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If not the food, then what?


That question is best answered in photo form.

The seafood in Salinas was wonderful. We had very good meals in Salinas. Unfortunately, I don´t remember the names of any of the restaurants.

As we sat on the malecon, we watched a man place a cardboard box on the wet sand. He carefully extracted a live lobstar from the carton. To our puzzlement we watched him withdraw a half dozen crustaceans from the container. Seeing that the box was probably large enough for a small hibatchi, we anticipated an impromtu restaurant serving grilled lobstars. Sadly, only damp sand remained in the box. We joked about his strange choice in pets, while he gathered up fresh wet sand, restacked the lobstars and set off to hawk his wares among the remaining tourists.


We spent four days in Olón across the bay from the world famous surf mecca of Montañita. It was peaceful and remote. I´d seriously concider living there if there was a high speed internet and a grocery store. Marcelo and Doris, our hosts at the Hostel Isramar told us that shopping for groceries took up a whole day since the nearest stores of any kind are in Salinas.

We had a day trip to Puerto López but after the peace of Olón we didn´t like it. There was nothing there to hold our interest.

Puerto López fishing fleet

Puerto López

From the coast we flew to Quito, where we got to sample the health care system.

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  1. Steve, I read a blog post originating from there and the lady couldn’t find a hairbrush when her’s broke! There are bananas,coconuts and some other stuff available but no meat. There are a couple of small pharmacies,at least two medical doctors and a vet so it isn’t that isolated.

  2. It sounds as if grocery shopping at that beach is even rougher than in Melaque — where, truth to tell, I can get about anything I need.

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