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May and Southeast Asian Food

thai food extravaganzaDuke’s birthday is in May. His absolutely favorite cuisine is  was Thai, so May got designated the Month of Thai. Eventually, it morphed into the Month of Southeast Asian Food.

Now I didn’t do a whole Thai spread every day, I did make something most days. I have quite a few Thai and Vietnamese recipes on my blog. Interestingly enough, while we ate well, we both used to lose weight during May.

They say the “firsts” are the hardest, for better or worse, I am experiencing them all within the first 6 months. Anniversary, check. Christmas, check. New Year’s Eve, check. Valentine’s Day, check. My birthday, check. Now his birthday.

I’ve been adjusting well, according to my friends. However, this has hit me hard. I’ve gone from not crying to crying every morning. The big question for me has been, should I continue to make May, Month of Southeast Asian Food or not? I’m leaning toward keeping the tradition, what better way to honor Duke’s memory than to prepare some of his favorite foods?

Furgus in his plaid coatWhen my son was here, he reprimanded me on my eating habits. Odd to think of the kid who would live on Stagg’s chili combined with Mac & Cheese all grown up into a chef who is concerned about my healthy eating. The kicker is that he was right. I have gone from meal planning to just grabbing whatever is convenient. I give more thought to what I feed Furgus than what I prepare for myself (insert gratuitous cute pet photo).

Making public announcements of intentions always helps me keep them better. This May, I will be preparing some Asian inspired food and blogging about it. I may just update some old posts, adding photos. My blog has always been lacking in that department.


ps: I made that sweater in February out of some left over polar fleece that I used to make him a toy back in September. He absolutely loves it, so it’s pretty shabby now.


well loved dog toy

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Care to come over this way to share your Thai. We are a bit short of it in Melaque.

    • Steve. lack of Southeast Asian cuisine is the reason I learned to make it myself. Most of the ingredients are available locally, I found that old cookbooks that assume you couldn’t buy esoteric ingredients are best. Ones that give you recipes for things like 5 spice powder or garam masala.

      In Merida, within walking distance of my house, is Thai Express, a take out place that has a limited but good Thai menu. The mother restaurant is a short cab ride away, but I seldom think of hopping in a cab to go out to eat.

      So far I haven’t cooked anything remotely S.E. Asian unless you count French onion soup as a nod to the French influence in Vietnam. I did however sit down today, plan a menu, and order most of the ingredients from the grocery store.


  2. Hola Theresa,

    Fergus has a sweater in Mérida?!?! You’ve really “gone native,” hahaha. Here in CDMX, dogs get sweaters when the temps drop below the lower 60’s F. Meanwhile I’m walking around on the same days in t-shirts.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where some dogs seem to have more clothes than I do.

    • That photo was taken in February. I think it was in the 50’s or 60s. He isn’t wearing the sweater anymore, I was cold so I figured he was too. It’s my favorite photo of him, several of my friends think he looks like Beethoven, the composer, not the Saint Bernard.

      Right now the temps are in the 100’s since he has such light pink skin, I am afraid that he’ll sunburn if I shave him down. Even in the winter I don’t let his coat grow much longer than an inch or two because he has a talent for getting knots in his hair.

      Currently, I am wearing madras plaid shorts and a tank top. Not that I would be venturing out and about dressed like that but I can answer the door without too much shame.


    • ps: Furgus’ sweater was made out of some left over polar fleece from a toy I made him in September. I added a couple of photos of the toy. First in it’s pristine original shape and it’s current well loved condition.


  3. teresa freeburn

    having trouble with e-mail so checking to see if this goes through. the food looks great and i agree with rebecca.

    teresa in nagoya

  4. I think this is a wonderful way to honor Dukes memory and I think he would think the same

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