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Hugs and Kisses afghan pattern

I want to share the crocheted  Hugs and Kisses afghan  pattern  for the afghan that we’re raffling off for the Kids with Cancer Project.  Unfortunately, it occured to me after the fact that people may want to make one of their own so I didn’t take notes on the variations that we did. This is more a template than an actual pattern, however, if you are an intermediate crocheter you should have no problem adapting it.


The completed Hugs and Kisses afghan displayed on kingsize bed.

All the patterns that we used specified a heavier weight yarn  than the baby weight that we decided on. I used a size 4mm and BK who crochets looser used a size 3.75. Consequently, our squares measured more like 9 1/2 inches, once again I didn’t take notes. Therefore if you live in a colder climate, you may want to use sport weight yarn and your afghan will come out bigger. Having had the afghan on my lap while I joined the squares I can vouch for it’s warmth.

Every square has bobbles in the pattern adding to the richness of the design.  We literally looked at hundreds of squares before narrowing it down to around eight. We then made them up and decided on the four we finally used.

I have to apoligize for the smudges on the photos, I didn’t realize that my camera lense had a spot until after the afghan left my house. You do not need new glasses.


We made all the squares first then I joined them, using the joining stitch that is used  the Bee Hive and Clover squares by Joyce Lewis that make up corners. This joining creats a small flower where four squares meet; a nice detail in an heirloom afghan. We used about 30 skeins of 50 grams each of baby weight yarn. I don’t want to think how long it took to make but BK ‘s guess is 100 hours.


Notice the open flower detail created at the center where the four squares meet.

The center of the Hugs and Kisses afghan is up made of four squares of Cathedral by Margaret MacInnes.


Four of these Cathedral Windows create the center of the afghan.

The second row is twelve squares of  Mandala by Chris Simons.


Mandala is the name of the square we used for the second row.

The final row is  sixteen squares of a variation of Granny Square 14 by Martha Brooks Stein that BK changed a little bit with the corners featuring the  Bee Hive and Clover squares by Joyce Lewis   from which I adapted the joining stitch for all the square.


Bk’s beautiful square inspired by granny square 14


The corners of the afghan were made from the Bee Hive and Clover square




The afghan is edged in an unnamed edging that I also used for the trim on my belly dance costume. I expanded the motif on the corners but it would be just fine to turn the corner and not have the exagerated points.


A different view of the edging.


Then again, you could just buy a raffle ticket and win the original Hugs and Kisses afghan!


Corner of afghan. Expanded version of edging.

Close up of the edging used on the Hugs and Kisses afghan

Close up of the edging used on the Hugs and Kisses afghan

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