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I am a slow learner….

what do you think this is?

This is what an error in judgment looks like.
Now don’t go thinking that this is all my hair, because it isn’t, this is the amount of hair that my neighbor who is a stylist should have cut off. If you have never coloured your hair, you may not realize that the colour fades over time. My natural hair colour (before I started greying) was a brown so dark it looked black. If you dye your hair that dark it looks rather gothic, so I usually dye it a few shades lighter or more red,or even a deep purple. I haven’t dyed my hair for about a year, resulting in a rather unattractive striated hair colour. Brownish on the ends, white in the front, salt and pepper on the sides and black in back.
I asked my neighbor to cut all the coloured portion off. I asked her to cut it in layers so it could grow out. I didn’t want a hair cut that I need to maintain, because I still wanted to grow it out, but natural.
When I first came here, she cut my hair, she gave me a mullet. She tried to talk me into another mullet. I said no, I wanted her to cut it around chin length or longer, so it could still curl. I just wanted all the coloured portion cut off. I wanted it cut so it could grow out and still look nice with maybe a minimal amount of cutting to keep a shape.
When I saw my hair, I wanted to cry. Husband says it doesn’t look bad. I wore my hair like this in the early 80s. I had it cut like that because I was a manager and needed to look professional and no nonsense. I had to have it cut once a month or even more often or it looked like crap. This is the rest of the hair that got whacked off. Lucky thing it’s just hair and hair grows, it could have been worse, at least it isn’t a mullet.
I guess I am just a slow learner….

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Sandye, it’s been almost a month and now I like my hair. In another month it will be perfect! Then I will need to get another hair cut and start over again.LOL.

  2. Sandye in Kansas

    Theresa, I know I just commented on another post, but I just have to tell you that that haircut looks really cute on you. I understand about not wanting to have it cut every month and it totally wasn’t what you asked for, but it’s really attractive anyway. How’s that for consolation?

  3. Fned, I can put my hair in a chignon in no time flat without looking. I also have like four different ways to braid my hair. A single braid on the side rather than down the back is cooler. Then there is the high ponytail, the low ponytail and all the banana clips and their variations. Long hair however does get heavy so I always tried to change my style of putting it up.
    I am getting used to it now. I just am not looking forward to monthly haircuts.

  4. I totally understand the frustration of asking for a SPECIFIC haircut and then feeling completely depressed realizing that the person just went ahead and did what THEY wanted instead. This happens to me EVERYTIME I get my hair cut in Paris. It’s like I can go on for 20 mins straight telling them exactly what I want and they just say “oui, oui, d’accord” and then go and do something completely different. It pisses me off!!!

    That’s why recently I only get my split ends cut and to hell with trying to have a specific hairstyle… I just keep my locks tied up in a ponytail.

    In any case, for what it’s worth, your new haircut DOES like really nice on you and besides, how on earth could you stand it otherwise in Mérida’s heat!!!! 😀


  5. Annoja, I think it’s really unusual to find a woman who is really happy with her hair, isn’t it? Eventually, we make peace with our hairstyles and go on to more important worries.
    thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hii Theresa

    I think u look nice…
    Looks cute
    Few months back, i too had cut my hair quite short and initially i used to feel uncomfy abt it… but then got used to it (though ive grown it back now)

    take care 🙂

  7. Lisa, I like the salt and pepper too. I used to work with a beautiful woman who had totally silver grey hair and a very youthful face. No one knew how old she was, so the big debate was on whether she was prematurely gray or just looked really,really good for her age. She sold cosmetics and made a bundle on commission. I want to look like that!

  8. You will have your hair back in no time. I hate that feeling of being scalped and misshapened when I depart from the stylist.

    I like the salt and pepper. My hair is all salt with little pepper now.

  9. Mishap,If anyone can understand getting carried away, it’s me. I have problems knowing when to stop. I never thought about it from the haircutters side. Thanks for adding that perspective. I cut both my daughters’ hair a few times, but really,really messed up once so they refused after that. The funny thing is that my oldest daughter and my son both can cut hair. Son started cutting his own hair when he lived here because he got so frustrated with people not listening to him. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. As an amateur but enthusiastic haircutter, I just have to say, that sometimes, having those scissors in your hand and the head of hair before you gives you a heady sense of power (no pun intended) but you must always remember that it is an awesome responsibility. Sorry it didn’t come out to your expectations, but as you so wisely noted: hair grows! That’s what I tell my kids whenever they go bananas after getting their hair cut by me!

  11. Hi Sandy, I do remember the lion’s mane. It was more fashion forward than I wanted to be at the time, LOL. You did share with me about the chemo, didn’t you say your hair came back different at first> 6 inches a year,that’s actually quite a lot of hair growth. Thanks for helping me gain a little perspective on my too short a cut.

  12. Hey, Theresa!
    I just had to comment. You and I spent sooo many teen years fussing with our hair. Remember the “lions mane”? Finally, I think we both appreciate that we have more hair than the average person our age. Anyways, dont know if I told you I went through chemo 9 years ago, and on January 1, 2000 all my hair slid off my head. It was an amazingly enlightening experience.(good and bad). Good part is I am alive today with hair. It grows 6 inches a year. And, I like your haircut.
    See ya, Sandy C.

  13. Mimi, I also once got a body wave, LOL, I was talked into it because the beautician said that it would “tame” my hair. I ended up looking like Angela Davis from the back, I had a shoulder to shoulder afro.That was pretty shocking too.

  14. Ouch! This brought back the terrible memory of my first perm. Went in looking like Pipi longstockings, hair in braids down past my butt. Came out looking like little orphan Annie! I had asked for shoulder length or a bit longer with a light body wave. I yelled, ranted refused to pay, and then went back to my grandmothers and cried for 4 hours.

    I agree, it’s not the cut it’s the not getting what you ask for.

  15. Heather,Wayne and Jackie,I have a small face so less hair is better. I am not as upset today as I was yesterday,all your supportive comments help. This isn’t the first time I chopped off all my hair. Once it was down to my elbows and I got pretty much ended up with this same hair cut. The woman in the chair next to me was having apoplexy, she kept sputtering that I was getting a foot of hair cut off.
    The thing that really bothers meis that I was very specific about what I asked for, chin length, long enough to curl, a style that won’t need to be cut monthly to maintain. This isn’t going to look good as it gets to that length. Plus it was a shock when I saw it! I thought that she was just shaping it not cutting it shorter!
    Hair grows so it isn’t a calamity just a disappointment that my friend let me down.

  16. Your hair is so lovely and thick, in no time you’ll have your curls back and you might find you even prefer your hair shorter (in the heat). I wear my hair up every single day because it’s too hot otherwise and sometimes dream of cutting it all off.

    I think the best part is that now you can see your pretty face and gorgeous skin more.

  17. I have to agree with Wayne on his response. I have only seen your photos on your profile and a few from the Isla Bloggers Meet but I think I like the new look better. I have had really short hair for so long I can’t remember what was like to have spend more than a few minutes washing, drying and putting goop in my hair.

  18. I think you should take another look in the mirror. It really looks good and so do you!

  19. Thanks everyone, I have no problem with the gray, I just was shocked at the length, no telling what it will look like tomorrow! You’re all correct, Husband told me not to post until I was over the shock, he was right too.

  20. You look fabulous! I hope you learn to like it.

    My hair color was the same as yours. I stopped coloring a year or so ago. I discovered an unexpected freedom (and joy)in accepting the natural hair color of my age (I’m 67). I keep it short and since it’s straight as a poker, I do use a curling iron (gave up perms too).

    Anyway, good luck with the transition. You look great!

  21. It looks nice, Theresa, but I just have to laugh…having had THE haircut from your neighbor once myself! We should have asked Pablo to cut your hair, I knew it!

  22. Think how much cooler you will be. I have to get my hair cut more often when it is hot and I’m amazed at how much cooler I am afterward.

    I think it is going to be really cute and that you’ll like it much sooner than a month. Just think, get out of the shower, rub it dry with a towel and shake your head – you’re done!

  23. jonna and debi, Katti gives a very good haircut and she comes to my house since her business is servicio a domicilio. It’s just that she didn’t do what I asked at all. It will look softer in a month. Right now it’s way too short to curl.
    Yeah, no more putting my hair up wet and after 8 hours taking it down it still was wet. That part is good.

  24. Oh Theresa I think it looks very nice. Once you wash it, let it air dry and it fluffs and curls you’ll love it too.
    And you’ll especially love the ease and freshness. After all you always had that long hair rolled up anyway.

  25. Wow! You’ve had a busy day. It does look a little more businesslike and formal than I think you need now. Have you tried wetting it and fluffing it into a curly natural? Hey, if you think it looks like the 1980’s business style then why not go for 1970’s hip style? Actually, it is a current style too.

    I used to say that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut was 3 days. I’ve had one or two that outlasted that but by and large, in 3 days the sharp edges are gone and you’ve adjusted and found a way to make it you.

    Can’t wait to see it in person.

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