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How do you feel about donating some blood?

Thank you all! It took 8 tries but Duke got his 3 units of blood donated in his name. I am so grateful to everyone.

Are you under 65? Not taking any medication? Healthy? Want a free blood analysis? Weigh more than 52 kilos soaking wet? The guidelines say 50 but they refused one of my donors because she didn’t weigh 52 with clothes on.

Duke needs to pay back 2 units of blood that he received, plus the one he owes for being in the hospital for so long. It doesn’t matter the blood type, he just has to pay back the units.

So far, out of 5 generous people who have attempted to give blood, only one was qualified. One was too thin, and the other three are now aware of some health issues.

The last time I posted this I got a lot of responses, but unfortunately they were from people who could not donate.

Blood Bank hours
Monday to Friday 7-11 & 13:30-17:30
Saturday, Sunday, holidays 7-12

18-65 years old
Weigh at least 50 k (110#)
Not ill with cold, cough, diarrhea, or other illness.
No alcohol within the last 48 hours
No hepatitis within the last 12 years
Not recently vaccinated
No sex with multiple partners this year3 to 4 hours fasting.
Not donated blood in the last 3 months.

No medications for 48 hours

If donor is female:
Not pregnant
No children under 6 months
No abortions in the last 6 months
Not nursing
Not menstruating

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