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Lazy days and ramblings

I spent this morning at MELL, it was great. I checked out Stranger in a Strange Land, it’s been ages since I read it. I just reread Revolt in 2100, which reminded me of how much I like Robert A. Heinlein. While I was there I indulged my penchant for magazines, skimming back issues of Sunset, Home and Garden and some others. I blogged a bit about that in This is for Fned.

I am over my malaise.Except for sending out some emails. I still haven’t gotten cracking on the Blogger meet up for 2009
I did some work on the garden and need to take some photos. I planted a really pretty Ixora, it’s coral coloured! There are a few things in bloom so if I am going to taunt the snowbound, the time is now! Later, while all the nob gardens are blooming mine will be wilting from the heat and humidity.

I also have an ambitious jewelry project going. I organized my beads and findings in December.Turns out that still have about a quart jar’s worth of plum coloured seed beads. Fortunately, December’s issue of Bead and Button Magazine published a pattern for a drape designed by Sonoko Nozue. You can see a photo here it’s an ambitious project but it sure is using up those seed beads! I am working on it while Husband and I watch tv.

I spoke with my parents on Skype yesterday, it was so nice. We had a conversation about living in a foreign country and speaking a foreign language. I wanted to know if they ever missed speaking Spanish. My mom explained that they have lived in the USA for almost twice as long as they ever lived in Cuba so English comes naturally, though accented. My dad commented that sometimes words will come to him first in English rather than Spanish. I find that happens to me sometimes with terms that I learned in Spanish.
Because of our conversation my mom started to talk to me in Spanish and I, as usual, answered her in English.All of a sudden it hit me, my mom speaks Spanish with a Cuban accent! I never ever noticed it before, of course I can’t tell what part of Cuba she is from by listening to her, but I can definitely hear the rythmn. It’s similar to what happened when I was around ten, someone asked me “what kind of accent does your mother have?” To which I answered “Accent? My mom doesn’t have an accent!”. Then I started to hear it. Weird.

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Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. EJA, Stranger didn’t hold up well, but you are right Moon is a Harsh Mistress is still a good read, Glory Road is still entertaining. It’s fun to re-read some SciFi and look at how well they predicted our life now. MELL is getting fussy about what books they are accepting for the library (they are running out of room, so many of the duplicates or older fiction end up for sale, which also benefits the library. Personally, I think Heinlein is a classic and deserves shelf space.

  2. During my adolescence, Robert Heinlein was my favorite. I recently reread “Stranger,” and it didn’t hold up that well. Much better were “Starship Troopers” and the brilliant “Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”

    I’ll be heading down in March. If I remember, I’ll throw in some extra copies of Heinlein for you, or for the MEL.

    — Josh

  3. Joanne, Rodger’s Hall which is one of the top private schools in Merida prides itself in having English teachers who are British rather than American. It’s that old world cachet.
    Beth, being able to mimic accents is a gift. You are really lucky. So you can speak Canadian, French, Spanish and American!!! LOL.

  4. I love accents, pick them up very quickly, and can imitate them quite well. I don’t know where it came from, but it’s kind of a hobby. My husband used to tell me years ago that I had a northern Ontario accent although I never realized I did. It was mostly rhythm differences I think.

    About the drape – that IS an ambitious project. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!


  5. “I call my accent “you’re not from here” my dad jokingly called it “international”. “

    Reminds me of when my kids were in school. They went to French Immersion school and the desired accent was Parisien. Having a Quebecois accent was considered low class. The best compliment a teacher ever gave at a parent teacher conference was to tell you your child had a Parisien accent. Of course, “International” French speaking teachers were also very desirable so as to promote a better accent.

  6. American Mommy, how cool is that! I loved science fiction when I was a child, my goal was to read all the books in the SciFi section of the library starting with Asimov and ending with Zelazny, but somewhere around 14 I abandoned that project.I also wanted to be a moon colonist when I grew up.
    I never had the nerve to write a fan letter.

  7. So your Robert A. Heinlein refernce caught my attention. Our recent Atlanta vistors have an interesting connection to him. My friend, Atlanta Mom, wrote to him when she was 12 and became he and his wife’s adopted granddaughter. Really.

  8. Jonna, uh, no. Actually, we talked about it, so my dad asked me to say something long in Spanish. He doesn’t hear an American accent, my mom hears an undertone, but no Cuba in my speech patterns. I call my accent “you’re not from here” my dad jokingly called it “international”. I think because I hear Spanish all the time my ear has tuned in and I notice when someone speaks differently from the Spanish norm.
    My parents get a kick out of hearing me speak Spanish, but it doesn’t seem weird since I always have spoken it. I’m just better at it now.

  9. I love that insight. Did you switch to speaking Spanish to your mom once you realized you were answering her in English? If so, what kind of accent does she think you have? Do you think you are more aware of Cuban accents because you live here? I wonder if it seems strange to her for you to speak Spanish. I wonder all these things too much.

  10. Steve, because my mom is so fair skinned she often gets asked if she’s Irish too. Her quick witted answer is “Wrong island”. Trust me, she doesn’t sound Irish!

  11. It must be the season for discussing accents.

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