Mermaid Tails

Awhile back I saved this pin, to my Pinterest board “Things 2 make and sew 4 my grandchildren”.  There isn’t a lot of space in my daughter’s home, she is more into giving them experiences rather than more stuff, so I do more pinning than making.  The mermaid tails looked like something they would use, that would be unique, and fun to sew. Basically, they are a stylized snug sack/sleeping bag, remember them?

So first I sent her a link to the pattern, asking her if she thought the kids would want one. No use making something if there is no interest in using it. She wrote back that the littles (aged 4 and 5) would love them. Off I went to the fabric store in search of polar fleece. With the weather frequently reaching 90º F, polar fleece was fast disappearing from the fabric stores. Good thing I asked, because they picked different prints than I would have.

The littlest little chose  butterflies while her big sister wanted pink fishes. Normally, when I call on the phone and my daughter asks if LL wants to say hi, that is all she says. “Hi” and then walks away from the telephone, a girl of few words. This time, she repeatedly told me how much she loved the mermaid tail, that she likes the butterflies best, and generally how excited she was. Yes! A definite winner!

The hardest part for me was quilting the tail, my regular sewing machine won’t handle the thick fleece, and my industrial machine wanted to race through the job. I did different patterns on the tails, I like the purple tail best. The solid color fleece isn’t as nice as the printed, but I had a hard time finding any.

Fishy mermaid tail












Material: Polar Fleece, half meter each of the solid pink and purple print- one meter each of the chevron, fish, and butterfly prints- though I ended up only using a half meter of the chevron because of the print running vertically and I cut it horizontally.

Pattern: Free pdf from this website

Notions: thread

Hours to complete: two hours for the first one, one and half for the second. It took longer to find and buy the fabric!

Total cost: $160 mxn for fabric $9.20 usd at current exchange rate. Ironically, it will cost me twice that to mail them.


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