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Left scratching my head

Is critical thinking no longer a required course in college? Have people gotten to the point where someone says something outrageous and no one questions it? No wonder our so called news sources and politicians feel free to just say what ever comes to their minds no one stops to do the math any more!

Being somewhat obsessed with food and diet these days, I follow diet and nutrition links that sound promising. Most of the so called advice online is the same stuff repackaged. Occasionally it’s something new. Most of it is forgotten almost before my screen has a chance to change. However, I watched a video some time ago that stuck with me. A woman was espousing veganism during a mock interview. The guest stated that calorie for calorie romaine lettuce had just as much protein as steak. The skinny interviewer brain dead from either a lack of protein or fat in her diet just accepted this tidbit without question.

Today, I asked the questions the interviewer failed to. How much protein does romaine lettuce have and how much will I have to consume to get all my protein needs met. My daily protein goal is sixty grams of protein. By my calculations that means I would have to eat seven and a half heads of romaine. Over ten pounds! Or I could have ten and a half ounces of beef rib eye.steak.

Am I the only one who sees a problem here? Of course this is too simplistic, it doesn’t put into account other nutrients. Then again, I can have a salad along with my steak and I’m not likely to try to get all my protein in one meal either. The vegan would probably be spending her whole day eating lettuce, but it was her idea, not mine.

1 head of romaine (626 grams)  106 calories net carbs: 8

  • 2 grams fat
  • 21 grams carbs
  • 13 grams fiber
  • 7 grams sugar
  • 8 grams protein

Doing the math, in order to get 60 grams protein  I would need to eat 7.5 heads of lettuce or 4695 grams (10 1/3 pounds) 795 calories net carbs:59.5

  • 15 grams fat
  • 157 grams carbs
  • 97.5 grams fiber
  • 52.5 grams sugar
  • 60 grams protein

1 rib eye steak cooked (297 grams raw meat) is 625 calories (.65 pounds or 10.4 ounces ) net carbs 0

  • 40 grams fat
  • 0 carbs
  • 0 fiber
  • 0 sugar
  • 63 grams protein

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. But Nancy, How likely am I to eat a ten ounce steak at one sitting? Normally, I would have my protein spread out through the day. And if I did do that, well, your body only process so much protein at a time.

    Actually, I am more likely to make a steak salad like the Thai do than sit down and eat almost 3/4 of a pound of meat at one sitting.

    I am not criticizing being vegetarian or vegan, just shaking my head at the way some people spin things. I think this was the same woman who compared cheese to cocaine but I’ve blocked that out.


  2. But if you eat a rib eye steak and a salad you are already over your protein for the day and that doesn’t even count your other meals!

  3. Mommy with CH, are you old enough to remember Paul Harvey and his tagline ” and now the rest of the story”?

    Madame Pliers, yup..

    Lee, I read that too about Texas, still shaking my head. Ultimately everyone loses when people can’t thinks straight.
    Protein does both those things. It helps build muscle which can bulk you up along with exercise and those muscles help burn calories…

    Steve, When someone tries to persuade me by misrepresentation, they automatically lose credibility for the rest of their message.

    It seems to me that nutrition is more complex than we used to think it was, or maybe it’s simpler than we now think it is?


  4. I can remember when the title “nutritionist” was a badge of honor. Now, when I hear it, I too quickly equate it with the type of cult nonsense that left you shaking your head. There are great reasons to be vegetarian, but completely misrepresenting the world in which we live is not one of them.

  5. There is actually a move in Texas to remove critical thinking courses. Some politicians like their constituency to be as gullible as possible. Go figure.

    Of course, that has nothing to do with the price of romaine in China, but your opener just got me going this morning.

    I remember being a skinny kid and drinking protein shakes to bulk up. Now we go on protein diets to slim down. I’m just a gullible, confused consumer.

  6. HaHaHaHaHaHappy Calculating and pondering the idiocies of talking heads.

  7. The facts and the whole story are always more interesting.

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