery. Frustrated, I remembered that one of my friends used Z gas and was happy with the service. They came promptly and the cost was the same as Tomza. Not so on Friday, not that they promised delivery on Friday, the dispatcher told me that a tank would be out on Saturday. There is a law that no big trucks are allowed within 6 blocks of the city center until after 6 pm. Which means our gas gets delivered nocturnally, usually between 11 pm and 2 am. So we stay up and listen for the gas man.

Now I have to find another gas company, or give Thomza another chance.
Good thing the hurricane also failed to deliver as promised. The gauge on the tank is just above the red, but our hurricane preparedness plan calls for a full tank. That will make it heavier and less likely to become airborne (we hope) and also ensure that we don’t run out of propane if there is an emergency situation.

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  1. Tom & Debi and Pete,
    I realize that these are probably not the same guys (it’s been almost 5 years) but Delta was the first gas company we used when we came here. The guys told us that they had filled the tank, charged us and didn’t fill the tank like they said. This was in a rental house, the gas got used up really fast, we looked for a leak. No leak, we called Tomza, filled it and it lasted twice as long…So I am hesitant to call them again.Thanks for the recommendation, like I said those guys are probably no longer working at Delta.

    Mimi, I called Antonio but went straight to voice mail. I will try again later tonight. Thanks again for the phone number.


  2. We like Delta Gas also. They always come when promised. We are in centro and they usually show before 11pm. Tipping gets us first delivery of the evening.

  3. Theresa,
    Forgot to mention, you might tell Antonio we sent you. We also tip him, usually $30 or 40p figuring he’ll split it with the connector guy. Of course this isn’t mandatory, but To Insure Proper Service the next time 😉
    Good luck, let me know if he shows.
    Hugs Mi

  4. I use Delta Gas, I call and they arrive within 2 hours, of course they can deliver to me anytime.

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