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Life’s little pleasures

We found cornmeal for sale at Pascadeli’s! I had to buy 5 pounds, but it was only $55 pesos so that works out to an okay price. I made cornbread today, we had it with Tinga Poblana and coleslaw. yum.
La muchacha told me that when Kennedy was president they used to get food sent from the USA. One of the things that they received was packages of corn meal, which her mother would make into mush for breakfast since it wasn’t much good for anything else. Funny isn’t it? Here in the land of corn, cornmeal is a exotic ingredient. I have all sorts of things that I want to make, tamal en casuela (Cuban style tamale casserole) being one of them. My mouth is watering at the very thought. Corn muffins sounds mighty tasty too. I feel like Templeton, the rat, in Charlotte’s Web
(I couldn’t find it in English, but the Spanish version seems more fitting to the occasion).
My brother was teasing me and said that I should open a restaurant, it could be international. An American expat of Cuban extraction cooking Mexican food in the Yucatan. LOL…
There is an exhibit at the Governor’s Palace of some of the household items of the Romanov’s which started yesterday, I can’t decide if I want to go there or go to the parque de Santa Ana to see the Oaxaca fair which is back. Maybe I will do both! It isn’t a Boolean equation where the options are either yes or no, after all, I can choose
A) the Romanov exhibit
B) the Expo Oaxaca
C) both
Life is so full of posibilities isn’t it? Speaking of possibilities, sometime before the 2nd Latin American Blogger’s Meet and Greet, Husband and I are going to Chiapas. Do you think it might be dangerous?

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Heather, you would think that cornmeal would be easy to find, wouldn’t you?
    Minshap, the cornmeal that I bought was imported. Silly thing I know, like bringing coals to Newcastle but even odd tasting cornmeal is not to be found in Merida.

  2. oh happy birthday Theresa!! How neat – a pisces! just a mention about cornstarch: it’s EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE on a rash or tender skin- will soothe it and clear it up… the women here use it to combat diaper rash and believe me, it’s much more effective than any baby powder…also on heat rash… we always have a box of cornstarch around… as for cornmeal, somehow, my cornbread never comes out like it does when made with cornmeal from the US. Don’t know why… the cornmeal here seems to have a different texture and taste.

  3. I brought cornmeal back with me the last time I was in the States. Amazing that it can’t be found here, truly.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday!! I hope you make it to Chiapas. It is on our short list of places to visit. I can’t wait!! Take lots of pictures.

  5. To Everyone, yes, yesterday was my birthday, anonymous was really Husband,and I was razzing him.

    Glorv1,thank you. The variety of things to do and see here is astonishing but probably no more than in any other state capitol.

    Babs, I went to Chiapas two years ago and loved it, Husband hasn’t been yet. I will be looking at your blog too.

    Nancy, It’s worth seeing, I love the pine forest with a tropical twist. If you look carefully you can see orchids and other bromeliads in the pines! Thank you!

    Kathe, if you want a craft thing to do with the cornstarch make pasta frances, you can find the recipe online but it’s probably in Spanish. In English it’s sometimes called cold porcelain or organic clay. They sell lots of magazines here with ideas and usually they include the recipe.

    Teresa, follow the links and you will have recipes for both Tinga Poblana and Tamel en Cazuela.

    Lin, thanks, I don’t have the same deep case of wonderlust you have, after about 3 weeks I want to go home.

    Ron, it’s really good stuff. I have had it with chicken too. It’s the chile chipolte in adobo that makes it a tinga.


  6. I like tinga poblano!! I will try your recipe.

  7. Hope you had a great birthday, Theresa. And that your delicacies turned out wonderful. (Thanks for the corn meal…I am thinking corn bread!)

    For me the only danger in taking a trip to Chiapas is my tendency to not want to come back….but to continue on adventuring to the ends of the earth….or at least everywhere in Mexico……..it depends how much wanderlust you have!

  8. go to both-why not? and reading about tamal en casuela made my mouth water too. i haven’t had it in years. i hope you post the recipe.

    feliz cumpleanos!


  9. Another item one would expect to be able to find in the land of corn everything is grits…I went looking for them and found Maizena…didn’t know what it was but thought if it could be used to make atole it might be similar…hah…I now have a very large box of cornstarch. More than I have ever used in my life. Do yo have any good ideas for what to do with it? Kathe

  10. Have fun, we haven’t been but kids Adam and Martha love it there and go frequently from DF.

    Looking forward to the meetup.

    (Oh, and if it is your birthday, CHEERS!)

  11. GO to Chiapas – many friends just got back and another group is going next week. There is nothing dangerous there – just the most pristine beautiful country and people in Mexico! Enjoy. If you want any info – email me or go to my blogs last June 2008.

  12. That sounds great, very yummy. How nice that you have a variety of events to choose from. Is it your birthday? If it is then may you birthday be wonderful.
    Happy Birthday Theresa! If it isn’t your b/day well I wished it in advance. Take care.

  13. whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis???


  14. Happy Birthday

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